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Snapchat was founded in 2011 and is still one of the top 15 most-used social media platforms in the world in 2022. While Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have more monthly users than Snapchat, using Snapchat for business could be an effective way for your brand to reach a new audience because Snapchat still has 319 million active users every day.

Millions of Snaps are created, sent, and viewed daily. Almost all of us are familiar with using Facebook and Instagram for business. However, some of you may be unfamiliar with using Snapchat for business. This post will go over how to use Snapchat for business. We will explain Snapchat marketing and guide you through the process of developing Snapchat marketing strategies.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a one-to-one and group messaging app that allows users to send photos, videos, and text messages that vanish in seconds. It includes features such as Stories (pictures or videos that can be replayed for 24 hours), Memories (saved photos for future viewing and sharing), filters, and stickers (to embellish messages). Nobody expected Snapchat to be used extensively by businesses to market their brand and products when it first launched. Today, many businesses use it as a marketing platform and compete with TikTok in the field.

Snapchat had only 127 users in 2011. Picaboo was the name at the time. Right now, Snapchat is now the go-to app for well-known brands and their marketing strategies, especially if the business cater to millennials. The app is famous for its photo editing features and picture filters, which millennials use daily. When using Snapchat for business, you must capitalize on this app's unique strengths.

The Advantages of Using Snapchat for Business

Here are eight benefits of using Snapchat marketing for your business.

1. Increase Traffic

Snapchat posts, also known as snaps,' are fleeting. When you receive a snap from someone, it vanishes after a few seconds. This may appear counterproductive, but it is an excellent strategy for increasing traffic. This is because their quick disappearance creates a sense of curiosity and urgency among app users. If you receive a snap from someone, you should open it immediately and give it your full attention before it disappears. You wouldn't put off viewing someone's snap because you were afraid it would vanish. The thrill of fully viewing a snap before it disappears draws people to the app. If these snaps are personalized, they can attract attention better. Businesses use this thrill in their Snapchat marketing. They frequently advertise special offers in their snaps for the audience to capture quickly. You can also use snaps to promote your brand events and get people excited about them.

2. Increase Engagement

snapchat marketing

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Snapchat marketing is extremely effective for brands hosting events. The platform and its snaps are ideal for promoting an integrated campaign or showcasing the company culture. You can create custom images and filters for your audience by using the app's advanced filters. If you create a new filter, your target audience can use it and share it wherever they want.

This increases your audience's engagement with your brand.

The more your customers interact with you, the better your Snapchat marketing strategies will perform. All you want as a marketer is to get your message across to your target audience. Successful Snapchat marketing can assist you in accomplishing this and instilling a sense of urgency in your audience to interact with your snaps.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

snapchat marketing

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Many well-known brands promote their campaigns through Snapchat marketing. Some brands create amusing advertisements, while others create eye-catching filters. Some businesses even create engaging stories to capture the attention of their target customers. All of these Snapchat marketing strategies can assist you in reaching a large audience. The app has over 265 million active users who use it on a daily basis. By snapping the right messages, you can significantly increase your reach and engagement, ultimately building great brand awareness quickly.

4. Gain New Followers

snapchat marketing

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Depending on the niche you are targeting, Snapchat marketing can help you gain new followers for your brand. Once you've identified your ideal customer and created your buyer persona, you can use this app to connect with the right people in a matter of seconds. Snapchat users are estimated to spend about 30 minutes per day on the app. As a result, reaching out to these people to promote your brand is simple. Those who like your marketing messages may begin following you and eventually become customers. Messages received on social media are perceived to be unbiased, friendly, and trustworthy. Using Snapchat for business, like other social media marketing tactics, can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

5. Persuade Purchases

When someone becomes a follower of your brand, it is much easier to convert them into customers and increase their loyalty to your brand. Snapchat users have plenty of time on the app to discover new businesses. They might come across an interesting filter you created as they scroll through the app and send selfies to their friends. If they like the filter, they will share it with their friends right away. If you consistently create filters that elicit engagement, these users will begin to follow you on Snapchat in search of more. They will have access to every snap you make to promote your products once they become your followers. You will gradually persuade them to take more desired actions until they finally buy from you.

This is how Snapchat marketing affects purchasing decisions. Users can also use the 'Discover icon to look for brands that sell the products they want. If you are not using Snapchat for business, you will be missing out on a massive population that could be looking for the products you sell.

6. Create Interesting Content

snapchat marketing

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The internet is littered with blogs, YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, tweets, and eBooks. As a result, there is already a wide range of content available for internet users to consume. Snapchat marketing allows you to create content that is unlike anything else on the market. You can make your marketing content stand out from the crowd by using Snapchat features like adding music, drawing over snaps, and creating polls. You can even make stories out of different snaps. If you are creative in developing Snapchat marketing strategies, you can entice people to visit your brand website to learn more about your company.

7. Make Your Marketing Message Unique

Snapchat marketing gives your audience the impression that you are a real person. Customers are frequently irritated by automated messages or auto-responses to their email inquiries. However, when you interact with them on Snapchat for business, they feel more at ease. They can tell that your messages or snaps are tailored to them. Businesses that use traditional marketing methods do not receive the same response. Their marketing messages are perceived as biased, aggressive, and frequently unwanted. You can demonstrate to your followers that you are more than a business by using Snapchat marketing. This creates a positive brand identity for your company and encourages users to share your snaps.

8. Look Cool

The final benefit of using Snapchat for business is that it makes you and your company appear cool. This means you'll be able to connect with your target audience, which is especially important if your niche includes millennials. Millennials prefer to be approached through the platforms they most admire. Snapchat is like a permanent fixture on their phones that they cannot ignore or become annoyed with. You can build a friendly and long-lasting relationship with them by promoting your business to them through Snapchat marketing because they find you to be 'cool,' just like them. It also communicates to them that you are not one of the people or businesses who have fallen behind in the digital age. You are well aware of the demand and can communicate using the most modern platforms.


Snapchat marketing is effective, but any type of digital marketing requires a professional website to represent your brand first. You can use Snapchat marketing strategies to drive traffic from the app to your website if you have an appealing website where people can get detailed information about your products and services. This will make it easier to convert your followers into customers. If you do not have a website, your followers may be confused about the next steps they should take if they are interested in your products. You can make it easier for your followers to buy your products by creating a website on Strikingly, which will not take much time or money.

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