Directory websites have been existing long before blogs and most other websites. They are considered some of the oldest search engines in existence, directing web users to various parts of the internet for websites that are listed in their database. Unlike search engines that cover a wide range of topics, however, a directory website may cover only a particular niche or industry. Using a directory website builder, you can create an online space that could be an information mine and potential income earner.


Making money from directory websites

With the right marketing strategy, there are a couple of ways you can build a directory website free of charge and earn from it. The most popular revenue sources include advertising and paid listings. With that said, here are the steps on how you can build a directory site that earns money.

1. Choose your niche

Decide on the niche topic you want to pursue and determine if there is a need for a directory website on this topic or industry. Keep in mind that this is going to be a business. Just because you like classical art doesn’t mean there is a sizable number of individuals in your city who is interested in the same topic. Run thorough research and find out what people are looking for online.

2. Get a reliable directory website builder

A good site builder enables you to create a professional and reliable directory website and get it done in a few minutes. As a top directory website builder, Strikingly offers a huge collection of templates to help you get started. The templates are already mobile responsive so you don’t need to write additional code to get your site to render well on small screens - a good guarantee that you will be able to capture audiences actively searching for local businesses through directory websites.

3. Start building content

For a website to earn money, it has to build relevant and useful content. Most directory websites start by offering free listings to select local business websites to get started. To drive the growth of your database, you need to build your site’s reputation as a reliable information source. Adding a blog will help implement your brand building strategy. Regular article posts on your selected niche topic, expert reviews and relevant information on the businesses that you have listed could help get the ball rolling.

4. Implement a content marketing strategy for your website

You need to promote your directory website and build its online presence to drive traffic to your pages. Traffic builds credibility and credibility is a good pitch to local businesses who may be interested in paid listings.


Strikingly has integrated marketing tools to help you get started on your digital marketing campaign. Enable social share and get your visitors to share your pages and articles to their networks. Add your social media pages and create a more cohesive online presence. Add a section for social stream so web visitors can also see regular social media updates about you on the website. Finally, get a good start on SEO by optimizing your content for your target keywords - the same keyphrases that your target audience is using to look for your services.

5. Reach out to local businesses

Once your site has attracted significant traffic, the next phase is to start reaching out to local businesses about paid listings and advertising opportunities. Paid directory listings can benefit businesses by leveraging on your web traffic to reach a targeted group of customers. Design an advertising package for businesses that enables them to tap into your traffic for online exposure through paid ads and directory listings on your site. From here, you’re going to need to hustle some more to grow your database and sustain your business.