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Starting a blog website can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With a little research, dedication, and persistence, anyone can launch a successful blog website. Creating a blog website is a great way to express yourself, share experiences, and reach a larger audience.

This article will inform you about the best blogging platforms to help you start a blog website in minutes. It also highlights the necessary steps to launch a successful blog website and make an impact. If you're ready to start a blog website, let's get started!

What Is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal that allows you to express yourself and reach a wide audience. There are many different types of blogs, but they all serve the same core purpose: to communicate ideas and information with readers.

Some common blogs include travel, fashion, music, and marketing. When choosing a blogging platform, you’ll need to consider what you want to write about and who your audience is.

For example, if you intend to start a travel blog, choose a blogging platform that makes it easy to share images and videos. If you plan to start a marketing blog, choose a platform that makes it easy to integrate your content with your existing marketing efforts.

Top 5 Easy-to-Use Blogging Platforms

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and reach a broad audience. With the right platform, you can start a blog that engages with your readers and helps you build a strong brand. But with so many blogging platforms available, it can be challenging to choose the right one.

In this section, we explore the top five blogging platforms and discuss their features to help you make an informed decision. The section provides an overview of each platform. Let's dive in and explore the top five blogging platforms.

1. Strikingly

Do you want to create a free, simple, beautiful blog? The Strikingly website builder is the best choice for you. It’s designed with both beginners and professionals in mind and makes it easy to create a beautiful blog without technical knowledge.

Starting a simple blog website with Strikingly is so easy. It has several free website templates for all types of niche topics that you can choose from.

Its website editor is super intuitive, which makes it easy to customize your blog website. You'll be able to bring out your unique personality with the different mix-and-match color schemes and their distinct designs.

You’ll also love the Strikingly handy SEO tools. These tools will help you to customize title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions for all your blog posts. As a result, your blog page will perform better than others in search results and attract more traffic.

You can also optimize your blog website further by customizing the header and footer.

2. WordPress

WordPress is among the most popular blogging platforms worldwide, with millions of people using it to create their blogs. It's one of the easiest platforms to use and comes with a wide range of tools designed to help you grow your blog.

WordPress has a massive community of users and tons of free resources, like templates and themes, that make it easy to start a blog. WordPress also has a large selection of blogging themes to choose from. A blogging theme is the blog's design and layout and controls how your content is displayed to readers.

Lastly, WordPress also features search engine optimization (SEO). It means it's easy to optimize your blog for search engines like Google. This can help you get more traffic and visibility.

3. Wix

Wix is a popular and powerful tool that’ll allow you to create a professional-looking website without coding knowledge.

It offers a wide range of features and customization options. This includes choosing from hundreds of templates and adding various types of functionality to your website using a drag-and-drop interface.

Wix has a user-friendly interface that allows beginners to set up and manage a blog website. You can drag and drop various elements onto your blog website to customize its appearance and functionality.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is a popular website builder known for its sleek and professional-looking templates and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. It offers a wide range of features and customization options that make it a good platform for building a blog website.

This blog platform will allow you to create a beautiful and engaging blog. Its intuitive user interface and simple drag-and-drop builder make it one of the easiest blogging platforms. You can drag and drop various elements onto your website to customize its appearance and functionality.

Squarespace creates blog websites that easily upload posts, create sidebars, add images and videos, and more. Once your blog is published, you can manage your content, add new posts, and engage with readers.

5. Blogger

Blogger is Google's blogging platform with many tools to help you grow your blog. Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms, first launched in 1999. It was then acquired by Google in 2003 and made it into what it is today.

It's easy to use and is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. Blogger also has an excellent user interface and a wide selection of themes.

The only downside to Blogger is that Google owns it. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective.

It's great because it gives you easy access to Google's powerful tools and analytics. But it also means you'll be subject to Google's algorithms.

Strikingly Blog Website Examples to Inspire You

The Strikingly website builder has powerful tools to help you start a blog website. It has helped various businesses, brands, and individuals to build an online presence.

Here are some of the blog websites created using Strikingly. Please look at the website and see how they're super responsive, simple, and easy to use.

1. Pretty Olive Interiors

Pretty Olive Interiors Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

The owner of this beautiful blog, Olive, is an interior design enthusiast. She started interior design as a hobby but later changed it to business. Olive joined the New York Institute of Art and Design to enhance her interior design skills.

Today she uses her technical expertise and personal experience to serve her many clients. Through her blog website, "Pretty Olive Interiors," she has shared some of her best works. When checking through her blogs and work, you'll surely marvel at how she passionately pours her heart into anything she does.

2. Against the Grain

Against The Grain Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

This blog website, "Above the Grain," is quite exceptional. Unlike most blog websites, it doesn’t share the blog owner's story. "Above the Grain” is here to uplift people while reminding them to stay focused.

The blog website features interesting articles that are well-written. You'll also love how these articles carry a lot of empathy. In addition, its content is free, and you can access it from their social media pages, i.e., Facebook and Instagram.

3. Pupitre

Pupitre Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

Pupitre is an upcoming brand focusing on innovativeness. This brand is known for its desks that allow people to work while standing. Their desks are easy to unfold and sturdy; you won't have worries using your computer on them. Plus, using a standing desk has several benefits, such as increased productivity and reduced back pains.

Overall, this blogging website informs people about the benefits of Pupitre standing desks and what makes them stand out. You can check out the blogging website and see how it's simple, clean, and easy to use.

4. Zizzle. Learn Chinese.

Zizzle Mandarin Chinese Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

The Zizzle App is among the most popular and advanced Chinese apps using visualizations and mnemonics.

It has a simple blog page with informative articles. You'll learn about Chinese culture, Chinese learning resources, Mandarin Chinese, and much more.

5. Michael Seibel

Michael Seibel Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User Website

Michael Seibel was a co-founder and CEO of the Y Combinator Startups. This blog website is more educational. Michael Seibel shares a lot about startups and businesses.

Michael Seibel also uses his blog website to market a startup school. You can read the blogs and learn from the smartest startup founders and investors.

How to Build a Website in Minutes Using Strikingly

With the Strikingly website maker, you can start a blog site and share your passions and thoughts with the world. The best part is that it takes a few minutes to start a blog website, plus you don't need any coding skills.

1. Pick a Blog Name

The name you pick should emphasize what your posts will discuss. Pick something simple but informative.

2. Select a Blog Template

The Strikingly website offers several blog templates. You'll surely find something that matches your style.

3. Add a Simple Blog Section

This process is easy; the simple blog section will allow you to post and edit your blogs quickly.

4. Start Writing

Note that all your content should be unique and high-quality to help you stand out from the rest. After adding the simple blog, you can start creating and adding posts. You can also add inline media such as images, videos, call-to-action buttons, etc.

Additionally, the simple store section has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy to rearrange content.

5. Launch Your Blog Website and Promote it

You can publish or make your website live with a button click. You can then share your blog posts through social media to reach more audiences. Remember to keep your audience engaged by replying to their comments.


A blog allows you to express your passions, interests, and expertise. You can start a blog based on your expertise, hobby, or passion.

There are various tools or platforms out there that can help you start a blog website without any coding knowledge. Popular blogging platforms include Strikingly, WordPress, Wix, etc. Each platform has unique tools to help you start a blog website.