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If you want increased holiday website traffic on your website, it is crucial to start preparing for it before the winter season commences. Navigation of website traffic is vital for the success of your holiday campaign. If anything, you can only go to the stores nearby and see how far the holiday seasons have come. For example, you can go into a big box store right now, and you will see Christmas lights and decoration pieces in the outdoor section.

Therefore, it is never late to start your holiday marketing campaign. In 2018, it was reported that Cyber Monday held the responsibility of ensuring eight billion dollars worth of sales. We may see that figure go up further this season. After all, Cyber Monday comes precisely a month before Christmas.

Strategies for Increasing Website Traffic

Regardless of whether we require a plastic Christmas tree for decoration purposes or a huge online sale a few days after Thanksgiving, none of them will be given any kind of attention without increased website traffic. The sooner you start preparing for the holiday season, the better. Even if you are not accustomed to selling a product or a service, there are a few notable strategies on display for you to boost your website traffic during the holiday season. Let’s dive into them below.

1. Objective

The first thing that you consider regarding your holiday website traffic is the objective. Do you want your holidays to purchase specific holiday products? Do you want them to acquire your services for the holiday season? Or are you there just to add as many email addresses as possible to your mailing list? All of these are different kinds of objectives to increase your website traffic

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Strikingly possesses built-in analytics, which makes you analyze the website traffic properly. With this tool, you can understand your visitors’ location and the traffic’s sources, i.e. social media, direct, etc. It gives a complete overview of the traffic of your platform.

2. Consider a Facelift

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For increased holiday website traffic, you cannot change the entire theme of your website. However, you can add some aspects to your business website to ensure that you are aware of the holiday season. You can change the header or the brand image of your website, which will give a holiday look without changing the entire appearance of the website.

If we talk about your blog posts, you can add specific hashtags or categories. When you are successful in attracting a customer via your blog post, you can add a particular hashtag to that blog to increase the chances of more visitors incoming. Moreover, you can also check the mobile accessibility of your platform. As more than half of the customers come from mobile phones, that figure may increase during the holiday season. Therefore, you should also take care of the mobile optimization of your website.

3. Visualize the Competition

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If you want to attract holiday buyers, the best thing to do is competitor analysis. You can look into the kind of methodologies your competitors are implementing to increase holiday website traffic. If they are getting highly ranked in the Google search rankings, you must figure out its reasons. You can also find about their reputation by looking into what the overall public says about their platform. Their perspectives are usually shared on the website. Moreover, you should check out if you can integrate their tactics into your working plans.

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We do not mean to say that you should completely copy what your competitors are doing by doing competitor analysis. However, you must research why their Google ranking and their reputation are better compared to you. You can find out the ways which make your business unique and focus on the steps to increase the holiday traffic of your platform.

4. Holiday Keyword Data

Holiday keyword data is fundamental for you to attract eCommerce traffic to your platform. Not just in the holiday period, adding keywords is crucial to the state of your holiday website traffic. Not everybody is a specialist in identifying the right keywords, but you can do efficient keyword research to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking with Strikingly. If you can identify the exploitable keywords within your products and services, take the time to integrate them properly.

If you can do anything regarding the popular keywords, it will play a part in the growth of your website traffic. Summing it up, if you want to attract visitors to your platform, you must improve your keyword research game. You can’t be attracting the most extensive sections of the audience without knowing anything about keyword research.

5. Website Hosting Platform

If you know how to prepare for holiday website traffic, your website must also execute the actions you are implementing. A considerable part of your website’s ability to handle the website traffic depends upon you, as you have developed the website. More importantly, your website’s ability to track traffic results is based on the website host that you choose.

It is crucial if your website host is flexible and can accommodate your needs. Strikingly is a platform that ticks all the boxes in this regard. If you want to launch your website quickly, Strikingly is the website host that you can rely on. Apart from that, you will have a website with an increased set of features that will make your business grow.

6. Evaluation of Website

As much as the website host is essential, the analysis of your website performance also holds as much importance. The responsibility of website speed optimization lies on your shoulders. If you have never done any kind of analysis on your website, it is never too late to start and improve your holiday website traffic.

You can consider pagespeed insights as a performance analyzer of your website. The pagespeed insight score enables you to identify the areas of your website that require fixing. The pagespeed insight score can be fundamental in the improvement of your holiday traffic. In the period of holidays, the margin for error is lower than ever. Therefore, you must have a proactive approach and ensure that your website is free of any deficiency.

7. Recycle

Even if you have used the most specialized content and graphics to increase your holiday website traffic, it still might not be enough. There could be some things that you are ignoring. One of the biggest things that you miss is the old articles. Just because the articles are a few years old doesn’t mean that you cannot attract eCommerce traffic. Therefore, you must analyze the kind of content that can be reused to generate traffic.

You can consider the same approach regarding product spotlighting. It is not just about the new product, but you can also look into the old products that can be put to generate sales. It just depends upon how you optimize these products. Even during the holiday period, there would be a section of people acquiring the basic necessities of their lives.

Everybody Likes Free Stuff

Promotions and giveaways are two of the most popular strategies for increased holiday website traffic. You can do content promotions, in which you create an attractive message for your customers so that they become inclined to your respective products or services. After all, everyone is a fan of getting free stuff in their locker.

Most importantly, these strategies are fundamental in harvesting email addresses. If you are not accustomed to giving away holiday-themed products, a gift card is always a viable option for a hot holiday item. Whoever wins the gift or the giveaway, you can publish his/her name as part of a congratulatory message. After that, you can email the results of the giveaways to your mailing list.


Efforts required to boost the website traffic during holidays can be very hectic in a short period. Have you ever wondered about doing social media marketing, keyword research, website optimization in a limited amount of time? You may get worried just by reading this. However, it isn’t as difficult as it seems if you know how to prepare for holiday website traffic.

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Fortunately for you, you can rely on Strikingly to ensure that your holiday campaigns are successful. We have an SEO Checklist that you can use to monitor all your SEO efforts, including your website traffic. You will have all the details surrounding your visitor’s source and the timespan they take on your platform.

It may seem like a lot of work for you at the start. But as you gain experience with time, you will understand the things that work best for you. Hence, we can safely say that Strikingly will make your holiday season memorable in more ways than one.