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Class reunions are one of the most awaited events of many alumni. After a couple of years, they can finally have the chance to meet friends who’ve been there during the most memorable moments of their youthful days.

Planning a high school reunion can be too stressful, especially now that everyone has their jobs and other priorities. It will take too much time and effort to collect all the details needed from the venue, food, sending invitations, and many more. To avoid this, building a high school reunion website is the best answer for you.

What to put in the class reunion website template?

Before you start making your free class reunion website, you must familiarize yourself first with the basics. What should a high school reunion website contain? What features should I include in my high school reunion website design? Say “No” to all the worries because Strikingly definitely got your back.

Below are the set of features we highly recommend including on your high school website. These features would not just add spice to your high school reunion website but help you make that high school reunion worth remembering.

  • Polls & Quizzes. Adding a polls and quizzes section to your high school reunion website is one hack in knowing your website audience. It is an effective step in knowing what they think about the reunion you are planning. In this section, you can post polls about the venue that they would like to go to, the type of food they prefer, the reunion theme, the full schedule of the event, and other ideas that can help you achieve the best program.

Strikingly allows users to post surveys on your high school reunion website. Through posting Google forms, your website viewers can take surveys, answer your polls and quizzes.

  • FAQS Section. After gathering the answers from your surveys and polls, posting them in the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQS section is also one smart move. This section is one of the most visited on any type of website. Viewers love to look into it to know important details about the website if they feel too shy to ask the website owner directly. To make your high school reunion website more informative, include a FAQS section in the class reunion website template. Not only can it make your high school reunion website functional, but it also saves you time from answering a bunch of identical questions.

Adding the FAQS section on your high school reunion website is never impossible with Strikingly. You can start designing a free class reunion website with multiple pages without breaking too much sweat.

  • Reunion Tickets. Reunion tickets aren’t just tickets. For others who are attending the reunion event, it could be a remembrance of another memorable night. Selling reunion tickets on your high school reunion website is another hack in making your event quickly, especially nowadays where physical transactions are hard to do. You don’t have to worry because there is an answer to that.

One best way to collect payments for a class reunion is by doing it online. Strikingly offers selling digital products on your high school reunion website. This feature allows you to sell reunion tickets online easily and even accept the payments virtually.

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  • Blogs. Reunion blogs can make your high school reunion website more meaningful. You can create a simple blog section on your class reunions website and allow everyone to take a look at it. You can post blogs about your personal stories from your high school days, the most memorable school events you’ve had, stories/testimonials from your past professors, and other experiences which any alumni who visit your high school reunion can relate to. You can even design the blog section wherein your audience can post their own stories, give feedback, and post suggestions. Give them the nostalgic feeling and entice them to attend the reunion.
  • Agenda. Every gathering has its plan. In the case of a high school reunion, it mainly seeks to gather everyone from your class in high school. In making your high school reunion website, always include a section where the audience can see the event’s main agenda. Define what the whole high school reunion is about and what your batch mates could expect from it. Post whether it is organized for a fundraising event, a charity, a celebration of an anniversary, or even just because to have a simple get-together to give them a clear glimpse of what is bound to happen.

Strikingly’s Custom Form can help you design a customized agenda section for your high school reunion website. In just one click, you are a few steps away from spreading the good word throughout your whole high school batch.

  • Attendance Page. What makes any type of gathering more exciting? It’s no other than the people who will be attending the event. Including an attendance page on your high school reunion website is highly recommended. Ask your past school for a copy of your high school graduating class list to make it easier for you to find your past classmates. By doing this step, you aren’t just giving your batch mates the ideas of who they will see at the venue, but also help yourself organise the whole event. Knowing the exact numbers of attendees for your high school reunion makes it easier for you and your reunion committee to shape the entire event’s expense coverage.

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Tips to make designing class reunions website go smoothly

Besides the basic high school reunion website features, you will also learn in this blog article useful tips and hacks you can use to make your planning stress-free.

  • Recruit a reunion committee

You cannot always handle everything on your own, and that’s a fact. Despite having a high school reunion website where your job is made easier, there would still be times where you will need help from others. One tip you can do is to gather a set of the reunion committee. You can invite your past classmates to go and join you in organizing the whole event. You can divide the task and even run the class reunions website altogether. By doing this step, the work done is increased, and finishing everything on time is more possible.

  • Choose appropriate website theme and template

Website templates are essential in achieving your desired aesthetics for your website. Before doing your website design on your chosen class reunion website builder, knowing the importance of color schemes is a must. It plays an essential role in making your high school reunion website look pleasing in the eye of every website visitor. It will not just help you capture your audience’s interest, but also make them understand clearly everything that you post on your high school reunion website. Choosing the wrong set of font colors and font sizes can lead to misconceptions on your articles and even lose interest in others who cannot understand what you are trying to imply due to poor website theme and template.

Strikingly has a massive collection of amazing website templates for your high school reunion website. All you have to do is select one and start creating your website design!

  • Put it in a gallery

One of the best things about photos and videos is that no matter how long it has been, it doesn’t change the memory. Making a gallery of your high school reunion on your class reunions website is one smart way of letting all the memories live. Even though the event is done already, you and your batch mates can still relieve every moment even by just looking at the photos and re-watching the videos on your high school reunion website gallery. By doing this, you are also giving them reasons for you to hold another high school reunion in the future.

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Best way to collect payments for class reunion

One important factor you will encounter once you start planning your high school reunion website is what mode of payment you should use in collecting payments for all the expenses. As the headmaster of the event, you have to strategize a way where paying would be easily done and convenient for everyone who will join the reunion.

There are tons of ways on how you can collect funds and payment for class reunion. Among them are the following:

  1. Sell tickets on your high school reunion website
  2. Start a donation drive
  3. Conduct Online Raffles
  4. Connect your high school reunion website to online payment tools like Paypal, Chipin, and Eventbrite.

Strikingly has its own way of making this step easy for you. Curious? Here's how.

Best class reunion website builder to inspire you to create one for your batch

To finish off, Strikingly gives you this set of other class reunion website builders, which truly changed the game of reconnecting classes. Take a look at these examples, and who knows; you could be the next one in line.

  1. ClassCreator. Com
  2. MyEvent. Com
  3. Classquest.com

Start creating your high school reunion website with Strikingly!

Aside from website templates, website builders are also among the high school reunion website’s essentials. It is the primary key in providing yourself with all the tools in making your website. Website hosts can either get the work done for you or double up the trouble waiting for you. To avoid this, only choose the ones you can rely on your whole self into. Pick the best website builder who will not just provide you with free trials, a wide collection of templates, or more exciting features. Choose a website that knows how to listen and respond accordingly—a website that walks with you—a website like Strikingly.

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For more about how to start a high school reunion website, chat with us, and we’ll work it out together.