Facebook’s Creator Studio is Every Digital Marketer’s Dream: Here’s Why

We live in a world where technology either influences or aids our actions in different ways. Take one of the greatest products of technology, for example: the internet. Many of the things we do on the daily can be done online, and the prospect of convenience and efficiency that it brings about makes it the better choice.

Given that, it’s no surprise that many businesses have taken to digital marketing to expand their brands’ reach. Though traditional marketing methods—print ads, posters, flyers—can still bring great returns on a local level, the truth is that everything happens online: communication, e-commerce, talent-sharing and -finding, the list goes on. Now, if there’s one site that has all that and more, it’s Facebook.

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media site there is. With 2.80 billion monthly active users as of December 2020, it’s the best place to introduce your brand and gain a following for it, which you can then convert into sales one way or another. The site, therefore, happens to be a favorite among digital marketers.

But that’s not all that makes it so good. Facebook also has many features in place to especially help marketers of both small and large businesses. Among such features, the best one yet is Creator Studio.

What is Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is a marketing tool that lets you manage all your Facebook and Instagram content from one place. It’s billed as a simplification of the process of establishing your presence on these two sites, eliminating the unnecessary distractions that come with your personal accounts.

Creator Studio has an Insights tracking feature that’s only for video content posted to Facebook. The fact that they’re somehow putting emphasis on monitoring videos and Stories only shouldn’t put you off. There’s actually a pretty good reason why Facebook deemed it necessary to design something so specific, and it’s that these days, video is one of the best and most effective ways to market almost anything at all.

According to Facebook, 500 million people watch videos on the platform everyday, so in order to help businesses take advantage of that, they launched Creator Studio with that particular attribute.

Why should I try out Creator Studio myself?

Creator Studio is different from other Facebook publisher tools. We’ve already established the fact that it stresses video content management, but when you take into account all of its other details, it gets so much better.

It should be obvious then that every Facebook content creator would know about Creator Studio, but that’s hardly the case. So many marketers still go for third-party content managing tools to track their activity and related insights across multiple pages because they don’t know that Creator Studio exists for that specific purpose. It’s a shame that people have to miss out on something so great just because they haven’t heard enough about it. It was, after all, released around the same time Facebook Watch was launched so it comes as little wonder that there’s not much buzz about it.

As a way to help fix that and get people to talk about it, we’ve put together a list of the main marketing-related things you can do on Facebook and Instagram with Creator Studio:

  • Composing, Uploading, and Posting

You can upload videos in bulk, crosspost content to multiple pages at once, and backdate or save posts as drafts for later.

You can also post to Instagram without having to leave Creator Studio!

  • Content Management

You can choose which content you want to see by filtering and searching your posts from all of your Pages.

Once you’ve found the specific posts you’re looking for, you can then edit, boost, or delete them, all from the same location.

  • Content Tracking

Get valuable insights into how well your video content is doing according to how many times your videos were viewed and how long, how much people “reacted” to them, and even how many times they were replayed.

You can also have a more detailed look into specific videos by simply clicking on their titles. A popup will then show you additional insights like 10-second views, average watch time, retention, estimated earnings, and audience engagement. If that’s not enough, you also get to see every single post that the video has been used in.

Tracking your Instagram insights through Creator Studio is a little more familiar, as you get to see not only activity on your videos, but also your posts and shares. As yet another bonus, you may be given tailored tips depending on how your posts are doing!

  • Simplified Engagement

See both your Facebook and Instagram messages and respond to them all in one place. All of it—post comments on both platforms and all accounts included.

What does video marketing have to do in all this?

Mark Zuckerberg aims to make the site a digital streaming giant, and that takes us back to the great deal of emphasis on video. As a Facebook content creator, you should probably start thinking like the much successful owner of Facebook. We’ve all seen what the man can do!

Like we said before, video marketing is one of today’s most effective marketing methods. It’s gone from merely being an optional element to incorporate into your digital marketing efforts to playing an essential part in your practices if you wish to keep up with other competent rivals.

In other words, video marketing has become the standard for many brands, with this medium attracting more and more people as each day goes.

Here are the available video content features in this under-appreciated Facebook creative studio that you should definitely check out:

  1. Post Testing

First on our list of features is probably one of our favorites! Facebook calls it as being able to “publish the best version of your work,” as you are given the option to test out different versions of your video post to discover which works best for you based on the metric that you think matters most.

It’s like trial-and-error, but safer, because no one else gets to see the embarrassing error. The best part? You can get results in as little as 10 minutes!

  1. Stories

Stories are not exactly new to us, but it’s important to note that within the Creator Studio, you get to see how well your past stories did, giving you more data to base your future stories from!

  1. Playlists

This is a strong contender in what we think is the best Facebook Creator Studio feature. Though pretty self-explanatory, what makes the playlist feature so awesome is the fact that you can finally group your video content according to their themes, and easily lead audiences to seeing your related videos.

It’s especially useful for when you have multiple videos on a variety of topics but want people to see certain videos.

You can set up the order the videos are played in yourself, and it’s as easy as dragging and dropping them. Sweet!

  1. Series

At first glance, the series feature is no different from the playlist feature. But a closer look at each of their purposes reveals a great, albeit remotely similar gap.

While a playlist is for putting same-themed videos in one group, a series is a collection of videos or episodes that are part of the same content run.

It’s an equally useful feature for organizing your video content!

  1. Clips

From the word itself, clips are shorter cuts or “clippings” of longer live streams that you can use however you want. For example, you can create individual posts for each clip to drive audiences to your replays, giving you more views and more chances of engagement.

Where do I find the Creator Studio?

If it isn’t obvious by now, we really like to be able to help. Follow these steps to learn how to get to Creator Studio:

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Once there, look for “Publishing Tools” on the left sidebar.
  3. The first thing you see once you’ve clicked into “Publishing Tools” should be the “Published Posts” page. On the left sidebar, click “Creator Studio” under the “Tools” subheader.

And that’s it! It’s that easy to get to there. You can now have all the fun you want to have in Creator Studio!

But wait—what about creatives who can’t always be facing a desktop computer or carry their laptops everywhere?

Well, it turns out that as they do with many other things, Facebook has already thought about and presented a solution for that. In 2020, they launched a Creator Studio app to cater to those who are constantly on the go. As of late, feedback from various marketers has varied, with most reviews pointing out the need for the app to be further refined.

Given the quick changes we’ve seen to Facebook and the constant updates to their apps, we can confidently look ahead to days where the app gives users the same experience that working in front of a computer screen does.

Your website should also be given the same amount of love that your social media profiles get. Don’t forget that you can also add videos to your Strikingly website.

As has been a habit of ours, we’re here to give you a quick guide to adding videos to your website!

  1. Start with picking out a template from the Discover page.

Screen capture of Strikingly's template gallery

Image taken from Strikingly’s Discover page

  1. Once you’ve chosen a template to start with, you can then choose whether to keep the default pages or work on your own. For this demo, we’re sticking with the preset pages.

Screen capture of Strikingly Builder

Image taken from Strikingly Builder

  1. In this specific template, there is a button that says “Add Image/Video” that you can click. If not, you can hover on edges of elements and find a plus button to click on instead.

Screen capture of Strikingly Builder

Image taken from Strikingly Builder

  1. Now, enter the link to the YouTube or Vimeo video that you want on your website in the space provided.

Screen capture of Strikingly Builder

Image taken from Strikingly Builder

  1. Wait a few seconds, and there you go! You just uploaded your video to your website to entice your audience more. See how it looks like on the template that we modified together:

Screen capture of Strikingly Builder

Image taken from Strikingly Builder

Did you know that you can do more than just add videos to your Strikingly website? Find out all the other great features for yourself by going back to your website draft or by signing up for Strikingly today, completely free!