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There was a time when writers and photographers - content creators only existed in the big leagues - the largest of companies and businesses. But with today’s technology and free-for-all access, we are all given the opportunity and the power to share what we can do, regardless of who we are working with. Today, we can not only write about the truth in the magics we see every day, but we can also add images to them so that people can easily see what we see. This is what we will be talking about in our own photo blog. We will tell you all the basics you need to know about making a photo blog, some photography blogs to follow for inspiration and guidance, and what a photo blog is all about. Read on and realize that you have so much potential just waiting to come out from your fingertips. Let us help you maximize them, shall we?

Photography Blog

A photography - a photo blog is precisely what it sounds like: A blog that features photographs. To be perfectly honest and transparent, you have to know that there are already so many photo blogs out there. Heck, you can be here, wanting to start one yourself because you have found many photograph blogs to follow, and you felt inspired. Thus, while you went in here wanting to learn more about how to make a photo blog so you can let people know about your work and talent, you have to be aware of the fact that it may take some time for multitudes of people to really learn about and see your blog.

Don’t be discouraged. This reminder of facts is but a necessary part of the process. You’ll see, in time, you would have forgotten about the feeling of dread and fear about this. And, of course, we will not let you go empty-handed. Hence, we shall not only talk about where to find inspiration, but we will give you some advice on how to make your photography blog stand out.

  • Always go back to “why” you started your photo blog. There are many photo bloggers out there. You have more competition than you are imagining. But remember that what you are offering is far different from what they are offering. Always remember your whole reason for starting this blog. Let it be a constant motivation for you to not only keep doing what you’re doing and keep finding inspiration and truth that you can share with the world.
  • Be relatable - be human. Even if you are talking about something technical or scientific, remember that you are creating your photo blog for people to read, not robots. So you must always be aware that you have to make it interesting and fun to read, regardless of its topic. A way to do this is to write as if you are talking to a friend or partner. This way, you are not holding out on the important facts, and at the same time, you are also phrasing it in a more relatable way.
  • Consistency is always the key. Even if you only have a handful of subscribers and readers at the beginning of your photography blog journey, you must already be consistent when you post each of your photo blogs. You need to understand that each photo blog post is something that your subscribers are waiting for, and hence if you stick to not ghosting them for multiple periods, they will know how committed you are to bringing them the content they want and/or need. This work ethic is important, especially if you want to make a career out of photography blogging or using this photo blog for your business advertisements.

Photography Blogs to Follow

There are many photo blogs that you will be able to find and read out there. But right here in Strikingly, we like to take care of and support our own. So for this photo blog, we will be sharing three artists and photography blogs to follow - all of which have chosen Strikingly to host their blogging needs.

1. Oriana Castro

Oriana Castro Strikingly Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Oriano Castro Ramirez is a senior product manager in Los Angeles, California. On her blog, she has three categories: Personal, Product Management, and Women. Here, you can see the diversity in her personality and her blogging journey. She talks about different topics and issues (and people) that she feels passionate about. She also tells her readers about the reality of things and what they can do about them. Her photo blog about product management even talks about everything one needs to know to make their startup business idea a reality.

2. Kerryn Gamble

Kerryn Gamble Strikingly Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Kerryn Gamble is a keynote speaker, the author of ‘UNSTOPPABLE – the professional woman’s guide to purpose, power & prosperity, and the Founder of Woman of Worth. All her endeavors are set to change the world of communication, influence, and power as we know it today - that is, to bridge the gap set by gender and let women take the space and attention they also rightfully deserve. This is also what her photo blog is all about. She aims to encourage women to take pride and confidence in what they can do and be courageous enough to stand up, take center stage, and show the world what they can do.

3. Cynthia Blair

Cynthia Blair Strikingly Blog

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Cynthia Blair is an artist and illustrator who deals with all different art forms. She does paintings, portraits, sketches, and even designs for posters, books, etc. Her photography blog features her illustrations and rock music legends that she finds deep love and inspiration in. Each of her photo blogs not only has her thoughts and musings and features her own artworks as well.

How to Make a Photo Blog with Strikingly

Sure, there are already many photo blogs out there. But don’t be discouraged from exhibiting your vision, skill, and talent by making one of your own. Strikingly is an online website builder that can help you establish just that. Here are the steps that will guide you through the process of how to make a photo blog with Strikingly.

1. Log In Or Sign Up With Strikingly

2. Select A Template You Love.

3. Add New Section And Select “Blog” to Start Your Photo Blog.

4. Edit Your Blog Section Layout

Add your own background color or photo, and edit your photo blog design, title, and description, like so.

Strikingly Blog Section

Image taken from Strikingly Product

5. Click On Your Blog Section to Start Writing!

This would appear on your screen after doing so. This is where you can easily “Write a New Blog” and where you will also see all the photo blog posts you have created - both published and unpublished.

Strikingly Blog Posts Management

Image taken from Strikingly Product

6. Write Your New Blog Post

The picture below shows what a default blog post would look like. But as you learn how to make a photo blog of your own, you can explore and change the design and layout of your blog.

Writing Blogs With Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly Product

7. Add the “Photo” in your Photo Blog.

Even before you start writing anything on your photography blog, you can already add different other features to it by clicking the “+” button highlighted in the picture above. This would allow you to add an image, a video, a button, a separator, or HTML.

By clicking the image button, you will see a rectangular box that says “Add an Image”. Clicking this button would show you the option to not just upload an image but also add a link to your photo or add an alt text. These could help you to further expand your photo blog’s potential.

Adding Images in Strikingly Blog

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Note that you can add more pictures as you start to write more paragraphs in your photo blog post.

Now unleash that creative prowess because you’re all set to go and share the magic you have to the world!

A few notes of advice, if you are a blogger who writes about different topics - you can go to the “Settings” in the sidebar you see in the photo above and click “Add Categories” to add up to 5 different categories. This would allow your readers to easily search the topic and photo blog post they are looking for. In these “Settings”, you are also allowed to lock your blog post with a password. This would be useful if you have posts that only exclusive or premium members or subscribers have access to. You can even use a custom URL that you come up with for your photography blog. Now you know how to make a photo blog with Strikingly. You also have some tricks to encourage more subscribers and readers.

The world of blogging is not new, nor is it something limited. Don’t be afraid to find inspiration in all the tiny things you will find in your life. If you have the talent and skill to capture the good moments - the best moments that this world has to offer but also write about them, you have a gift that you should dare not waste. And this applies to all kinds of photography blogs, whether for a purely creative agenda or for a business one. After all, a photo blog can easily be described as an explanation with photographic evidence. So start capturing your magic and start writing about its truth. Sign up with Strikingly today!