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Marketing trends have come a long way in the last decades, from newspapers to billboards and podcasts, and some old options are becoming ineffective. Marketing has changed, and any company must learn the current marketing trends to stay relevant and compete in this era.

New technologies and changes in customer interests have inspired drastic changes in marketing, and 2023 will be different. You need to know these current marketing trends and keep up with them for your company to stay relevant. Let us get into the details!

The Importance of Following Marketing Trends

Every customer wonders about what is trending, which should also concern marketers. Most marketers take time to look into the target market's biggest marketing trends and interests. Following the current marketing trends is crucial for any business for the following reasons:

1. Trends will allow businesses to break boundaries in the market

Marketing trends are wildly popular, but they wear out in a few months, which is why most brands ignore them. If a brand rides on the effect of a trend, it could expand its horizons significantly and increase its customer base.

Marketing trends create an increased focus on one point. Therefore, getting people's attention through whatever is trending is easier. It’s like having everyone look at one screen at a time; you only need to create an ad to get their attention.

2. They create new ideas to keep the brand fresh

Social media has a short concentration span; therefore, brands must work around the clock to maintain relevance to their users. One of the best ways to do this is by creating content and ads that match the current marketing trends.

Customers will always have your product in mind if you keep up with the current marketing trends. This will help keep you ahead of the competition. It will also help brands adapt better to their client’s preferences and make more meaningful ad campaigns.

3. They express brand values.

Another important advantage of keeping up with the current marketing trends is strengthening your brand's positioning and expressing your values. Marketing styles change, and some brands with awesome products get forgotten because they don't change with the trend.

Adapting allows you to maintain user interest in your brand, which makes it easier to market new products from your brand. Marketing trends can be a great way to reinforce your brand’s identity and keep your customer’s trust in your products.

Marketing Trends You Should Practice for Your Business

Some new marketing strategies are gaining traction, and you need to keep up with them to keep your customers and get more. Let us discuss some of the biggest marketing trends so you can see which ones to implement for your product;

1. Influencer-brand relationships

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies and is the basis of influencer-brand relationships. Customers will most likely choose your product if someone recommends it.

Influencer marketing deals with an influencer with a significant social media following and a brand in the influencer's niche. The influencer talks up and uses the brand’s products to build interest among the followers in exchange for cash or other benefits.

This increases brand awareness and builds trust in the customers, which increases conversions and creates a wider market for the brand. These are mutually beneficial relationships, becoming more vital as the number of social media users spikes.

2. Video-based Content and Live Streaming

A big part of marketing is capturing a potential customer’s attention for an extended time, which is what live streaming is about. Videos on social media will hold people's attention longer than static posts like images.

Bit-sized videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook help drive engagement from views, increasing brand awareness in Gen Z. Customers spend millions of hours streaming through mobile devices, which offers a chance for companies to engage with them.

Live streaming gives one-on-one engagement through influencers and brand ambassadors, creating a sense of customer trust. This will make customers relate to a brand better, and they have higher chances of using the service or product.

3. User- Generated Material

From YouTube videos to TikTok trends, user-created content has become a popular word-of-mouth advertisement option. This content is brand specific and created by customers that use the same product.

These include reviews, unboxing videos, photo tags, and branded hashtags are ways in which brands can capitalize on user-generated material. Anyone can make these videos; therefore, it makes your brand more authentic as it is an unbiased opinion.

Users are more likely to trust reviews from other users rather than influencers or the brand. As a brand, you must create the best products to get positive reviews from customers, and your brand will market itself.

4. Agile Marketing

This is a quick and flexible methodology of marketing that has numerous advantages. It involves rapid small iterations rather than one large project. It is designed to help marketers react rapidly to changes in the market as it emphasizes real-time collaboration.

It allows companies to adapt to change due to its flexible design, allowing for better marketing in short spans. It divides people into small groups that can finish projects autonomously to deliver better value.

This approach focuses more on customer value and business outcomes which is a better recipe for success than focusing on activity and output. It leaves room for experimentation which means more data-driven moves make a bigger impact in a short time window.

5. Enhanced User Experience on Websites

User experience is a simple way of describing how a customer feels when interacting with your website or employees. A good user experience relies heavily on a good design that can meet all user requirements and keeps them loyal.

Your app or website is your brand's most valuable marketing asset, and a good user experience can be a game changer for you. Keep the website's layout simple with easy-to-use navigation that will be manageable for viewers.

Optimize the website for mobile devices since most users use phones to access the internet. Add hands-free tools, voice-activated interfaces, video content, and bold colors. Avoid having ads on your website; if you do, ensure they aren't aggressive.

6. SEO for Text and Voice

Digital assistant idea is getting more popular, all you need is an account for voice input when doing SEO for your website. You should opt for more conversational formats in your content and question-and-answer formats.

This way, customers will quickly get high-quality responses when they ask questions using voice search. Regular text SEO is still essential to help improve the traffic on your page. Several tools can help you find the best keywords in your articles.

Customers use these keywords to search for products, and using them correctly will give you a good ranking in the SERP. This gives you more clicks; therefore, more people will come to your website, and you have a higher likelihood of conversions.

How Strikingly Can Help You Keep Up with Marketing Trends

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Strikingly has many features that can help keep up with the current marketing trends on social media and use them to benefit your brand. You need to showcase your brand in the best marketing strategy to get the best results and Strikingly can help you with that.

1. Creating videos

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Video content is an effective and trendy marketing choice and Strikingly has software to help create a video website. It has more than 100 video website design templates, and they're all free. You can create bit-sized videos or background videos that make the website appealing to viewers.

2. Connecting social media accounts

Strikingly allows you to connect your social media accounts to your website to make it easier to manage them. Thanks to Strikingly, your website will grow at the same rate as all your social media platforms.

3. Social feeds

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Adding your social feed to your website makes you more credible since it shows customers how active you are on all the platforms. Updating these feeds will keep them interested, and you must have background knowledge on the best tactics to use for this.

4. Live chat messenger

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Strikingly offers you several ways of talking to your audience, Strikingly Live Chat, forms, and email. This direct link with your customers will create a personalized feel and sense of trust that builds loyalty.

You will be able to get the personal needs of all your customers and use the data to make the service more suitable for them.


You must keep up with the trends in marketing if you are to maintain your blog’s relevance. Social media is growing more popular, and the demand for video content is increasing. You need a combination of content and human elements to help you build your brand’s awareness.

Strikingly can help you create an SEO website that will make your brand more recognizable. You can use their tools to create a website to market your products and grow your company. Marketing is dynamic, and you must keep up with the trends.