best ways to conduct personalized marketing

In today’s day and age, every operation within your business model revolves around your customers. If you don’t do customer research, it is likely that you will not understand their expectations and demands. Therefore, you must find ways to interact with your customers properly. If you understand marketing personalization, you can interpret customer demands properly. Personalized marketing helps you in gaining insights into the target audience and using them for the betterment of their experience. With the authority given to customers these days, it almost feels that the highs and lows of your business are determined by them.

If you are unable to understand the customer's demands, they will respond with negative feedback on your business website. In the review section, you must understand that a negative review holds higher significance than 10 positive reviews. One negative review can change the credibility status of not just your website but also you as a professional. Therefore, you must take all the time to understand your customers' demands and fulfill them according to their desire.

Benefits of Personalized Marketing

1) Improved Google Ranking

One of the big benefits of personalized marketing is that it helps you in driving leads to your platform. With an increased number of leads, you can maintain high Google ranking. As a business person, there is nothing more important than seeing your business website in the high Google rankings. However, this approach will tick all the boxes when it comes to your online ranking in search engines.

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As a business owner, you must understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. For those who don’t know, SEO strategies ways in which you see progress in your website’s Google ranking.

Strikingly has made it easier for you to implementat SEO strategies. We provide you with an SEO checklist that lists all the important SEO steps required for your website. The SEO checklist includes meta-description, title tag, image optimization, headings, etc.

2) Improved Conversion Rate

Customer research is extremely important to your overall business plans. If you are able to understand and fulfill the customer demands, there is no reason why they won’t return to your website. If you convert your visitors into customers, you will see a surge in your website’s conversion rate. By going with the personalized marketing strategy, there is a huge chance that you will propel the growth of your business.

The best way to increase conversion rate is by implementing relevant SEO strategies. But you also need to prioritize your website navigation elements. If your business website doesn’t have navigation elements, the customers cannot understand what they have to do after landing on your website. Consequently, they leave your platform and jump onto another website of the same niche.

You must make life easy for your incoming customers so that they don’t feel confused after landing on your website. As the customers tend to read from left to right, you can include the navigation elements on the left corner of your website. However, many website owners also tend to include these elements on the top where it can be easily seen.

3) Customer Retention

If you want to know about customer retention, you must understand what is personalized marketing. If you go with a customized approach, there is a chance that your customers will leave your online shop feeling satisfied. However, if you give your customers a unique service experience, they will increase their loyalty to your brand and will become fans of your business for a lifetime.

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Many business owners feel that their job is done once they have a lot of satisfied customers. The reality is that the job is only 95% done as you haven’t done anything to convince them to return to your website. If you own a business website, you must have something unique that catches the attention of your visitors right away. For example, if you have a customer base of international clients, make sure that you have a language translator so that your customers can understand the displayed content easily. Moreover, you can offer them a 20% discount upon the first order that they make from your website.

Strategies to Conduct Personalized Marketing

1) Data Collection

A lot of people ask why personalized marketing has become popular on the internet today. The answer is personalized (customized) marketing provides customers with personalized options. Before you provide the customers with these options, it is important that you analyze the data related to your business. This is the first in the pursuit of developing a quality marketing strategy. The three basic options regarding data collection for marketing are shown below:

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  • Create surveys and questionnaires for your customers. You can include polls in your Instagram stories to engage with your customers
  • Gather all the feedback and contact information you have received from your social network followers and email subscribers
  • Use site analytics to gain insights into users’ behavior. Strikingly is a website builder that provides you with built-in analytics to study the behavior of customers on your website
  • Create a section for your online community where they can directly link with you or the website owner. Add a forum where they can also discuss the good things and the bad things that are part of your website

2) Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is an important aspect of a personalized marketing strategy. For those who don’t know, it is a process in which you divide your target audience in the form of segments. The division is done on the basis of certain attributes, like age, gender, preferences, etc. The creation of segments on different factors plays a vital role for your future content creation. When we talk about the factors involved in customer segmentation, there are plenty of examples to consider, such as:

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  • Location (your customer base may have different regional and global market groups)
  • Education (if your customers have completed a university-level education, they would be more intelligent in making buying decisions)
  • Income level (depending upon their employment status)
  • Eating habits (customer’s personal interest)
  • Age and gender (influential in many shopping factors)

3) Different Channels

With features like incentives and product recommendations, you can deliver personalized marketing messages to your customers and create a formula to achieve a particular outcome. After identifying your target market and obtaining all the necessary information, you can use the marketing personalization strategy through all the available channels. The strategy can be social networks, email campaigns, advertising campaigns, etc.

4) Prioritize Customers

When you go through your personalized marketing journey, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of your customers’ opinions at all cost. When you begin marketing personalization, encourage your customers to buy products and services from your business website. If you are using social media, you may also encourage them to like, comment, and share the post on their news feed. This will bring new customers to your social media platform and eventually to your website.

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When the customers go to the shopping section, all the details of your products must be available to them, such as product price, description, product photo, etc. When the customers understand that the website owner is making an effort to provide all the details regarding the product, he/she will return to the website and make further purchases.

These things are essential for your eCommerce website, but they aren’t pivotal in making your website stand out with respect to your competitors. If you want to bring uniqueness to your website, provide your customers with a unique service. For example, you can offer them a 20% discount on their first shopping trip. Moreover, you can highlight the achievements of your business plans to build your credibility.

5) Analyze the Effect

As a business owner, you must analyze the benefits of personalized marketing on your brand. For this, the best thing to do is run a marketing campaign and analyze the results in a few days. The more results you obtain, the more accuracy you will have in terms of your marketing impact. It is also important that you go through all the set of changes so that you have a clear picture regarding your business going forward.

No matter how experienced you are, you are a human being after all and you are bound to make mistakes. You shouldn’t take your experience for granted and double-check all the marketing campaigns that you do. It would benefit your business a lot if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there any customer feedback about the new technology implementation?
  • Is the selected strategy working at its maximum capacity?
  • Are there any more adjustments needed to be made in the marketing campaign?


A personalized marketing strategy provides customers with the desired quality of customer service that they expect. Some of the strategies mentioned above may require time and financial reservations, and some of them are easy to apply (product recommendations). As a business owner, you must implement the personalization techniques, monitor the results, and maintain the standards of your customer service.

In the digital world, you should also find ways to make savings on your marketing budget by relying on a quality website builder, such as Strikingly. When you are done with the registration process, you will be eligible to create a basic eCommerce website with all the essential features and tools. However, you must upgrade your subscription plan if you want to see an enhancement in your website features. Using these procedures appropriately, you can grow your customer network and increase your competitiveness in the current market.