Business websites have now upgraded their online marketing method by creating great content. They create and post engaging content which will help them attract online visitors who belong to their niche. Online companies fill their webpage with captivating content in the form of blogs, photographs, video snippets, advertisements, online community pages, etc., which aims to drive more traffic to their website and promote their businesses.

One unwritten fact about the digital business world is that it can get extremely hectic. Once you lose your focus on your goal, things could get messy. You must know how to put things in their respective sections accurately to make your website more charismatic in your audience's eyes. A well-designed website with an organized set of website content is more functional than those that are not. And lastly, a more functional and easy-to-navigate website is more likely to attract online visitors. To achieve this type of website, learning how to be a successful content manager is one massive help.

What is a Content Manager?

A content manager can be someone who manages a website's content. A successful content manager creates a business website's content strategy, targets website content, and distributes effective marketing communications to their online audiences. They are expected to be organized-type of persons, are well-versed in promoting their brand, and know precisely how to do blog posting well. Other content manager responsibilities include connecting deeply with their company's brand voice and using it to encourage potential clients to become one with them.

Businesses commonly hire the best content manager, depending on their industry. They took their time finding the perfect candidate to help them execute their marketing campaigns. To find the best one suited for the role, companies formulate a set of content manager skills which commonly includes the following:

1. SEO Copywriting Skills

2. Blogging Skill

3. Knowledge of Data Analysis

4. Basic Coding Skills

5. Website Content Management System Proficiency

6. Strategic Planner

7. Efficient in Time Management and Organization

8. Effective Leadership Skills

9. Promotional Skills

10. Analytical Skills

11. Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills

12. Vast Awareness of the Latest Marketing Trends

Content Manager Responsibilities

You might still wonder what a content manager does once a business hires them. Suppose you are still curious about the exact role of a content manager in a company. In that case, the list below could give the answers you've been waiting for.


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1. Creating Strategic Plan

Content strategic planning is one of the most crucial elements of a successful marketing campaign. It can significantly affect how your online clients see your overall website performance. Once you're hired, one of the content manager responsibilities you now have in your hands is creating strategic plans for your company. You must help design a content marketing plan that perfectly tells your target market about your company's advocacy through the content you post online. Each strategy and content you create can significantly impact your company's future engagements and potential investments. One role of a content manager you also need to ace is formulating effective and powerful plans that target your online company's short-term and long-term marketing goals.

2. Write, Edit, and Update Contents

Another fact you must learn about what a content manager do is that they don't only manage a website's content. The role of a content manager also includes writing, editing, and updating website content. You are responsible for ensuring that every published article is compelling. Just because one of your team members has submitted their article draft means you will post it on your website immediately. NO. You must always be cautious of everything you put on your business website, for it can define what your business wants from your online audience. When online visitors notice that the content you post is irrelevant, you might immediately lose a potential sale. Your top content manager's responsibilities include ensuring that every blog or article you post is related to your company's chosen niche and satisfies your target market's needs.

3. Do Collaborations

Not being a content manager means you are entirely the "boss" of your website content team. You can't always work on your own. To be a successful content manager, you must also know how to coordinate with your team members and the other teams within your company. It would be best if you worked in harmony with your team members by listening to their views and opinions on every project you create. Content marketing can involve collaboration projects which aim to strengthen the business's overall campaign. Understanding the role of a content manager better includes understanding how to adapt quickly when it comes to working with other people outside your team.

4. Monitor Traffic and Engagements

Content managers also manages content distribution. Every content created by you or your team has its purpose. To be a successful content manager, you must know where precisely each piece of content should be placed. This will play a significant role in increasing your website traffic. Properly placed website content can help attract online visitors who have no plans to engage with your website. By understanding what a content manager does, you can efficiently execute your content distribution strategy on your business website and even make conversions.

How to be a Successful Content Manager?

For a candidate to be a successful content manager, learning the responsibilities isn't enough. You must use your content manager skills to create the best website content. Mastering what does a content manager do can also include learning simple yet powerful tips like these:


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1. Befriend SEO

Learning what a content manager do means understanding all about SEO. Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, plays a significant role in empowering each website content you create. As a content manager, you are not just responsible for creating content but, most importantly, ensuring that they are SEO-friendly. SEO-equipped website content has a higher chance of getting seen by online users. Search engines are responsible for ensuring that online users can reach top-ranking websites. When your website content is jampacked with SEO, increasing your rank, reaching your target audience, and even indulging in the broader market reach would be easier. To be a successful content manager, you should learn how to create website content that has an ultimate purpose besides filling up your business website's blog section.

2. Know Your Audience

The next tip we can give you on what a content manager does is to know who your audience is. One thing about online audiences is that they develop more attraction to business websites that know precisely what they want. In content marketing, empathy is among the hidden content manager skills you can use to top your competitors. To be a successful content manager, you must know how to show compassion to your audience through each piece of content you post on your website. When you create content with empathy, online visitors can quickly feel that your company is paying attention to the things they need. Once they feel your sincerity in pursuing them through your content, you can easily earn their trust and become loyal customers. Understanding how your online audience thinks and reacts to every post you make can keep you motivated to create the most compelling website content.

3. Practice Your Skills

The world of business and content marketing will require you to be a PRO, even if you are not. As a content manager, you should know that you cannot always get the best results in just one try. Content marketing will need your full effort as a content manager to get the results you've been wanting. To achieve this, practicing is your primary key.

You don't have to be afraid of your competitors if they are ahead of you in terms of skills. You don't have to be the best on your first try. You can take your time practicing and learning tips on areas you need to improve to be a successful content manager. You can do advanced research on the latest marketing trends and use them in creating your content. Asking for professional advice is another helpful thing you can do to widen your knowledge of your niche. Seek positive and negative opinions to help you better understand how to do what you are supposed to do. Keep your head on the game, and be patient. Remember, taking small, and consistent steps is still better than a one-time perfection.


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Create a Website and Become a Content Manager

Becoming a successful content manager requires some of the most powerful digital marketing skills. But if there is one pro tip we can give you on how to be an effective content manager, it's creating your website.

Creating a personal website can give you a lot of benefits. Whether a beginner or a professional content manager, having an online space to put all your masterpieces is one significant advantage to getting hired. Businesses nowadays have resorted to online portfolios when finding their candidate. They use these website portfolios to see a candidate's previous work as a successful content manager. As someone who seeks to establish an excellent online presence, starting your content manager portfolio is a must.

Designing an online portfolio here at Strikingly makes website building more meaningful. You can create your brand and use it to showcase your skills online in just a few clicks. We allow users to customize their content manager website through our designer-made templates. If you're a beginner in website building, you don't have to worry because our websites require no coding skills. Want to befriend search engines? No problem. Our websites are jampacked with SEO and eCommerce tools you can enjoy for an affordable price. You can even start a blog in minutes and show the world how effective you are as a content manager. Getting help is also a no-brainer with our live chat support, which is 24/7 and ready to cater to all your queries.


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Creating a website filled with powerful content is top-notch. With competition continuously enveloping the world of business, it is only a must to have a strategic marketing plan like mastering the art of content marketing. And for you to be a successful content manager, you must equip your website with elements meant to increase sales and create a stronger connection between you and your online audiences. Want to know more about website content and design? Chat with us today, and we'll get you started.