Aaron Nace on the Realities of Becoming a Full-Time Freelancer


This is a solid interview we were ecstatic to do with Conceptual Photographer, Photoshop Educator, and Full-Time Freelancer – Aaron Nace.

Aaron is the creator of Phlearn, an online video tutorial resource for Photographers, Photoshop enthusiasts, and Digital Retouchers, across every stage of their career, on YouTube.

I stumbled across Aaron’s Phlearn channel, about 2 years ago. And because of his easy-to-follow video tutorials, he has become my “go-to” for anything Photoshop related.

I had a chat with Aaron and in this full interview, you’ll learn:

  • How he found his first clients
  • How to set yourself up to not take clients and make your side gig your main money maker
  • How he made money in the beginning with his business
  • How he decided on his prices in the beginning of his career
  • How he chose his main platform for distributing his content, and the decision to concentrate on one or multiple
  • Loopholes and other tricks to motivate yourself to “do the work” when there is NO motivation
  • Habits that have been detrimental to his success


In this talk, Aaron is going to be honest with you about his growing pains from taking his photography and photoshop tutorials from a hobby to a full-time freelancing business.

And it ain’t all roses folks! As there are still barriers he battles, still, to this day.

If you’re fiddling with the idea of becoming a Full-Time Freelancer, then we hope you got a good idea of what it takes to make that transition happen.

And if you’re thinking about stepping up your Photoshop, Photography, Digital Retouching game? You can follow Aaron, and join the Phlearn Fam on YouTube here.

Side Note: And if you’re still looking for some motivation to get your started on your Full-Time freelancing journey, or whatever goal you have in your life at this moment, check out these motivational videos