In the past, if you don’t have significant web design and development experience, you can get your website built only through a professional. Somebody else has to do the entire work for you and this specialized service can cost a lot of money. Nowadays, however, the barrier to entry for owning a website is lower because of the rising popularity of web templates and website builders.


A web template is essentially the framework of a website. In its simplest form, it can actually pass as an actual website once you publish it online. Free web templates HTML 5 are usually available in a downloadable pack that contains the actual template, the fonts used, stylesheets and instructions for customization. If you’re one who is adept at CSS and HTML, working off a web template free download to create an actual full-featured website is possible.

Where to Download Web Templates Free?

There are many sites that offer web templates free downloads. Some of them are affiliated with website builders or hosting services while others are individual designers specializing in different website building services that allow the use of third-party HTML web templates on their platforms. For instance, if you’re developing a website out of Wordpress, you’ll find a wide variety of sites offering downloadable web templates that are designed to work on Wordpress.

Website builders also develop their own collection of web templates so you don’t have to look for themes elsewhere. Strikingly, for example, lets you access its entire collection of web templates free of cost.

How to Select the Right Web Template Free Download

1. Determine what website you are building

You might think knowing what website your customers want is a given. But there are just so many aesthetically pleasing web templates available for download that it is easy to pick out a visually appealing theme instead of one that is appropriate for your website. Every type of website has its own unique features - an ecommerce website requires a different layout from that of a blog. Having a good idea of the features of your website will help you make the right choice.

2. Take your time

Launching your own website is exciting but also extremely important. Don’t just grab the first appropriate template you find and start developing immediately. Go over your options, go through website examples and understand the layout details of each template. Strikingly lets you preview each template first before you commit to using one. The good news is that if you do change your mind about the design during development or even after publishing your website, you can switch to a different template. Do note, however, that you may need to make some adjustments to your content to suit the new template.

3. Look through customization options

You will want to be able to tweak your website template to make your site more personalized. If you depend on the template’s design only, your website will not stand out among the thousands, or even millions of similar sites on the web. This is why you need to have options to customize your site. Some themes require a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS to change certain elements. If you’re not a developer or you do not have design experience, the flexibility may seem intimidating. Using a theme under a website builder, on the other hand, is great for beginners and people who do not have the technical skills to tweak a web template. Strikingly’s easy to use website builder lets you customize your site without writing a single line of code.

4. Choose responsive

With most people accessing the web on their cellphones and tablets, it makes perfect sense to choose a responsive web template. You could risk losing an engaged audience if your website does not look good on smaller screens.