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Today, nearly everyone has an email; this mass adoption makes it an important marketing channel. email marketing can generate sales, enhance engagement, and cultivate customer relationships.

You can communicate with your prospects through emails to check in on them or inform them about product updates. But with the evolution of other marketing techniques, a question arises. Is email marketing still worth it? The answer is yes; a strong email marketing strategy enables you to connect with your targeted audience in a personalized way, enhancing sales at an affordable cost.

In this article, we will take you through some benefits of email marketing and further how to do email marketing effectively.

Perks Of Conducting Email Marketing For Business

People love customized stuff. An email will enable you to reach out to customers and clients, actively providing personalization. To create personalized emails, you must research your target audience to learn about their preferences.

Here are some perks of effective email marketing.

1. Enhance Customer Loyalty

email marketing lets you regularly stay in touch with customers and website visitors. Studies show that it takes five times more effort to make new customers than to retain old ones. Proven buyers appreciate being kept updated about the latest products and promos. You can ask your customers for feedback and encourage them to post a review.

2. Better Outreach

email advertising has a much broader outreach than any other advertising. Unlike other marketing channels like print and broadcasting, email gives a direct way to two-way with people. Social media updates are often missed, but emails are sent to thousands of users with few clicks, and they can be read conveniently

3. Cost-Effective

One of the most crucial advantages of email marketing is its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance. You don’t have to pay for any print, postage, or ad space, enabling you to reach numerous customers in less than a penny. email mistakes are rectified without costing additional dollars. So if you are looking to achieve your business goal at an affordable cost, email marketing is your way.

4. Manageable

An email campaign is much more manageable than other campaigns. You can quickly revert your print ad or typos if you get negative customer feedback by resending the email or acknowledging mistakes in a follow-up email.

email also lets you keep track of delivery rates, bounce rates unsubscribe rates of your email campaign, enabling you to keep track and mold your strategy accordingly.

5. Save Time

Other marketing, like social media ads or other digital marketing campaigns, are often time-consuming. email marketing automation enables you automatically to send emails to your targeted audience, saving a lot of time. In addition, it provides a better customer experience and generates revenue.

Tips For Effective Email Marketing

Here are ten practical tips to get the most out of your email marketing campaign.

1. Use a Compelling Subject Line

Most people open your email based on the subject line. It plays a crucial role in the conversion of prospects. Ensure your email subject line is catchy and compelling. Keep the subject line as summarized yet descriptive as possible. Fifty (50) characters subject lines are most effective.

Create a sense of urgency with subject lines among prospects by offering a special sale or discount they can’t refuse.

2. Use Segmentation

One way to do effective email marketing is to segment your prospects based on their behavior and buying routine. Keep an eye on the database of your subscribers, e.g., transaction history and interests, to understand them better and make them irrefutable offers.

For segmentation, utilize website forms to collect all the essential information about your contacts, e.g., gender, age, job title, etc. Track a visitor when he enters your website. Keep an eye on which content he’s engaging with to know his interest; later, you can send emails related to that.

3. Dynamic Content

Addition of dynamic content to your email is one of the effective email marketing strategies. In a dynamic email, the content of your email changes automatically based on the reader’s information, e.g., age, gender, location, etc. It's one of the best ways to provide the user with personalized experiences.

Collect contact data, and determine and group the subscribers with everyday habits. Use Html or CSS to make attractive email templates. Dynamic email block allows you to send campaigns optimized and customized for each prospect separately.

4. Optimize Your email For Mobile

mobile view of newsletter

Image taken from Strikingly’s newsletter

Most people around us are mobile users; making your email mobile-friendly is vital, so users find it clear and readable on phones. If your email campaign is not mobile-friendly, you could miss out on potential leads.

Keep your subject line precise, between 25-30 words; keep your email short and concise; use headings to divide content into bullets and short paragraphs.

Words have a more significant impact than images on email marketing. Many phones do not display images by default, so ensure that your email makes sense without images.

Place CTA on top of your email and adjust the size to ensure maximum clickability and conversion.

5. Find The Right Time For Email Marketing

Finding the right time is essential for any effective email marketing strategy. It varies for every business and customer. It takes a bit of testing to find the right time to send the email.

Before sending an email, keep your audience persona in mind; if your customer has a 9-5 job, send it during their downtime.

If your emails include promotions or sales, send them at times when your audience takes their lunch breaks because it's most likely that they will check their emails at this time.

Surveys have shown that emails sent between 12 pm to 3 pm have the highest engagement rate.

6. Transactional Emails

Order confirmation emails have a high open rate, so make it count. After a customer purchases your brand, send him exquisitely designed templates and invoices. Use transactional emails as your email marketing strategy to show off brand personality and leave a lasting effect on customers' minds.

Emailing for shipping updates or whenever there’s a delay can also increase brand trust and customer loyalty. The key is providing a seamless experience so customers keep returning.

7. Combine email Marketing With Website

Dr chai landing page

Image taken from Strikingly’s user’s site

A website ensures a healthy online presence. The first thing someone does when they come to know about your business is visiting your website. Interlink your website with an email to drive traffic back and forth between them, Increasing customers reach.

Ensure to use different blog links of your website in emails. You’ll see a spike in your website traffic as your contacts pass your email to their friends.

You can also use your website to send emails to your contacts; one essential way to do so is by strikingly, a dynamic yet accessible website builder that enables you to create a free business website without a programmer.

How to Send emails Using Strikingly

The Strikingly new Audience tab enables you to send an email directly to your contacts collected through your website forms, e.g., blog subscription form, Contact/Sign up form, Simple Store sales, and the contacts imported manually. You can find this feature in the Dashboard of the Strikingly website.

Follow these steps to send a newsletter with Strikingly.

a. Go to the dashboard and click “emails.”

b. Tap the “Send a newsletter” button.

c. You will be navigated to the newsletter editor, where you can craft your email, and add buttons, links, images, and more.

strikingly newsletter editor

Image taken from Strikingly

d. Then select the recipients based on the website and sources.

newsletter recipient option

Image taken from Strikingly

e. Lastly, you can send the email to your contacts, save it as a draft, or send a test email to yourself.

8. Convert Abandoned Carts

Many customers add a product to the cart, but at the last moment, they relinquish it for some reason. An email campaign can be crucial in converting these prospects into leads. Abandoned cart email works by reminding the customer that they left an item in the cart and persuading them to make the purchase.

Sometimes a single reminder will do the trick; other times, you have to send two or three follow emails to convert the prospect. Be catchy and personalize to get more conversions.

9. A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method to compare different versions of solutions to determine which works best for you. It can be essential to enhance your email campaign by increasing conversions and click-through rates, ultimately benefiting your business.

Try out different email templates and layouts for announcements, showcases, or sharing stories or blogs. Over time you will know which layout brings the best conversions and which is ineffective, and design your following email accordingly. You can also test different subject lines, CTA language, or images through A/B testing.

10. Invest In Right Tools

Lastly, you need the right tool stack for your email marketing efforts. For example, an email list provider can do wonders to automate the lead generation, onboarding, and segmentation processes involved in email marketing.

Email marketing tools like Senidiblue, Omnisend, and Hubspot enable you to send automated emails, deliberately saving time and money.

That’s a wrap on email marketing tips; you can use these to devise effective email marketing strategies and help your business take off.