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Are you considering a career as a web developer? If so, you're in luck! The demand for website developers is rising, and this career path has numerous benefits. In this guide, we'll explore what it takes to become a successful web developer and how Strikingly can help you along the way.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is someone who builds and designs websites and web applications. Web developers typically do the following tasks:

  • Design and implement website layouts and user interfaces. This includes arranging the website content, graphics, and navigation.
  • Write web content like text and images. Some web developers also create multimedia content like videos, podcasts, and interactive images.
  • Code the website using web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This includes structuring the content and making it display properly.
  • Integrate third-party tools like content management systems, ecommerce platforms, chatbots, etc. This allows for more complex functionality on websites.
  • Ensure the website is responsive, accessible, and optimized for search engines. This means it displays well on all devices and ranks high in search results.
  • Troubleshoot issues and bugs to keep the website running smoothly. They also monitor site traffic and performance.
  • Stay up-to-date with web standards, languages, and tools. The field is constantly changing so web developers need to keep learning.

The role of a web developer can vary significantly depending on the type and complexity of the websites they work on. Many web developers specialize in areas like front-end development (focusing on what users see), back-end development (focusing on server-side computing), or full-stack development (working with both).

Being a Web Developer: Importance

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. As a web developer, you have the power to create websites that not only look great but also function seamlessly. Your work helps businesses reach new customers and individuals share their passions with the world.

Being a Web Developer: Benefits

The benefits of being a website developer are many. For one, it's an in-demand field with plenty of job opportunities. Additionally, website development allows for creativity and problem-solving skills to be used daily. Plus, the ability to work remotely is becoming more common in this field.

Strikingly's Role in Web Development

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At Strikingly, we understand that creating a website can be overwhelming - especially if you're just starting out as a site developer. That's why we offer user-friendly tools and resources designed specifically for website development beginners. Our goal is to make creating an impressive online presence easy without any coding experience required!


Getting Started

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Are you interested in becoming a web developer? It's a great career choice that offers numerous benefits. As a website developer, you'll have the opportunity to create websites and applications that millions use daily. In this section, we'll guide you through the steps of getting started in web development.

Understanding Web Development

Web development is the process of creating websites and applications for the internet. It involves designing, coding, and maintaining websites using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As a web developer, you'll be responsible for building functional and visually appealing websites that meet your clients' needs.

Required Skills for Web Development

To become a successful web developer, you must have certain skills. These include proficiency in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or Python; knowledge of database management systems; familiarity with content management systems like WordPress; problem-solving skills; attention to detail; creativity; and ability to work collaboratively with others.

Educational Opportunities for Web Development

Various educational opportunities are available for those interested in pursuing a career in web development. You can opt for online courses or attend coding boot camps to learn programming languages and other necessary skills. Additionally, universities offer degree programs in computer science or information technology, focusing on website development.

Choosing a Web Development Specialization

As a site developer, you can choose from several specializations within web development based on your interests and strengths. These include front-end development (dealing with user interface design), back-end development (dealing with server-side scripting), full-stack development (combining both front-end and back-end), or mobile app development.

Becoming a web developer is an excellent career choice that offers numerous opportunities for growth and creativity. With the right skills and education, you can build an exciting career in this field that will allow you to make a significant impact on the digital world.

Tools and Technologies

As a web developer, you must familiarize yourself with various tools and technologies to create stunning websites. These tools can be divided into three categories: front-end, back-end, and full-stack.

Front-End Tools and Technologies

Front-end development focuses on the visual aspects of a website that users interact with. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks such as React or Angular. As a web developer, you should understand these languages well to create visually appealing websites.

One important aspect of front-end development is responsive design. With more people accessing websites on their mobile devices, ensuring that your website is optimized for different screen sizes is essential.

Back-End Tools and Technologies

Back-end development focuses on the server-side of a website. This includes languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and databases such as MySQL or MongoDB. Back-end developers are responsible for creating the logic that powers the website.

One important aspect of back-end development is security. With cyber threats becoming more prevalent in today's digital landscape, ensuring that your website is secure from potential attacks is essential.

Full-Stack Tools and Technologies

Full-stack development involves both front-end and back-end development skills. A full-stack developer can handle all aspects of developing a website from start to finish.

Full-stack developers typically have knowledge in various programming languages such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript for front-end work along with server-side programming languages like PHP or Java for back-end work.

Strikingly provides an easy-to-use platform for building beautiful websites without requiring extensive coding knowledge or experience in web design software.

With Strikingly’s drag-and-drop editor feature combined with their templates designed by professional designers; even someone who has no experience building websites can create stunning sites in no time.

Understanding the necessary tools and technologies is essential for anyone pursuing a web developer career. Whether you specialize in front-end, back-end, or full-stack development, having knowledge of these tools will help you create visually appealing and functional websites. Strikingly's platform provides an excellent starting point for anyone looking to build a website without extensive coding knowledge.


Building Your Portfolio

As a web developer, having a portfolio is essential to showcase your skills and attract potential clients or employers. A portfolio is a collection of your best works demonstrating your website development expertise. It is also an opportunity to highlight your creativity and unique style.

Importance of Having a Web Developer Portfolio

A portfolio gives you credibility as a web developer. It shows that you have experience and skills in website development. When potential clients or employers see your portfolio, they can assess whether you fit their project or company.

Moreover, having a portfolio sets you apart from other web developers who do not have one. It is an excellent way to differentiate yourself and prove that you are serious about your web developer career.

Tips for Creating a Portfolio

When creating a portfolio, it is essential to showcase your best works only. Choose projects demonstrating different website development aspects, such as front-end design, back-end functionality, or full-stack development.

It is also crucial to organize your portfolio in a user-friendly way. Make sure it is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your work.

Finally, include descriptions of each project that explain the problem you were trying to solve and how you approached it. This will give potential clients or employers insight into your thought process and problem-solving skills.

Showcasing Your Skills

Your portfolio should demonstrate what you can do and how well you can do it. Make sure each project showcases different skills such as HTML/CSS coding, JavaScript programming, database management, or UX design.

You should also include any relevant certifications or awards you have received related to website development. This will further enhance your credibility as a web developer.

How Strikingly can Help with Portfolio Building

Strikingly offers an easy-to-use platform for building visually appealing and user-friendly portfolios. With Strikingly, you can create a stunning portfolio in minutes without any coding skills.

Moreover, Strikingly offers templates specifically designed for web developers that showcase their skills and expertise. You can customize these templates to fit your unique style and preferences.

Building a portfolio is essential for any web developer who wants to showcase their skills and attract potential clients or employers. By following these tips and using Strikingly's platform, you can create a stunning portfolio that sets you apart from other website developers.


Applying for Web Development Jobs

Let’s talk about what you need to know about the job market for web developers, how to prepare your resume and cover letter, interview tips, and resources that Strikingly offers for job seekers.

Job Market for Web Developers

The job market for web developers is strong and growing. With the increasing demand for websites and digital applications, companies of all sizes are constantly seeking skilled professionals who can help them build their online presence. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of web developers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Preparing Your Resume and Cover Letter

When applying for a web development job, it's crucial that your resume and cover letter showcase your skills and experience in a clear and concise way. Make sure to highlight any relevant education or certifications you have received and any projects or freelance work you have completed.

Your cover letter should be tailored specifically to each job you apply for. Research the company beforehand and mention your interest in working there. Also, emphasize how your skills align with the requirements listed in the job posting.

Interview Tips for Web Development Jobs

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking, but with some practice and preparation, you'll feel confident walking into any interview room. Make sure to research common interview questions beforehand so that you are prepared with thoughtful answers.

It's also important to showcase your problem-solving skills during an interview by talking through how you would approach various scenarios related to website development.

Strikingly's Resources for Job Seekers

At Strikingly, we are committed to helping aspiring web developers succeed in their careers. That's why we offer a variety of resources for job seekers, including access to our community forum where you can connect with other developers and get advice on job searching.

We also offer a portfolio-building tool that can help you showcase your skills and experience visually appealingly. And if you're looking for job opportunities specifically within the Strikingly community, be sure to check out our job board which is updated regularly with new positions.

Becoming a web developer is an exciting and rewarding career path. By understanding the job market, preparing your application materials carefully, practicing for interviews, and utilizing resources like those offered by Strikingly, you'll be well on your way to landing your dream job as a website developer.


Staying Current in Web Development

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In the fast-paced world of website development, staying current with the latest technologies and trends is crucial. As a web developer, you need to be aware of the newest tools and techniques to ensure that your websites are up-to-date and competitive in the marketplace.

Staying current with web development is essential for career growth and success. As technology evolves, so do user expectations, making it necessary for web developers to continuously learn new skills and techniques. Keeping up-to-date with industry trends can help you stay ahead of your competition and provide better services to your clients.

Resources for Learning New Technologies

There are many resources available online that can help you learn new web development technologies. Websites like Codecademy, Udemy, and Lynda offer courses on various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. Additionally, there are many free tutorials available on YouTube that can help you learn specific skills.

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Attending Web Development Conferences

Attending web development conferences is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in website development. These events bring together experts from around the world who share their knowledge on various topics such as front-end frameworks, back-end languages, design principles, and more.


Be a Web Developer Today

If you are considering a career in web development, we encourage you to take the leap and pursue your passion! With so many resources available today, including online courses, bootcamps, and mentorship programs like those offered by Strikingly – there has never been a better time to start building your skills and creating unique websites.

At Strikingly, we are committed to providing aspiring website developers with all the tools they need to succeed in their careers. Our platform makes it easy for anyone – regardless of their level of experience – to create beautiful websites quickly and easily. We also offer a range of educational resources on our blog and community forums so that users can continue learning new skills even after launching their sites.

Becoming a web developer is an exciting journey that requires dedication, hard work, and continuous learning – but it is one that offers endless possibilities for growth and creativity. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, Strikingly is here to support you every step of the way.

Why not start today and see where your web developer career can take you?