Instagram Feed Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

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Instagram has become one of the world's most popular social media platforms, with over one billion active users. As a visual platform, a good Instagram feed is crucial for businesses and individuals to showcase their brand and personality. A perfect Instagram feed can help you attract new followers, engage with your audience, and ultimately grow your brand.

Instagram is a social media platform focusing on visual content such as photos and videos. It was launched in 2010 and quickly gained popularity among users who wanted to share their life experiences through pictures. Today, Instagram has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Why is having a good Instagram feed important?

Your Instagram feed is often people's first impression of your brand or personal account. Having an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive feed can help you stand out from the crowd and attract new followers interested in what you have to offer.

It builds your brand. Your Instagram feed is a visual representation of your brand. A cohesive, high-quality feed helps establish you as an authority in your industry or area of interest. It shows people your style and the types of photos or ideas you like to share.

More than that, a good Instagram feed also offers the following benefits:

  1. It attracts new followers. An eye-catching, polished Instagram feed makes a good first impression and is more likely to attract new followers who stumble upon your profile. They can instantly understand what you and your brand are about.
  2. It keeps existing followers engaged. Your followers signed up to see photos from you, so keep them interested and engaged with a consistent stream of great content in your feed. Don't post too infrequently, or your followers may lose interest.
  3. It drives traffic and conversions. A compelling Instagram feed, especially for businesses, helps raise brand awareness and can drive people to your website or to buy your products. Include a link in your bio and posts to direct people to shop or read more.
  4. It establishes credibility and authority. A professional, high-quality Instagram feed conveys that you know your industry, take your brand seriously, and have something valuable to share with your followers. This builds credibility and helps position you as an authority in your niche.
  5. It allows you to share your voice and personality. Your Instagram feed offers a place to share your perspectives and knowledge in a visual, humanized way. Photo captions and feedback in the comments allow you to connect on a personal level with your followers.
  6. It provides social proof. An active, engaging Instagram feed shows that real people find value in following you. For businesses especially, it demonstrates that you have a loyal customer base and social proof of your popularity or product demand. This social proof is influential for new customers and clients.

What should be the goal of my Instagram feed?

A great Instagram feed aims to showcase your brand or personality, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your website or online store.

The main goals of your Instagram feed should be:

  • To build your brand. Your Instagram feed establishes your brand identity, style, and personality. It should convey what your brand stands for and the experience you want to provide to customers or followers.
  • To engage your audience. Post eye-catching photos and captions that capture interest and spark engagement from your followers. Aim for likes, comments, shares, and conversations. Engagement is what keeps followers coming back to your profile.
  • To drive traffic and conversions. If you have a website, product, or service, your Instagram feed goals should include driving people to take the next step—click a link, make a purchase, contact you, etc. Convert followers into customers or subscribers.
  • To establish authority and credibility. Position yourself or your business as a leader in your industry. Share high-quality content that shows your expertise, passion, and unique perspective. Build trust and loyalty.
  • To gain new followers. Post content that will attract people who aren’t currently following you but would benefit from your profile. Hashtag your photos appropriately so the right people discover your feed.
  • To be visually compelling. Instagram is a visual platform. Your photos and overall aesthetic should capture attention and evoke emotion or interest in followers. Images are the way to share stories and ideas on Instagram.
  • To reflect your personality and voice. Share photos that give followers a sense of who you are—your interests, values, and what you stand for. Build a genuine connection through the personal stories and captions you post.
  • To provide value to your audience. Your overarching goal should be to create an Instagram feed that followers find helpful, inspiring, educational, or entertaining. Provide real value, and they'll keep coming back.

Focus on how to plan your instagram feed and balancing these goals, tailored to your specific brand and audience. That will ensure an Instagram feed with a purpose that resonates with followers. Consistency and authenticity are essential.

Instagram Feed Tips #1: Setting Up Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is a visual platform, and having a visually appealing feed is crucial to attracting and retaining followers. To achieve this, you must plan your content carefully and create a cohesive look and feel.

1. Choosing a theme for your feed

Choosing a theme for your Instagram feed is the first step in creating a visually appealing profile. A theme can be anything from using the same filter on all photos to following a specific color scheme or subject matter. Whatever theme you choose, ensure it aligns with your brand or personal style.

2. Creating a cohesive look and feel

Creating a cohesive look and feel for your Instagram feed means ensuring that all photos work together to create an overall aesthetic. This can be achieved by using consistent editing techniques, such as adjusting brightness or contrast, or by framing photos similarly.

3. Importance of high-quality photos

High-quality photos are essential for creating an attractive Instagram feed. Make sure that your images are clear, well-lit, and in focus. If you're struggling with taking high-quality photos, consider investing in a good camera or seeking out professional photography services.

Use Strikingly to Create Instagram-Friendly Website Landing Pages

Yes, you can use Strikingly to create Instagram-friendly website landing pages. Strikingly is a website builder that allows you to create stunning and mobile-responsive websites easily. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can design landing pages that are visually appealing and optimized for Instagram.

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Here's a step-by-step guide on creating an Instagram-friendly website landing page using Strikingly:

  1. Sign up for an account on Strikingly. Visit the Strikingly website and sign up for a free account or choose a paid plan that suits your needs.
  2. Choose a template. Strikingly offers a wide range of professionally designed templates. Browse the available templates and choose one that aligns with your vision for an Instagram-friendly landing page. Look for visually appealing templates that have ample space for images and are mobile-responsive.
  3. Customize the template. Once you've selected a template, you can start customizing it to match your branding and desired Instagram aesthetic. Use Strikingly's editor to modify your landing page's colors, fonts, and layout. Ensure the design is visually engaging and aligns with your overall Instagram presence.
  4. Add high-quality visuals. Instagram is a visual platform, so it's crucial to incorporate eye-catching images into your landing page. Use high-quality photos or graphics that are relevant to your product, service, or message. You can upload your own images or explore Strikingly's extensive library of stock photos.
  5. Optimize for mobile. Since many users access Instagram on their mobile devices, ensuring that your landing page looks great on smartphones and tablets is essential. Strikingly automatically generates mobile-responsive designs, but previewing and testing your landing page on different mobile devices is a good practice to ensure optimal display.
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  1. Include compelling copy. Craft concise and persuasive copy that communicates the value proposition of your landing page. Use engaging headlines, subheadings, and bullet points to highlight the benefits and features of your product or service. Remember that Instagram users have short attention spans, so make sure your messaging is clear and compelling.
  2. Add social media integration. Strikingly allows you to integrate your Instagram account into your landing page. Consider adding an Instagram feed or linking to your Instagram profile to increase engagement and showcase your social media presence. This can help create a seamless user experience transitioning from Instagram to your landing page.
  3. Set up a contact or signup form. If your landing page aims to capture leads or encourage user engagement, include a contact form or signup form. Strikingly provides easy-to-use form builders that allow you to collect information from visitors. Keep the form short and straightforward to maximize conversions.
  4. Optimize for speed. Instagram users expect fast-loading websites. Strikingly optimizes your landing page for performance, but you can further enhance speed by compressing images and minimizing unnecessary elements. A fast-loading landing page will provide a better user experience and increase the likelihood of conversions.
  5. Publish and share. Once satisfied with your landing page, hit the publish button to make it live. Strikingly provides you with a custom domain or the option to use a subdomain. Share the link to your landing page on your Instagram profile, in posts, or in your bio to drive traffic and engagement.

Remember to regularly analyze your landing page's performance using Strikingly's analytics tools or by integrating third-party analytics platforms. This will help you understand user behavior, optimize your page, and make data-driven improvements over time.

Following these steps, you can create an Instagram-friendly website landing page using Strikingly and enhance your online presence.

Instagram Feed Tips #2: Content Creation

Creating engaging content is key to maintaining a perfect Instagram feed.

1. Use captions

Captions are important to your content and should be thoughtfully crafted to engage your audience. Use a conversational tone and ask questions to encourage interaction. Don't forget to include relevant hashtags to help your post reach a wider audience.

2. Use hashtags effectively

Using hashtags effectively is crucial for increasing the visibility of your posts on Instagram. Research popular hashtags in your niche and use them in your posts, but don't overdo it. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but too many can make your post look spammy. Stick to 5-10 relevant hashtags per post.

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3. Check your post frequency and timing

Post frequency and timing are also essential factors in creating a successful Instagram feed. Consistency is key, so aim to post at least once a day or every other day. Experiment with different posting times to see when your audience is most active and engaged.

4. Incorporate video content

Incorporating video content into your feed can also help increase engagement and attract new followers. Try creating short, visually appealing videos that showcase your products or services in action. Use Strikingly's website builder to create landing pages that showcase these videos and link them directly from your Instagram profile.

By following these content creation tips, you'll be well on your way to creating the perfect Instagram feed that engages and attracts followers organically!

Instagram Feed Tips #3: Engaging With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is crucial to maintaining a perfect Instagram feed. Consider incorporating interactive elements on your Strikingly landing page, such as polls, quizzes, or user-generated content, to encourage audience participation and foster a sense of community.

1. Respond to comments and direct messages

Responding to comments and direct messages is an excellent way to show your followers that you value their feedback and appreciate their support. It also helps build strong relationships with your audience, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.

2. Host giveaways and contests

Hosting giveaways and contests is another great way to engage with your audience. Not only does it encourage participation, but it also generates buzz around your brand and increases visibility on the platform. Ensure the prizes are relevant to your niche and appeal to your target audience.

3. Collaborate with other Instagram accounts

Collaborating with other Instagram accounts is a powerful strategy for expanding your reach and gaining new followers. Partnering with other accounts in your niche can help you tap into their existing audiences, while also providing fresh content for both feeds.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Utilizing Instagram Stories is an effective way to engage with your audience in real-time. Use Stories to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your brand, showcase new products or services, or simply share fun and engaging content that resonates with your followers.

Instagram Feed Tips #4: Growing Your Following

One of the primary goals of having a great Instagram feed is to attract and engage with more followers. Here are some tips on how to grow your following:

1. Promoting your Instagram on other platforms

Don't limit yourself to just Instagram - promote your account on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also include a link to your Instagram in your email signature or on your website.

2. Utilizing Instagram ads

Consider investing in Instagram ads to reach a wider audience. You can target specific demographics and interests, ensuring that your content is seen by those most likely to engage with it.

3. Partnering with influencers

Collaborating with influencers in your niche can help you reach new audiences and gain more followers. Look for influencers who align with your brand values and have an engaged following.

Instagram Feed Tips #5: Analytics and Metrics

Tracking engagement and reach are crucial to understanding how well your Instagram feed is performing.

1. Use Instagram’s Built-In Analytics Tools

You can use Instagram's built-in analytics tools to track metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and followers gained or lost over time. By keeping an eye on these metrics, you can identify patterns in your audience's behavior and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

2. Understand your audience demographics

Understanding your audience demographics is also vital for crafting content that resonates with them. Instagram provides data on the age range, gender, location, and interests of your followers. By analyzing this data, you can create content that caters to their preferences and interests.

3. Identify successful and unsuccessful content

Identifying successful and unsuccessful content is another key aspect of tracking your Instagram feed's performance. Look for patterns in the types of posts that receive high engagement versus those that don't perform as well. This information can help you refine your content strategy and create more effective posts in the future.

Using data to inform future content decisions is essential for maintaining a perfect Instagram feed. Use the insights gained from tracking engagement, understanding your audience demographics, and identifying successful/unsuccessful content to plan future posts that will resonate with your followers.


Mastering the art of curating a captivating Instagram feed requires a thoughtful approach and adherence to best practices. By employing a consistent visual theme, using high-quality and engaging content, and strategically planning your posts, you can create a visually stunning and cohesive feed that captivates your audience.

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Leveraging the power of storytelling through captions and utilizing relevant hashtags can further amplify your reach and foster meaningful connections with your followers.

Additionally, engaging with your audience through comments, direct messages, and interactive features boosts engagement and cultivates a sense of community and authenticity. You can also use tools like Instagram planner to help you create better create your content.

A well-crafted Instagram feed serves as a powerful tool to showcase your brand, connect with your target audience, and leave a lasting impression in the competitive social media landscape.

If you're looking for an easy way to create Instagram-friendly website landing pages that showcase all the great content you've created for your feed then try Strikingly today!