How to Design an Eye-Catching Coming Soon Landing Page

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Are you looking to create a buzz around your upcoming product or service? Look no further than a coming soon landing page. Not only does it serve as a teaser for what's to come, but it also allows you to capture valuable leads before your launch.
In this article, we'll explore the importance of a well-designed coming soon landing page, its purpose, benefits, and the key elements needed for success.

What is a Coming Soon Landing Page?

A coming soon landing page is a temporary page used to capture visitor information for a website that is under development or about to launch. It serves several purposes:

1. It lets visitors know the website is coming soon and builds anticipation. It sets the right expectations that the full site is launching shortly.

2. It captures visitor emails and contact information so that you can notify them when the site goes live. This helps drive traffic and interest to the new site as soon as it launches.

3. It allows you to build an audience and email list before the website is ready. This means you have interested subscribers ready to engage with as soon as your site is up.

4. It keeps visitors engaged during the development process. Rather than just displaying an "Under Construction" message, a stylish coming soon page keeps people excited about what's to come.

5. It allows for pre-launch testing and optimization. You can test different versions of the coming soon page to see which drives the most email signups and interest. This helps ensure your actual website launch is as successful as possible.

Why are Coming Soon Landing Pages Important?

A coming soon landing page is crucial to any pre-launch marketing strategy. Coming soon landing pages are important for several reasons:

1. They build anticipation and excitement. A well-designed coming soon page teases the new website and gets visitors eager to see the final site. This anticipation leads to more interest and traffic when the site actually launches.

2. They capture visitor information. By collecting email addresses on the coming soon page, you build an audience you can instantly market to as soon as your site goes live. These subscribers are already interested and engaged, making them more likely to visit and convert to your new site.

3. They allow you to test and optimize. You can create multiple variations of your coming soon page to see which one gets the most email signups and buzz. Then you can apply those learnings to your website for the best launch results.

4. They keep visitors in the loop. Rather than just putting up an "Under Construction" message, a compelling coming soon page lets visitors know when your new site will launch and encourages them to return. This helps ensure you don't lose their interest during development.

5. They generate word-of-mouth marketing. An exciting coming soon page, especially when combined with a launch countdown timer, prompts visitors to spread the word about your upcoming new site. This viral buzz translates into major interest and traffic as soon as the site goes live.

6. They give you time to optimize SEO. The period between putting up your coming soon page and launching your new site gives you time to start building backlinks, optimizing page titles/meta descriptions, and improving your overall SEO. So your site will be primed for search engines as soon as it's ready to go public.

What is the Purpose of an Eye-Catching Coming Soon Landing Page?

The purpose of an eye-catching coming soon landing page is twofold: to generate excitement and capture leads. By using compelling visuals and messaging, you can create anticipation for your upcoming launch while encouraging visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for exclusive updates or early access.

1. They grab attention. A stylish, visually compelling landing page will capture visitors' interest and engage them with your content or offer. This is especially important given the short attention spans of most website visitors today.

2. They convey information quickly. An eye-catching landing page uses striking images, minimal text, and a clear layout to communicate your key message at a glance. Visitors get the essence of what you're offering right away.

3. They evoke emotion. When done well, an eye-catching landing page inspires visitors and elicits excitement, interest, and anticipation. These positive feelings make people more inclined to convert to your call-to-action.

4. They build trust. A professionally designed landing page with high-quality visuals helps establish your brand as authoritative, credible, and valuable. This trust leads to higher conversion and customer loyalty.

5. They highlight value. Captivating headlines, imagery, and minimal copy are used to instantly demonstrate the main benefit or value of your offer or product. Visitors see why it's worth their time and money.

6. They guide the visitor's journey. Eye-catching landing pages use visual cues and whitespace to create a natural flow through your content. Visitors are easily directed to your most important information and call to action. There is no confusion about what you want them to do next.

7. They are memorable. A stunning landing page sticks with visitors long after they leave your site. Your branded messaging comes to mind when they are ready to take action. This gives you a competitive advantage.

What are the Elements of a Successful Coming Soon Page?

To ensure the success of your coming soon landing page, there are several key elements that should be included:

1) A clear value proposition. Explain your new website's main value or benefit to visitors right away. Help them understand what's in it for them. This could be a captivating headline, a short message about your vision, or list of key offerings/features.

2) Eye-catching visuals. Use high-quality images, graphics, illustrations or even video to capture interest and reinforce your value proposition. Visuals are highly engaging and convey a lot of information quickly. They also give visitors a sense of your new website's style and tone.

3) A strong call-to-action. Issue a clear CTA like "Subscribe Now to Be First in Line" or "Join Our Waiting List." Make it obvious what you want visitors to do, like enter their email addresses to get notified at launch. Place your CTA prominently on the page using a button or bold text.

4) Social proof. Build credibility and trust by including links to your social media profiles, online reviews, media mentions, or customer testimonials. Seeing your brand actively engaged with happy followers and supporters reassures visitors.

5) Contact form or lead capture. Include email signup forms to capture visitor information in exchange for notifying them at launch. Promising visitors something of value in return for their email, like a special offer, helps motivate them to convert. Offer an incentive for signing up, like a coupon or content download.

6) Launch details. Be transparent about when your new website will launch by including a specific date or countdown timer. Let visitors know how they'll be notified in advance, such as by email or social media. Providing launch details helps keep people engaged and coming back to your page.

7) Information about new features. Highlight some of the main offerings or features that will be on your upcoming website. Keep descriptions brief but compelling. Giving visitors a taste of what's to come spurs their interest and anticipation.

Using some or all of these key elements on your coming soon landing page will ensure maximum interest in your new website and a successful launch. Visitors eagerly await everything you have to offer as soon as the site goes live!

But before you create your coming soon landing page, let’s start with the basics:

1. Identifying Your Target Audience

When creating a coming soon landing page, it's important to understand your target audience clearly. This will allow you to tailor your content and design to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Understanding your audience's needs

You need to understand their needs to create the best coming soon landing page for your audience. What problem are they trying to solve? What are they looking for in a product or service? By understanding their needs, you can create content that speaks directly to them and shows them how your product or service can help.

Knowing your audience's demographics

Knowing the demographics of your target audience is also crucial when designing a coming soon landing page. This includes information such as age, gender, location, and income level. By understanding these factors, you can create content and design elements that appeal specifically to them.

Analyzing your audience's behavior

Another important aspect of identifying your target audience is analyzing their behavior. This includes what websites they visit, the social media platforms they use, and how they interact with online content. By understanding their behavior patterns, you can tailor your design and content to better engage with them.

Creating a persona for your audience

To get inside your target audience's head, it can be helpful to create a persona for them. This involves giving them a name, age, job title, hobbies, and interests - essentially creating a fictional character that represents who you're trying to reach with your coming soon landing page. This persona should inform everything from the language used in the copy to the color scheme used in the design.

2. Designing the Layout

Creating an eye-catching layout is crucial for a successful coming soon landing page. You can start from scratch or use a coming soon landing page template from Strikingly.

The design should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and convey your product or service's message effectively. Here are some elements to consider when designing your layout.

Choosing a color scheme

Colors significantly impact human emotions and can influence how people perceive your brand. When choosing a color scheme for your coming soon landing page, consider the psychology behind each color and how it relates to your brand's personality. For example, blue conveys trust and professionalism, while red evokes excitement and urgency.

Selecting fonts and typography

Typography is essential in creating an aesthetically pleasing design that is easy to read. Choose fonts that are legible and complement your brand's personality. Use different font styles for headlines, subheadings, and body text to create visual hierarchy.

Using white space effectively

White space refers to the empty spaces between design elements on your page. It helps create balance, improve readability, and draw attention to essential elements such as headlines or calls-to-action (CTAs). Use white space strategically by breaking up large blocks of text or separating different sections of your page.

Creating a visually appealing design

Your coming soon landing page should have a clean and modern design that aligns with your brand's identity. Use high-quality images or graphics that relate to your product or service, but avoid cluttering the page with too many visuals that may distract from the main message.

3. Crafting the Content

Crafting the content of your coming soon landing page is crucial to its success. You want to create a sense of anticipation and excitement in your audience, while also clearly conveying the benefits of your product or service.

Writing a Compelling Headline

Your headline is the first thing that visitors will see when they arrive at your coming soon landing page, so it needs to be attention-grabbing and informative. Use strong action words and make sure it clearly communicates what your product or service is all about. For example, Get Ready for Something Big: Our Best Coming Soon Landing Page Yet!

Creating Concise and Clear Copy

The copy on your coming soon landing page should be concise and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or technical language that might confuse your audience. Instead, focus on highlighting the key features of your product or service in a clear and simple way.

Highlighting the Benefits of Your Product/Service

Make sure you highlight the benefits of your product or service throughout your coming soon landing page's copy. This will help visitors understand why they should be excited about what you're offering and how it can help them solve their problems.

Crafting a Strong Call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) is what encourages visitors to take action on your coming soon landing page, whether that's signing up for updates or pre-ordering your product/service. Make sure it's clear, concise, and prominently displayed on the page.

4. Incorporating Multimedia

Incorporating multimedia elements into your coming soon landing page can greatly enhance its visual appeal and engagement. Here are some key ways to incorporate multimedia:

Using images and graphics

Using high-quality images and graphics on your coming soon landing page can help capture the attention of your target audience. Make sure to choose images that are relevant to your product or service, and that convey the message you want to communicate.

Adding videos and animations

Videos and animations can be powerful tools for engaging your audience and showcasing the benefits of your product or service. Consider creating a short teaser video highlighting what visitors can expect from your upcoming launch.

Incorporating social media elements

Social media integration is another great way to add value to your coming soon landing page. By including social media buttons, you can encourage visitors to share information about your upcoming launch with their own networks.

Utilizing interactive features

Interactive features like quizzes, polls, and surveys can also effectively engage visitors and gather valuable feedback about their needs and preferences.

5. Optimizing for SEO

When creating a coming soon landing page, optimizing it for search engines to increase its visibility and attract more visitors is important. Here are some tips on how to research keywords:

Before creating your coming soon landing page, you should research the keywords your target audience uses to search for similar products or services. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Incorporating keywords into content

Once you have identified the relevant keywords, make sure to incorporate them into your landing page content naturally and strategically. Use them in the headline, subheadings, body copy, and call-to-action buttons. However, avoid overusing them as they may result in keyword stuffing and negatively impact your SEO.

Creating a meta description

A meta description is a brief summary of your landing page that appears in search engine results pages (SERPs). It should be compelling and include relevant keywords to entice users to click through to your page. Keep it under 155 characters and make sure it accurately reflects the content of your landing page.

Making use of alt tags

Alt tags are descriptions of images that appear when the image cannot be displayed on a webpage. They also help search engines understand the image and improve accessibility for visually impaired users. Make sure to include alt tags for all images on your coming soon landing page with relevant keywords.

6. Testing and Launching

Once you have created a coming soon landing page, it is important to test and analyze its effectiveness before launching it. A/B testing is a great way to compare different versions of your landing page and determine which one performs better.

Conducting A/B testing

To conduct A/B testing, create two versions of your landing page with different elements such as headlines, images, or call-to-action buttons. Then, randomly direct visitors to either version and track their behavior using analytics tools. This will help you determine which version is more effective in engaging your audience.

Analyzing metrics and feedback

Once you have gathered data from your A/B testing, analyze the metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, and conversion rate to understand how visitors are interacting with your landing page. Additionally, gather feedback from visitors through surveys or user testing to gain insights into their experience.

Making necessary adjustments

Based on the results of your analysis and feedback, make necessary adjustments to improve the performance of your landing page. This could include changing the layout or design elements, revising the copy or headlines, or adjusting the call-to-action.

Launching the landing page

After making any necessary adjustments based on your analysis and feedback, it's time to launch your coming soon landing page! Be sure to monitor its performance regularly and make further adjustments as needed.

Create Your Coming Soon Landing Page with Strikingly

Here are the steps to create a coming soon landing page with Strikingly:

  1. Sign up for a Strikingly account. You’ll need a valid email address and a password–just these two! You can sign up for Strikingly’s free forever plan or upgrade for more premium features.
  2. Select the "Coming Soon" template. Strikingly has templates specifically designed for coming soon landing pages. Choose one you like to get started. You can always customize the template further.
  3. Add your logo and brand colors. Upload your company logo to brand the page and set your brand colors/theme using the Style panel. Select colors and fonts that match your brand identity.
  4. Create an eye-catching headline. Add a captivating headline like "We're Launching Soon" or "The Future is Almost Here." The headline should build excitement and highlight the value of your upcoming website. Use a large font size to make it prominent.
  5. Add a custom background image or video. Select an image or video from Strikingly's media library or upload your own. An interesting background visual helps bring your page to life. Ensure any text or forms placed on the image remain easy to read.
  6. Insert a short message about your vision. Add a couple sentences describing why you're redesigning or launching the website and what visitors can expect. Share your vision to build anticipation. Keep this message enthusiastic and brief.
  7. Add social media follow buttons. Include buttons for following you on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This builds credibility and gives visitors a chance to follow you for updates leading up to launch.
  8. Insert an email signup form. Add a form for visitors to enter their email to get notified as soon as your new website goes live. Mention any incentives for signing up to increase conversions. Make the form short and simple.
  9. Preview and publish. Review how your coming soon landing page looks across devices and make any final changes needed. Then publish the page and start promoting it on your existing website and social media platforms.

Following these steps will help you create an eye-catching coming soon landing page with Strikingly that builds major buzz and captures visitor information to fuel your new website launch. Let me know if you have any other questions!

And here are a few coming soon landing page examples from Strikingly:

Avanti Coming Soon Landing Page from Strikingly
Alisa Watson Coming Soon Landing Page
Simple Splash Coming Soon Landing Page
Eric Lambert Coming Soon Landing Page Template


It’s Easy. Build Anticipation Today for Your Business!

Creating a successful coming soon landing page requires careful planning and execution. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can design a landing page that captures attention, generates leads, and builds excitement for your upcoming product or service.