16 Innovative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2023

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Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, and marketing is a crucial component towards achieving this goal.

Innovative and the best marketing ideas can help small businesses showcase their products, engage with customers, and create personalized experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Innovation Matters for Small Businesses

Innovation is essential for small businesses because it allows them to stand out from competitors and attract new customers. Here are more reasons why small businesses need to innovate in marketing their products:

1. It gives a competitive advantage. Small businesses often have limited resources and scale compared to larger competitors. Innovation in marketing can help them differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge. New marketing ideas and creative campaigns can help them attract customers despite their size.

2. It leads to growth. Innovative marketing ideas and strategies can help small businesses expand their reach, gain new customers, and boost sales. This can fuel business growth.

3. It builds brand awareness. Unique and creative marketing campaigns tend to capture attention and spread brand awareness. This can be hugely impactful for small businesses trying to establish themselves.

4. It allows them to punch above their weight. With constrained budgets, small businesses have to make an outsized impact. Innovative marketing on a small budget can allow them to achieve results that seem disproportionate to their limited resources.

5. It keeps things interesting. Continuous innovation in marketing keeps campaigns, messages, and brand experiences fresh, unique, and engaging. This holds interest and brings customers back again and again. For small businesses, this ongoing interest and engagement is essential.

6. It sets the stage for the future. An innovative spirit in a company's marketing efforts today helps cultivate a culture where continuous innovation can thrive going forward. This will serve the small business well as it evolves and scales.

It’s a fact: small businesses prioritizing innovation tend to thrive.

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Here are some tips for small businesses to stay ahead of the competition and win the race:

  • Focus on innovation. Continuously innovate your products, services, and business model. Look for ways to improve and better meet customer needs. Innovation helps differentiate you from competitors.
  • Provide great customer service. Outstanding customer service builds loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. Make sure to exceed customer expectations at every touchpoint.
  • Build a strong brand. Develop a memorable brand identity and promote it consistently across all platforms. A strong brand that resonates with your target audience can be a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Leverage technology. Using the latest tools and software can help you work smarter and more efficiently. Integrate technology in a way that improves the customer experience as well. Stay on the cutting edge.
  • Know your competitors. Monitor what your competitors are doing and look for their weak spots. Then refine your strategies to capitalize on their vulnerabilities. Offer something they don’t.
  • Focus on your people. Having a highly engaged team with strong skills and expertise is key. Invest in training and professional development to stay ahead of trends. Motivated employees will keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Be flexible and nimble. Smaller size means you can pivot quickly. Stay on top of market changes and be willing to adapt your strategies, products, and operations as needed to gain a competitive position. Burdensome bureaucracy will slow you down.
  • Build strategic partnerships. Forge alliances with other small businesses to help each other stay competitive. Partnerships can also provide new sales channels, knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and co-branding opportunities. Look for win-win relationships.
  • Consider niche markets. Targeting an underserved niche market can help avoid direct competition with larger players. Look for narrow segments that value depth of focus over scale.meeting specialized needs.
  • Provide value. The most fundamental strategy is providing superior value to your customers. Continually look for ways to overdeliver value; customers will stay loyal to you over the competition. Value is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Let’s explore some of the best marketing ideas that small businesses can implement to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality (VR) is one of the best marketing ideas for small businesses. By using VR, businesses can showcase their products in an immersive and interactive way. Customers can experience the product before buying it, increasing sales and reducing product returns.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #1: Create interactive experiences

Creating interactive experiences for customers is another innovative marketing idea that small businesses should consider. Interactive experiences can be anything from quizzes to games to virtual tours. These experiences engage customers and increase brand awareness.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #2: Host virtual events

Hosting virtual events is also a great way to use VR technology for marketing purposes. Businesses can host virtual conferences, trade shows, or product launches without needing physical space or travel expenses.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #3: Collaborate with VR developers

Collaborating with VR developers is essential for small businesses that want to successfully implement this innovative marketing idea. Finding a developer who understands the business's goals and audience and can create a custom VR experience that meets those needs is essential.

Social Media

In today's world, social media is essential to any marketing strategy. But going beyond Facebook and Instagram can be the key to reaching a wider audience. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest can help you connect with potential customers in unique ways.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #4: Going beyond Facebook and Instagram

While Facebook and Instagram are great for building brand awareness, they may not be the best platforms for driving sales. Utilizing other social media channels can help you target specific audiences and increase conversions like LinkedIn and TikTok.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #5: Engaging with customers through live videos

Live videos are a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. You can use them to showcase new products, answer customer questions, or even give a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #6: Influencer marketing

Partnering with influencers in your industry can help you reach new audiences and build credibility for your brand. By working with influencers who align with your values, you can tap into their loyal following and drive more traffic to your website.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #7: Using TikTok for marketing

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the past few years, making it an ideal platform for reaching younger audiences. By creating short-form videos that showcase your brand's personality, you can engage with potential customers in a fun and creative way.

Content Marketing

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In today's digital age, content marketing is essential to any successful marketing strategy. Creating viral content is one of the best marketing ideas to help small businesses reach a wider audience. By producing engaging and shareable content, businesses can increase their online presence and attract new customers.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #8: Develop a content strategy

Developing a content strategy is crucial for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. A well-planned strategy should include a mix of different types of content, including blog posts, infographics, and social media posts. By consistently producing high-quality content, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders and build trust with their audience.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #8: Engage in guest blogging

Guest blogging is another innovative marketing idea to help businesses expand their reach. By collaborating with other bloggers in your industry, you can tap into their audience and gain exposure for your brand. This also allows building relationships with other businesses and potentially collaborating on future projects.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #9: Utilize video content

Utilizing video content is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses looking to engage with their audience in new ways. Video allows for more creativity and personality than traditional text-based content. Small businesses can use video to showcase products or services, share behind-the-scenes footage or even create entertaining viral videos.

Customer Experience

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In today's competitive market, providing a memorable customer experience is crucial for small businesses to stand out. Here are some innovative marketing ideas that can help improve customer experience.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #10: Personalized experiences

Customers love personalized experiences, and it's a great way to make them feel special. You can personalize your marketing by using their names in emails or offering recommendations based on past purchases. Another idea is to offer customized products or services catering to their needs.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #11: Offering discounts and promotions

Discounts and promotions are always a hit with customers. You can offer discounts for first-time customers or loyalty rewards for repeat business. Limited-time offers and flash sales can also create a sense of urgency and drive sales.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #12: Gamification

Gamification is the process of adding game-like elements to non-game situations. It's an excellent way to engage customers and keep them coming back for more. You can create contests, quizzes, or challenges encouraging customers to interact with your brand.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #13: Incorporating chatbots

Chatbots are an innovative way to provide 24/7 customer service without the need for human intervention. They can answer frequently asked questions, provide product recommendations, and even process orders.

Partnership Marketing

Collaborating with other small businesses is one of the best marketing ideas for small businesses. Working together allows you to reach a wider audience and share resources to reduce costs. Look for businesses that complement your own and work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #14: Create co-branded products

Creating co-branded products is another innovative marketing idea that can help you stand out from the competition. By partnering with another business, you can create something unique that appeals to your customer base. This could be anything from a limited edition product to a special bundle deal.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #15: Host joint events

Hosting joint events is a great way to attract new customers and generate buzz around your business. Consider partnering with other small businesses in your area to host a community event or workshop. This will bring in new customers and help build relationships with other local business owners.

  • Best Marketing Ideas #16: Collaborate on social media

Sharing each other's social media platforms is an easy way to expand your reach online. Cross-promoting each other's content allows you to reach new audiences and gain more followers. Make sure to choose businesses with similar target audiences and values.

Implement Your Best Marketing Ideas with Strikingly

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Strikingly is an intuitive and user-friendly website builder that is an ideal partner for small businesses looking to implement innovative marketing ideas. With Strikingly, it is easy to create a stylish and professional website that is the foundation for your online presence. Their simple yet customizable templates, blogging features, and built-in mobile optimization provide everything you need to share your brand story, engage your audience, and turn visitors into customers.

Beyond the website itself, Strikingly offers seamless integrations with email marketing services, social channels, and ecommerce platforms so you can execute targeted campaigns, drive traffic, boost brand awareness, and increase sales. For small businesses wanting to make a big impact, Strikingly levels the playing field by giving you the tools to create stunning and results-driven marketing strategies regardless of size or budget.

Rather than cobbling together various platforms to handle your website, content, product sales, email marketing, and social media, Strikingly provides an all-in-one solution to keep your digital marketing tightly integrated under one umbrella. Their extremely reasonable and pay-as-you-go pricing means you can get started with nothing to lose and scale at your own pace. For any small business tackling the challenges of staying ahead of the competition and growing sustainably, Strikingly is your marketing partner for turning big ideas into breakthrough outcomes. Small businesses partnering with Strikingly have found their competitive advantage.

Here are some tips for implementing these business ideas using Strikingly:

1. Social media marketing

  • Create social media profiles for your business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Optimize these profiles with your branding, imagery, and messaging.
  • Build social sharing features into your Strikingly site. Include buttons to share content on various networks. Make sharing easy for visitors.
  • Post frequently on your social media profiles to engage your audience. Share blog posts, photos, news updates, and engage with followers. Cross-promote your Strikingly site.
  • Run social media contests and promotions to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Offer discounts, free products, or other prizes for participating.
  • Pay to promote key content and social posts to reach more potential customers. Target your advertising to your specific audience.
  • Start a blog on your Strikingly site. Share blog posts on topics that matter to your customers. Provide value through education, entertainment, news, tips, and more.
  • Include visual content like photos, graphics, illustrations, and videos. Images and media make for engaging social media posts and content on your website.
  • Ensure your content is mobile-friendly since most visitors will access it on their phones. Test how it displays on mobile and make necessary changes.
  • Guest post on other industry blogs and publications. This exposes you to new audiences and builds credibility as an expert in your field. Link back to your Strikingly site.

3. Provide good customer service

  • Respond quickly, politely, and professionally to all customer emails and social media messages. First impressions matter.
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you through email, social media, and your website contact form. List your contact info prominently using the Contact Form section.
  • Offer multiple support channels like email, phone, and live chat. Not all customers prefer the same method of communication.
  • Provide helpful information on your website through FAQs, knowledge bases, blogs, and video tutorials. Give customers resources to help themselves.
  • Survey your customers regularly to monitor satisfaction and look for areas of improvement. Make customer experience a priority.

4. Partnership marketing

  • Team up with complementary businesses to cross-promote to each other’s audiences. For example, offer discounts or bundles that include both companies’ products or services.
  • Strike referral partnerships where you recommend each other. Provide affiliate links, discount codes, or other ways to track referrals from the partner brand. Then share the proceeds from any sales.


Innovation is crucial for small businesses to stay competitive in today's fast-paced market. By implementing new and innovative ideas for marketing, businesses can create a unique brand identity and attract more customers.

Small businesses should not be afraid to take chances on new marketing ideas. By experimenting with different strategies and techniques, they can discover what works best for their business and build a loyal customer base.