The 10 Best Nonprofit Websites You Should Explore

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The 10 Best Nonprofit Websites You Should Explore

A strong online presence is crucial for nonprofit organizations to reach and engage with their audience. A well-designed nonprofit website can be a powerful tool for raising awareness, attracting donors, and showcasing the impact of their work. Nonprofits need to create a nonprofit website that is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and effective in conveying their mission and goals.

The Importance of Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit websites are vital in establishing credibility and trust with potential donors and supporters. They are a central hub for sharing information about the organization's cause, impact, and ongoing projects. A well-crafted nonprofit website can also help drive donations, recruit volunteers, and build long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Key Features of Successful Nonprofit Websites

Successful nonprofit websites often incorporate key features such as clear calls-to-action, compelling storytelling through visuals and content, easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, and transparent financial reporting. These elements are essential in creating an engaging user experience that motivates visitors to take action and support the organization's mission.

How to Build a Nonprofit Website

Building a nonprofit website requires careful planning and consideration of the organization's goals, target audience, branding, and desired functionality. It involves selecting the right platform or CMS (Content Management System), creating impactful visual design elements, securely integrating donation processing systems, optimizing search engines (SEO), and ensuring accessibility across different devices.

1. Charity Water

Nonprofit website: Charity Water

Image taken from Charity Water

Charity Water is a shining example of impactful nonprofit website design. Their site is visually stunning, with high-quality images and a clean, modern layout that immediately draws visitors in. Compelling storytelling and powerful visuals convey their mission and impact, creating a strong emotional connection with users.

Impactful Nonprofit Website Design

The homepage features powerful images of their work and the people they serve, instantly capturing visitors' attention. Using bold typography and vibrant colors further enhances the visual appeal, creating a memorable and engaging user experience.

Engaging User Experience

Charity Water's website provides an immersive experience through interactive elements such as scrolling animations and video backgrounds that bring their stories to life. The seamless navigation and intuitive layout make it easy for users to explore their projects, learn about their impact, and get involved in various ways.

Interactive Donation Process

The donation process on Charity Water's website is seamlessly integrated into the user experience, making it simple for visitors to contribute to their cause. Interactive features such as progress bars and real-time impact updates provide transparency and encourage ongoing support from donors.

2. Oxfam

Nonprofit Website: Oxfam

Image taken from Oxfam 

Oxfam is a prime example of a nonprofit organization with a global reach and accessibility. Their website is designed to cater to a diverse audience, with multilingual options and easy access to information for people from all walks of life.

Global Reach and Accessibility

Oxfam's website is accessible in multiple languages, ensuring that its message reaches people all around the world. The site's responsive design makes it easy to navigate on various devices, further expanding its accessibility.

User-Friendly Navigation

The user-friendly navigation on Oxfam's website allows visitors to find the information they are looking for easily. With clear menus and intuitive search functionality, users can quickly locate resources, events, and ways to get involved.


Oxfam utilizes compelling visual storytelling through impactful images and videos that showcase their work and the communities they serve. This helps create an emotional connection with visitors and encourages them to support Oxfam's mission.

3. Save the Children

Nonprofit Website: Save the Children

Image taken from Save the Children 

Save the Children is a shining example of effective call-to-action strategies on their nonprofit website. The homepage features clear and compelling calls to action, prompting visitors to donate, sponsor a child, or take action on urgent issues. Vibrant visuals and emotionally resonant messaging create a sense of urgency and compel visitors to take immediate action.

Donor engagement and retention are prioritized on the Save the Children website, with personalized donor recognition and impact updates for supporters. The organization utilizes storytelling to connect donors with the children they are helping, fostering a sense of connection and investment in the cause. By providing regular updates on how donations are making a difference, Save the Children ensures ongoing engagement from its supporters.

The nonprofit website is designed with mobile responsiveness and accessibility in mind, ensuring that users can easily navigate and engage with the site across various devices. With a growing number of people accessing websites through mobile devices, this attention to mobile usability is crucial for reaching and engaging a wider audience.

4. Doctors Without Borders

Nonprofit Website: Doctors without Borders

Image taken from Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is a shining example of nonprofit website design, with its innovative use of multimedia to engage and inform visitors. The website features compelling videos, interactive maps, and virtual reality experiences that bring their humanitarian work to life in a powerful way. This creative use of multimedia helps to create a more immersive and impactful user experience, driving home the urgent need for support and donations.

Innovative Use of Multimedia

The Doctors Without Borders website leverages the power of multimedia to tell their story in a visually captivating manner. Visitors are greeted with stunning images, engaging videos, and interactive features that showcase the organization's global impact and lifesaving work. Whether it's a virtual tour of a field hospital or a documentary-style video highlighting their medical missions, the use of multimedia on their site effectively captures attention and conveys the urgency of their mission.

Impactful Testimonials and Stories

One key element that makes the Doctors Without Borders website stand out is its impactful testimonials and stories from patients and volunteers. These real-life accounts provide a human face to the organization's work, illustrating their profound impact on individuals in crisis situations worldwide. By sharing these personal narratives, they effectively connect with visitors on an emotional level, inspiring empathy and motivating action.

Donation Transparency and Accountability

Transparency is paramount for nonprofit organizations, especially when it comes to donations. The Doctors Without Borders website provides clear information about how donations are used, where they go, and their impact on their lifesaving operations. Through detailed financial reports, donor testimonials, and real-time updates on ongoing missions, they ensure accountability and transparency every step.

5. Feeding America

Nonprofit Website: Feeding America

Image taken from Feeding America 

Feeding America's nonprofit website is a shining example of a clear mission and impact statement. Their homepage prominently displays their commitment to ending hunger and providing meals to people in need, creating a compelling call to action for potential donors. The site effectively communicates its impact through powerful visuals and statistics, making it easy for visitors to understand the organization's mission.

Clear Mission and Impact Statement

Feeding America's nonprofit website features a clear mission and impact statement that resonates with visitors. The homepage boldly states their goal of ending hunger in America, accompanied by impactful images of individuals benefiting from their programs. This strong messaging creates an emotional connection with potential donors, inspiring them to take action and support the cause.

Volunteer and Supporter Opportunities

Feeding America's website provides ample opportunities for volunteers and supporters to get involved. Through dedicated sections on the site, visitors can easily find information on how to volunteer at local food banks, organize fundraisers, or donate directly to the organization. The user-friendly layout ensures that individuals interested in contributing their time or resources can easily navigate the site and find relevant opportunities.

Community Engagement and Local Impact

Feeding America's nonprofit website emphasizes community engagement and local impact, showcasing the organization's efforts across various regions. The site features success stories from different communities, highlighting the tangible difference that donations make in people's lives. Focusing on local impact, Feeding America effectively connects with supporters who want to see meaningful change in their neighborhoods.

6. Make-A-Wish Foundation

Nonprofit Website: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Image taken from Make-A-Wish Foundation 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a prime example of how to create a nonprofit website that effectively engages donors and supporters. With personalized donor recognition, the foundation acknowledges the invaluable contributions of its supporters, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty. By featuring emotional and inspirational content on their website, Make-A-Wish taps into the hearts of visitors, compelling them to take action and support their cause. Empowering donor stories further strengthens the connection between the organization and its supporters, showcasing the real impact of their donations.

In addition to personalized donor recognition, emotional content, and empowering donor stories, Make-A-Wish also utilizes captivating visuals to convey the impact of their work. Through powerful imagery and heartfelt testimonials, they create an immersive experience that resonates with visitors on a deep emotional level. This approach drives engagement and encourages individuals to become active participants in fulfilling wishes for children with critical illnesses.

To build a nonprofit website like the Make-A-Wish Foundation's, it's essential to prioritize storytelling that evokes empathy and compassion while highlighting the transformative power of charitable giving. By incorporating these elements into your nonprofit website design, you can effectively connect with your audience and inspire them to support your organization's mission.


Nonprofit Website: UNICEF

Image taken from UNICEF 

UNICEF understands the importance of data privacy and security when it comes to their nonprofit website. With sensitive information being shared, they prioritize protecting donor and user data, ensuring a safe and secure online environment for all visitors.

Data Privacy and Security

UNICEF's commitment to data privacy and security is evident in their robust encryption measures, secure payment gateways, and strict adherence to data protection regulations. By implementing these measures, they build trust with donors and users, encouraging greater engagement and support for their initiatives.

Resourceful Fundraising Events

UNICEF excels at organizing resourceful fundraising events that raise vital funds and engage supporters in meaningful ways. From virtual galas to community-based initiatives, they create opportunities for people to come together to support their cause, leveraging their nonprofit website as a central hub for event information and registration.

Partner and Sponsor Recognition

UNICEF's nonprofit website effectively showcases the impactful partnerships and sponsorships that drive their work forward. Through dedicated sections highlighting these collaborations, they recognize their partners' invaluable contributions while inspiring other potential sponsors to join forces with them in making a difference.


Nonprofit Website: ACLU

Image taken from ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is known for its effective advocacy and awareness campaigns, making its nonprofit website a powerful tool for social change. The ACLU website engages visitors in important civil rights issues with compelling storytelling and impactful visuals, driving support and action.

Effective Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

The ACLU's nonprofit website effectively showcases its advocacy and awareness campaigns, highlighting pressing civil rights issues and inspiring visitors to take action. The website emotionally connects supporters through powerful storytelling and compelling visuals, driving engagement and support for their cause.

Legal and Policy Resource Hub

As a legal and policy resource hub, the ACLU's nonprofit website provides valuable information on civil rights issues, legal cases, and policy updates. Visitors can access comprehensive resources on important legal matters, empowering them with the knowledge to advocate for justice and equality.

Actionable Volunteer Opportunities

The ACLU's nonprofit website offers actionable volunteer opportunities for individuals looking to contribute to their cause. From organizing events to participating in advocacy efforts, the website provides clear pathways for supporters to get involved in meaningful ways.

9. Wikimedia Foundation

Nonprofit Website: Wikimedia Foundation

Image taken from Wikimedia Foundation 

The Wikimedia Foundation is a prime example of successful nonprofit website design, with its innovative crowdsourced content creation model. The website fosters community and inclusivity by allowing users to contribute and edit content, making it a valuable resource for information seekers and contributors. The platform's user-friendly interface and collaborative nature make it an ideal model for other nonprofit organizations looking to create an engaging and interactive website.

Crowdsourced Content Creation

The Wikimedia Foundation's approach to crowdsourced content creation sets it apart from other nonprofit websites, as it empowers users to actively share knowledge. This unique model not only ensures a diverse range of perspectives but also fosters a sense of ownership among contributors, making the platform more dynamic and inclusive.

Transparent Financial Reporting

With a commitment to transparency, the Wikimedia Foundation provides detailed financial reports on its website, offering donors and supporters insight into how their contributions are utilized. This level of openness builds trust and credibility, which is essential for any nonprofit organization seeking to establish long-term relationships with donors and stakeholders.

Sustainable Development and Growth

The sustainable development and growth of the Wikimedia Foundation are evident through its continuous efforts to expand its reach and impact globally. By constantly evolving its platform to meet the changing needs of users, the organization ensures that it remains relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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Strikingly Website Builder for Nonprofit Organizations

Creating a successful nonprofit website requires careful planning and consideration of key features such as engaging user experience, impactful storytelling, and effective call-to-action strategies. It's crucial to utilize a website builder specifically designed for nonprofit organizations, such as Strikingly, to ensure that your website is equipped with the necessary tools for donor engagement and retention. Organizations can effectively communicate their mission and impact to a wider audience by building a strong online presence for nonprofits.

Strikingly: Website Builder for NonProfits

Strikingly Landing Page

Strikingly is a website builder well-suited for nonprofit organizations due to its ease of use, affordability, and nonprofit-specific features. Here are some of the reasons why Strikingly is a good choice for nonprofits:

  • Ease of use. Strikingly is a drag-and-drop website builder, meaning you can create a website without any coding experience. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, so you can easily get started and create a professional-looking website quickly.
  • Affordability. Strikingly offers a free plan that includes all the basic features you need to create a nonprofit website. You can also upgrade to a paid plan for more features like custom domains, eCommerce, and SEO tools.
  • Nonprofit-specific features. Strikingly offers several features that are specifically designed for nonprofit organizations, such as:
  • Donation buttons. You can easily add donation buttons to your website to make donating to your cause easy.
Stop Hunger NonProfit Website Template from Strikingly

Stop Hunger NonProfit Website Template from Strikingly

  • Cause pages. Create dedicated pages to showcase your organization's mission, impact, and success stories.
  • Volunteer signups. Allow potential volunteers to sign up directly through your website.
  • Event listings. Promote upcoming events and fundraisers on your website.

In addition to these features, Strikingly also offers a 25% discount on its paid plans for nonprofit organizations.

Overall, Strikingly is a great option for nonprofit organizations that need a website that is easy to use, affordable, and has all the features they need to promote their cause and raise money.

Here are some additional benefits of using Strikingly for nonprofit organizations:

  1. Mobile-friendly websites. Strikingly websites are mobile-friendly, so your website will look great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  2. SEO tools. Strikingly offers a number of SEO tools to help you improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  3. 24/7 customer support. Strikingly offers 24/7 customer support, so you can always get help if you need it.
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Strikingly's 24/7 Customer Support

If you are considering using Strikingly to create a website for your nonprofit organization, I encourage you to sign up for a free account and try it out for yourself. I think you'll be impressed with how easy it is to use and how great your website looks.

Building a Strong Online Presence for Nonprofits

Building a strong online presence for nonprofits involves leveraging social media platforms, creating compelling content that resonates with supporters, and utilizing digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. By establishing an engaging online presence, nonprofits can effectively communicate their mission and impact while driving support from donors and volunteers.

GoGreen NonProfit Website Template from Strikingly

GoGreen NonProfit Website Template from Strikingly

By following best practices in nonprofit website design, utilizing specialized tools like Strikingly's website builder for nonprofits, and focusing on building a strong online presence through digital marketing efforts, organizations can create impactful websites that effectively communicate their mission and drive donor support.

What are you waiting for? Create website for nonprofit organization today with Strikingly.