things to learn in buying wholesale clothing

When you open a boutique, its success or failure isn’t just determined by the marketing strategies. Moreover, it is determined by how your customers buy wholesale clothing from your store. When website owners prioritize their boutique website, numerous factors are involved, such as the trends, pricing strategies, and the quality of customer service. These factors make your store unique and help you survive in this competitive industry. Nothing is more beautiful if you create a stable position for yourself in this digitized world.

If you are a boutique owner, you can have your respective reasons for that. You may know how to provide quality customer service. When we talk about buying wholesale clothing for your boutique, you must keep customer preferences in mind. You must have an idea about your branding strategies. If you can do these tasks effectively, you will create an excellent online presence for your business and make loads of revenue.

Places to Consider for Wholesale Clothing

1) Gift Markets

If you understand wholesale trends, you will have an idea about gift markets. Gift markets enable you to directly converse with vendors and wholesale clothing suppliers. You can review the product quality, look into the fabric, and negotiate one-on-one with a particular person. Moreover, you get to know about how vendors assemble the products. How they display the products gives an idea about the style trends. You can take all these ideas to your retail shop and create modifications to it.

gift market ideas

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In these markets, you can identify many temporary booth sections. These sections include shoes, gifts, apparel, etc. There is a chance that you will get a good clothing supplier as well. Another thing to consider in this category is the showrooms. Showroom owners can create a combination of three to four brands in their outlets. This is a way in which brands can make their way into the target market without investing anything in the security deposits and obtaining a unique outlet for their business plans in that area.

2) Buy Wholesale Online

Rather than going to the marketplaces and talking to the potential vendors directly, you can do everything in your house from the comfort of your sofa. You will understand how to buy wholesale clothing online on a fully-functional website. Popular platforms, such as Tundra, Fashion Go, and OrangeShine are very much known in the market for selling clothes. All of these marketplaces sell different types of clothes. You can check the websites and determine which sits best with your boutique.

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As a marketing person, you can create different customer segments and allow these websites to serve those segments individually. Not all customer segments need to fall in love with the wholesale idea. Some of them can be critical of one or two things. As an entrepreneur, you must not take criticism lightly and take all the criticism from them in a suitable manner. If we talk about happy customers, you must do more so they can repeatedly return to your clothing website.

3) Boutique Hub

Wholesale fashion is always there in the United States. You can buy wholesale clothing at the Boutique Hub if you have a boutique in that country. The Boutique Hub creates a partnership with more than 750 brands from different parts of the world, all willing to invest in boutiques. If you plan on visiting the hub, you will visualize the pieces of this brand and look into its founders and web designers respectively.

The Boutique Hub’s groups and communities consistently share line sheets, videos, and new product launches. If you have become a hub member, it will be easy for you to talk about personal terms and implement pricing strategies per the brand owners' demands. This is ideal for identifying the best possible deals for your clothing platform.

Strategies to Attain Wholesale Suppliers

1) Gather Contacts

Once you have made your mind up regarding the business niche, you now prioritize building your contact list. The most common thing professionals do is to create a list of wholesale clothing suppliers. The cohesive directory of your supplier must include personal details, such as full name, email address, contact numbers, and social media platforms. You can create a detailed contact list with minimum information regarding the purchase order requirements for each transaction, the manufacturing partners you are interested in, and the areas where they primarily supply the products.

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The best way to start your contact list is by including personal information initially. You must always show honesty when you talk about the wholesale supplier. You must tell them all the details you need and what they can expect from you in return. You can allow your suppliers to fill up all the details through the contact form available on your Strikingly website.

2) Widen Your Network

If you have to maintain the standards of your business model, you must be active consistently. A business model can only succeed if you establish a strong foundation. The best way to create a foundation is by widening your network. You don’t just relax and feel that clients will come to you in a matter of time. Instead, you should never shy away from interacting with them directly. This is an essential step because, as a businessman, you would want to have the best possible wholesale clothing supplier at your disposal.

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When you have a network of trustworthy clients, you can find a wholesale supplier without investing too much time and money. You must participate in different online forums that share your business niche or ideas. This will help you get adequate and free information once you need it for your business. You can even get solid advice from those marketing people with the same business niche.

Tips to Negotiate With Wholesale Supplier

1) Build Relationships

The first step of buying wholesale clothing from anyone is to establish a strong relationship with them. If suppliers feel you are just part of a huge list of random customers, they will offer you the recommended or the best deals. You must embrace them as a relative or a friend, so they can provide special discounts, payment terms, and leverages to you. You must appreciate their business plan and respect their means of communication. You can ask them how their business is doing and tell them that you look forward to establishing a good relationship with them.

If you want a quality wholesale supplier, you must behave like the customer that you expect at your boutique. Every marketing person has a specific chunk of customers they don’t like dealing with. If you become that type of customer, it won’t bode well for the long-term growth of your business.

2) Timely Payments

Once you have negotiated the payment terms with your wholesale clothing supplier, it is vital that you make changes at the last minute, which could frustrate them. Payment is something that people don’t take seriously because of its obviousness, but you shouldn’t ignore its importance at all costs. Per your agreement with the supplier, you must make your payments on time. This will help you be in a position where you can get leniency from them in the future.

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When you get a discount from your supplier without even needing to ask, it means that you are doing well in your business plan. Strikingly provides multiple payment gateways for the acceptance or delivery of payments. PayPal is the most common payment gateway involved in not just Strikingly but almost all website-building platforms worldwide. However, Strikingly also provides Stripe, Skrill, and offline payment methods to go with it.

3) Always Ask

We were taught during our school days that even if the question is out of the box, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask the teacher. The same concept applies to business as you must find concessions at every opportunity. If it is unlikely that an individual will give you a lower price in wholesale clothing, it is never wrong to ask about it. You shouldn’t think that if your question isn’t answered correctly, your client relationship will turn sour.

If you are collaborating with a client for a long time, you can talk about your credentials, i.e., working experience and ability to send payments on time. If your working history is wrong, that might be enough to convince them to hand out low prices to you.


If you want to buy wholesale clothing online, you can look into the websites and wholesales in the clothing industry on the Internet. Some wholesalers tend to create their websites rather than selling products to other eCommerce websites.

You must establish a fully-functional website on Strikingly to succeed in your clothing business. You can customize one of our given website templates per your clothing niche and add all relevant content. You can add quality photographs to showcase your clothing products and even include a blog section to tell the audience about your experience using it. If you have identified problems in building your website, you can interact with our Happiness Officers without any second thoughts. So, create a quality business website and embrace your customers effectively.