Starting a business is an exciting yet challenging prospect. One never really knows for sure whether a venture will take off or not. There are so many hard decisions to be made and you want to maximize your spending especially at a stage when you’re literally seeing money walking out your door and not coming back anytime soon. You know it’s all necessary expense but if you can cut down costs on say, free web design software or affordable digital marketing solutions, you know you would grab any chance you get.

free web design software

Web page design software enables startups and entrepreneurs to build their online presence at a significantly lower cost. Using this platform, you can create professional-looking websites and online stores without the need to learn code or website design. All you need is engaging content and some choice visuals to attract your target market and you’re all set.

Many companies offer free web design software with these basic capabilities. Every one of them promises a smooth set up process that will only take a few minutes. But to help you narrow down your choices and find the best free web design software suited to your needs, here are a few more things you should look for.

Simple interface

Ease of use is one of the promises every webpage design software makes but what makes a user-friendly interface can be quite subjective. When you’re looking at website builders, opt for those that have a site editor that’s easy to understand. You don’t want to have to spend a long time trying to figure out how to work the drag and drop feature and make your content fit into the sections. Strikingly, for instance, features a site editor that allows you to add your content directly onto the page to make it easy for you to visualize how your page will look like. You can also switch to mobile view to see how the different parts of your text and images would render in a narrower and smaller screen size.

The best website builder shouldn’t make you think too much about getting started. You should be able to figure it out as soon as you see the site editor.

Growth potential

You’re starting a business with strong, sound goals and objectives so you’re also working on the assumption that your venture will grow eventually. Your free webpage design software should have the capability to grow with you as your business scales up.

free web design software

It’s understandable to start small when building a website. Having supported different types of brands and individuals on their website projects before, we’ve seen business owners start off with a free account and then work their way up to a paid account once their brand starts growing. On your journey to building a full-featured website, you want to make sure that your free webpage design software can support the additional sections and functions that you will want to get for your site in the future. Growth potential is an important thing because you don’t want to find yourself having to migrate your website to a different platform a few years down the road because your web design software cannot support you.

Here at Strikingly, our team is always at work trying to find new ways to create new features and website templates for the many individuals and businesses managing their sites through our platform. We bring capabilities to brands, growing with your website to create a future-proof platform. Most of the new features and templates we introduce are products of feedback from our users through our Idea Forum. One can say Strikingly is a collaboration of different ideas from our team of world class developers and the people who build websites on our platform.