Want to drive traffic to your Strikingly site, get to know your audience better? We hear you. We’re now announcing an update to the Strikingly iOS app, for you to easily manage your website on the go. The central belief of Strikingly is to “build from mobile.” We consider the appearance of each Strikingly template on mobile devices at the very start of the design process, instead of trying to cram desktop designs onto smaller screens as an afterthought. With smartphone penetration reaching higher than 70% in American, Asian, and European markets, optimizing the mobile viewing experience becomes increasingly necessary. Click here to download the app from the App Store.

Earlier this year, we released a metrics dashboard on the desktop site for our users to quickly visualize data on how much traffic their site is getting, and where it’s coming from. After receiving positive feedback on that from a lot of users, we decided to push those analytics to the mobile app, so that site owners can easily check how their site is doing, right on their phones. Let us show you the many things you can do with the app.

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Get to know your audience with our beautiful metrics dashboard: where your readers come from, how they discovered your site, and the devices they’re using.

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The updated activity timeline shows you the, letting you see how your traffic grows, and even letting you know where the form submissions and clicks are coming from.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 30 2014 15 45 18 570x1011 u7wsht

Communicate with your audience, and reply to the e-mails you’ve received on your Strikingly site.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 1 2014 16 36 47 570x1011 idy7xz

Love checking out one-pagers? Check out our Site of the Day and feast your eyes upon upcoming events, initiatives, and businesses, all around the world. To learn more about the app, check out the iOS app info page, or download directly from the App Store. We’re looking forward to adding even more functionality to this site – like editing your page, or integrating it with other features. If you’re an Android user, stay tuned for our Android app coming soon. Subscribe to our mailing list with the banner on top to receive our latest updates. Have an awesome idea? Let us know in the comments below, or by an email.