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The bigger your business, the more complexities it will have. Initially, you will conduct some business operations by yourself, such as administration, customer service, and market. As your business grows its reputation, you will welcome other members as part of your business. However, there will come the point when you realize that not all businesses can be conducted by human beings.

Fortunately for all the business owners, we live in a period of innovative technology which comes to help us and our respective businesses. You don’t need to worry too much about the processes that are not in your control. We have the Order Management System (OMS) to ensure that your company’s logistics gets carried out efficiently. Before we look into the benefits of order processing and strategies for a good system, we will look into the definition of the order system.

What is the System for Managing Orders?

For those who want to know what is order management system, it is a system or software that gives you a platform to conduct your organization’s logistical operations. ECommerce logistics enable you to complete your deliveries efficiently. The procedure involves order tracking, the number of products in the warehouse, and the return of goods.

Before using the system, you must have a strong grip on Microsoft Excel to record all the details of your company’s logistical procedure. Using Microsoft Excel can be classified as a great idea, but the complexities within your logistical process will only make your organization verify more and more goods. As a result of more verifications, there are increased chances of human error. Hence, slight negligence from you can result in decreased customer satisfaction.

As a result of its innovativeness, the order system has been used by many eCommerce platforms worldwide. By using this system, you can save time and prioritize it over other more important things to serve your customers properly.

Benefits of Managing Orders

The ordering system makes life very easy for you as a business owner. It makes it easy to preserve time and improve upon external aspects to ensure that your eCommerce sales get a boost. To help you further, we have shared some of the benefits of managing orders with an order system.

1. Improved Sales Record

Nowadays, businesses are conducted via various eCommerce channels. Business owners create unique marketing plans to improve their sales volume. Through various marketing channels will mean that your sales data will become highly complex. You would soon realize that you are not just shipping 10 or 20 products; you are shipping 100 products.

Having a high number of sales can be quite tricky to come up with accurate sales data of eCommerce order processing. The order management system will enable you to transform all of the marketing channels into one channel. You will be able to collect all of the sales recaps from multiple channels on your order system and use them accordingly.

2. Improved Inventory Management

An order management system will help collect all of the sales data. You can also collect the data of the items present in your warehouse. This will help you understand clearly whether the prescribed product is out of stock or overstock.

3. Complete Order Summary

The delivery procedure is one of the key aspects of generating a positive perspective from the customers. If your delivery process is incomplete or unprofessional, it will result in bad product or service reviews, which can harm your business’ reputation.

If you want to understand what is order management, you must know the importance of conducting deliveries properly. There is no guarantee that all of the delivered goods will be received well by your customers. Some people would be happy with your service, whereas some would want to send the item back and ask for a refund or a replacement. This is where not having an order summary can cost you big time. You would have no idea about the number of orders reviewed or the stock status within your warehouse. The ordering system will enable you to have the complete details of the items present in the warehouse and the orders reviewed by the admin panel.

complete order summary

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly has now given you the chance of conducting orders efficiently. On your website platform, you can check your new editor menu. There, you will see that your website’s order list is surfaced within no time. You can visualize the number of orders reviewed and the total revenue generated within just a single glance.

Strategies to Find a Good System for Managing Orders

After knowing about all the benefits of an order system, it might be vital to integrate the system into your working plans. Before using the system, there was no customized order system for any kind of business. Your system will depend upon the goals and objectives that you set. Let’s look into the key strategies for you to find a good system for managing orders.

1. Decide Upon your Business Objectives

As you have seen with all the other business procedures, you can choose the correct order system by setting your goals and objectives. You can create a communication channel with your stakeholders, colleagues, partners, and suppliers. It is crucial to have a professional email address in this regard. Having good communication with your partners can be beneficial in going through the order management process.

In your business objectives, you can talk about the functionalities that you need. It can be possible that you just need the order system for tracking purposes or for a sales recap.

2. Make a Business Proposal

After you completely understand your goals and objectives, you must create a proposal that enlists all of them clearly. Defining the goals in a proposal is crucial for the long-term planning of your business. It will be pivotal for you to manage orders properly and collaborate with order management system service providers.

3. Search for Vendors

Once you have the proposal in your hands, you can prioritize the right vendors via an effective keyword strategy. These keywords will be brought to you from the goals and objectives you set in your created proposal. This will also help you eliminate the order management processes that do not coincide with your established goals.

When you are looking for the right vendor, you must undergo the following plan:

  • Make sure that all of your sales channels fit within your order system
  • Make sure that your order management brings a change to your supply chain.
  • You must be aware of the type of reports your system is generating. Moreover, it should provide input with real-time data.
  • Your order system must be able to accept multiple payment methods or multiple currencies.

strikingly multiple currencies

Image taken from Strikingly

  • Make sure that your order system is flexible enough to keep up with the innovations within your organization.
  • You must decide your working hours (whether your service will be 24/7 or just for a selected number of hours).

Managing Orders on Strikingly iOS Application

Strikingly provides you an opportunity to manage orders via the Strikingly iOS app. Through the iOS app, you can conduct the following functionalities:

  • Monitor pending orders and total orders received
  • Monitor the statuses of orders and their complete details
  • Convert the pending order to a completed or refunded order
  • In case of refunding, put the label of refund to a pending or completed order

Firstly, to conduct an order management process with the Strikingly iOS app, you have to log in using your email ID and password. Eventually, you will see a list of websites associated with your account. Make sure to identify the Simple Store setup and click on the “Manage Orders” option.

manage an order

Image taken from Strikingly iOS app

  1. When a customer wants to buy a product, he/she will put an order, which will come in the form of a notification on your app.
  2. The order will come in the category of “Pending” in the order manager.
  3. For completing the order, you must go to the “Pending” orders list, check the details and click on the “Complete Order” option.
  4. This will send an email notification to your customer, making him/her know that the order is processed completely.
  5. Now, the order belongs to the “Completed” list.

complete an order

Image taken from Strikingly iOS app

The Strikingly iOS app store also gives you an option of refunding orders. The guideline for refunding is as follows:

  1. To refund, go to the order that you want to refund.
  2. Click on the “More” option and then click on the “Refund” button.
  3. This will ensure the restocking of the items once the refund is issued.
  4. An email will be sent to the customer, and the refunding will be completed within five working days.
  5. Once the process is completed, the order will move to the “Cancelled” list. You must know that refunds can’t be reversed.

refund an order

Image taken from Strikingly iOS app

Strikingly allows you to integrate the order management system into your platform. Through online payment systems, you will receive payments from various sources and multiple currencies. Strikingly makes it easy for you to manage orders via an appropriate management system. Are you looking forward to boosting your eCommerce sales? Make sure to start building your websites with Strikingly now.