impact of infographics on your business plans

In the marketing trends, there are numerous things that a digital marketing specialist must perform daily. Recently, marketing people have understood how to make an infographic and integrate it as part of their website. The influence of infographics has come entirely out of the blue and seems very effective in the digital industry nowadays. Many companies and organizations seem to like this idea, and feel that it can be used to catch viewers’ attention instantly.

In today’s fast-paced period, individuals are enriched with chunks of information on the Internet. Therefore, attention spans are almost decreasing daily. You will find a lot of content on the Internet without any structure for reporting or analysis. It could become a time-consuming process if people start navigating all the content and statistics on the Internet on an excel sheet. The information must catch viewers' attention instantly, and the images are a perfect way of doing that. You can create quality images with compelling color combinations to satisfy your audience.

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are the combination of words, i.e., information and graphics. It provides information to your viewers about a specific topic with the inclusion of graphics. It is the visual representation of your website content or data. It contains different types of content, such as images, charts, and pragmatic text. If you look at the infographic samples on the Internet, you will find most of them eye-catching as they can convey information quickly.

an infographic example
In today’s competitive market, communication is the best way of bringing credibility to your business plans, and you will find many Infographic samples doing just that. They catch the viewer's attention and don't let it go. The more attractive your images are, the more viewers will come to your platform. It is important to note that your images do more than just entertain and engage. They should give a detailed overview of the materials that are displayed on your website. By getting the most information in a limited amount of time, your viewers will be able to come out of your website feeling satisfied.

Reasons to Use Infographic

1) Get Audience Attention

As we have said before, the best infographics are the ones that put your audience at the edge of their seats. We are all visual creatures, and a strong image or graphic instantly hits the brain’s optic nerve. Even though plain text would also be able to provide your information differently, it will take away a lot of time. By capturing your audience’s attention and engaging them throughout your infographic, you will give a boost to your customer satisfaction score.

There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression and that is something that is on the lips of every marketing person in the world right now. They try to instantly capture their audience’s hearts rather than repairing their image after not giving them a good first impression. As a marketing person, you should know that it may take years to build your image, but it takes seconds to diminish it completely. If your included infographic is not good enough, not only will your audience be disappointed by you, but they will ignore looking into the entirety of your website content.

2) Interpretation

Another thing about the best infographics is that it makes the most complicated text look easy. A quality image will always be worth a thousand words, and that’s the approach you must always have while developing an infographic. In a small space, your infographic will be able to cover the entirety of your facts and figures. Content structure is extremely important regardless of whether it is plain text or an infographic.

An infographic takes hold of vital data and figures and understandably organizes them. When you demonstrate your knowledge, it shouldn’t just be about the number of lines you can write. It also includes graphs, bars, pie charts, and other graphical forms of data. By going with the graphical representation, you will be able to market your business effectively.

3) SEO

Apart from its visual representation, you will find many infographic examples on the Internet that evolve according to their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Many website owners include infographics on their websites to increase their platform's attraction. However, your website can only be attractive if the viewers recognize it; this is where SEO strategies are essential. Including an infographic on your website or your social media platform produces backlinks that are important for your SEO plans.

strikingly seo checklist
Image taken from Strikingly

If your infographic is included on your Strikingly, there are many reasons for you to be optimistic about it because we help our users implement SEO strategies. We provide our users with an SEO checklist, which allows them underline all the crucial website components from an SEO perspective. If you upgrade your subscription plans, you will see an improved version of the SEO checklist on Strikingly.

Best Ways to Create an Infographic

1) Research on Topic

If you want to know how to make an infographic, you must understand that it all starts with the research of your topic. You cannot make infographics without doing homework from the start. It is similar to how you create a blog. In your infographic, you can talk about many things regarding your business plan. However, it is important to create a list of all the important points which should be conveyed in the form of information to your customers.

research on topic
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

There are no rules and regulations regarding your infographic plans, but creating one image per topic is common. Adding all your business ideas in one image can also confuse your viewers. As a marketing person, you must decide on your first topic and build from there. If you add facts and figures to your infographic, it will increase the credibility of your content. Most importantly, you should only research things that are relevant to your topic rather than including unnecessary items in your image.

2) Outline of Information

After doing the research, you must have an idea about what your critical points are. If you look at the best infographics, they tend to create sections in which information is provided accurately. Once you are done with your research, the next step you must prioritize is outlining your gathered data. The organization plays a huge role in your content strategy because it comprehensively looks at your data.

outline the information
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Organized content will be much more enjoyable to go through. Your content must have a good train of thought. If you are struggling with outlining your data, there are numerous examples for you to consider on the Internet. You can check out how they separate the gathered information. You should also remember that there is not just one way to make an infographic because it all depends upon the topic you are specifying.

3) Create a Layout

Once you are done with the data outline, you can start creating some sketches. When you surf the Internet, you will find thousands of infographic examples in which wonderful sketches have been drawn, and they catch the audience's attention on the spot. It is important to bring your creative side into play and start converting your plans into sketches. When you develop your infographics, you shouldn’t just create a copy of what you visualize.

You shouldn’t just sit in your comfort zone as a marketing person. By having this approach, your business will become stagnant, and it will never evolve. Therefore, you should come out of your comfort zone and explore different ideas that are appropriate in the representation of your topic. Numerous online resources and tools are available to create the best possible infographic for your business ideas.

Add Infographics on Strikingly Website

Once you have understood how to make an infographic, you shouldn’t hesitate and develop one for your business plan. The best thing for its representation is to include it in one of your blogs. If you don’t have a blog, now is the time to write one. Make sure you create a blog website on Strikingly and include infographics in your respective blogs once you have finished writing.

Before you add your infographic, you must look at its dimensions carefully. You have to make sure that your infographic has a width of 800 to 1,000 pixels. Siege Media’s Embed Code Generator will help you create an embed code that will allow you to share your infographic on your Strikingly website. If you want to add the custom code to your Strikingly website, make sure that you go through the following steps:

  1. Go to Strikingly website editor and click on “Add New Section”
  2. Click on “App Store and HTML”
  3. Click on “Edit” when the new section is created before heading over to “HTML”
  4. Copy and paste your embed code and click on “Save”

custom code section
Image taken from Strikingly


In today’s online world, there are multiple ways to present data and the influence of an infographic is one of them. People now understand how to make an infographic as it doesn’t only bring their creative side to the floor, it also helps them convey their business ideas pragmatically.

If you have created an infographic but don’t have any idea about making the best out of it, don’t think twice and develop a fully-functional website on Strikingly. When your viewers come to your blogs, you cannot expect them to be satisfied by just going through your content paragraphs. By adding an infographic, you can make your blogs attractive. By establishing a fantastic blog website on Strikingly and writing quality blogs, you can add to their attraction by including infographics.