Fitness is an essential element in human lives. Now that we are still facing a pandemic, keeping ourselves healthy is a must.

A balanced and healthy lifestyle can now be easily achieved anywhere we are through the internet. We can find tons of tips and guidelines on keeping ourselves healthy in just a few clicks. For those who want to save money, there are massive information and even video tutorials uploaded online to give people an idea of how to maintain their fitness more cheaply and easily.


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Despite all of the materials we can now easily access online to keep fit, more is needed. No matter how many likes and shares an article or video gets from the online audience, it still does not guarantee legitimacy without the guidance of a professional.

How to Start a Fitness Business

If you are a professional in the field of fitness, here are some helpful ways to start your own fitness business and ace your career.


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1. Pick Your Niche

Starting a fitness business is a broad subject. It does not only revolve around dieting or exercising. As a professional who wants to establish a solid online presence, picking a niche is a must. You must know what you can do and offer to the clients that will make them choose you among the other fitness professionals in the online world. Before starting a fitness business, you must first figure out your goals. When you master the art of how to start a fitness business, the initial step is establishing a specialty in which you will engage yourself.

  • What specific fitness services do you like to offer?
  • What kind of online fitness business do you want to start?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Do you want to become a personal online trainer?
  • How much would your services cost?
  • Are your skills enough to offer such services?
  • Would you like to expand your fitness business after a few years?

2. Create a Plan

Once you have figured out what you truly want, you can start a fitness business plan. Learning how to create a fitness business plan means equipping yourself with a professional document outlining the essential details of your fitness business. You can start your own fitness business plan by listing your possible brand name, vision, mission, strategic marketing plans, and long-term goals.

You can also add other fitness business ideas like the equipment you will be using in your gyms, the scheduling for your client training, how you will offer membership, rent details, how many people you will accommodate, your insurance information, and even your future staff’s wages. This step includes picking your business structure from sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, partnership, etc. In general, a business plan will summarize what your business is that you will need when you start a fitness business.

3. Find A Place

Another tip you need to learn before you start a fitness business is choosing the right place. Finding the best place to create your fitness business is crucial to your business’s future. Not only can it give you a sense of ownership with a company you enjoy, but also, it will make you look more professional to your target audience.

There are a lot of fitness professionals who started with a small space before they managed to upgrade their fitness facilities. If you plan to have a physical gym, find a place your future clients can quickly go to. Take important note of the rent details and the location of your target place. It must be accessible and safe not just for you but also for your employees and clients. If you plan on starting a fitness business that is mainly home-based, find a spot to shoot your videos well. Pick a hole in your house or a room with enough light and soundproofing. Choosing the best place to start a fitness business can save you from encountering problems and interruptions during your client sessions.

4. Add a Clear Payment Process

The payment process is another idea you must consider when learning how to start a fitness business. Every client has their preferred way of doing their transactions. Some wish to do it the traditional way, while some prefer online for convenience. There are now tons of fitness business ideas to settle the payment from your clients. What you can do is set up a transparent payment process first. Ensure that you can put every payment processing detail your clients need to know.

If you are doing it online, make sure your fitness website has a clear list of steps to send online payments. Do not overwhelm your fitness business clients by putting too many options on your website. Keep your payment process straightforward.

Include a set of rules, regulations, and penalty details on your website for clients to understand you better. By doing this step before you start a fitness business, you are not just setting a straightforward payment method but also making yourself more trustworthy to your audience. It may seem not to like it, but clients find it more exciting and reliable if a fitness business is transparent regarding transactions.


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5. Integrate Social Media

The next tip you must know when you start a fitness business is to use social media. One thing about the business world right now is that it is beginning to become more modernized. The traditional way of marketing services is still present, but digital methods have become more of a thing. Digital marketing includes digital advertisements, electronic messages, automated emails, website building, design, and social media.

Social media is considered one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Why? Because almost everyone has it. If you want to learn awesome fitness business ideas and secure a solid foundation for your online community, using social media to market your services is a big help. Most potential clients nowadays rely on the internet and their social media when looking for fitness business ideas and professionals. They spend their time browsing through websites, looking for answers to their queries about healthy living.

By adding social media as your digital marketing tool, it will be easier for you to reach out to a broader set of audience. You can create your account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to have an official social media platform for your brand. You can even start a YouTube channel to post video tutorials and conduct live sessions with your clients. Understanding the use of social media before you start a fitness business can make a significant change for you and your business.

6. Track Your Performance

Learning how to start a fitness business also includes tracking your performance. It is not enough that you only managed to launch a fitness business successfully. For it to be called truly successful, it must be able to fulfill its promises to the target audience.

When you start your own fitness business, you must remember that one of your primary responsibilities is to satisfy your clients. Learn some powerful fitness business ideas on how you can do your job in helping your clients be in their best shape and have a healthy lifestyle. Track your business’s performance by asking for feedback from your clients.

If you own a website, include a section where you can post your previous client’s comments about you. Putting a feedback section on your fitness page can help you gather more potential loyal clients from your online visitors.

Another way you can effectively track your performance is through website analytics. Using website analytics enables you to figure out how much attention you are getting from your online audience. It gives data about where your online visitors are coming from, which part of your website they spend their time more, and how much time they spend on your website. You can use the data from your website analytics to find out which contents on your website rock and which ones need more improvement.

7. Create a Website With Us

The last yet powerful tip you need to know before your start a fitness business is to create a website. The online industry has continuously evolved, requiring you to be flexible with every change. One of these changes is the rise of website-building platforms like Strikingly, which is now widely used by many companies.

Creating a website here at Strikingly can give you a lot of benefits as either a solopreneur or a company. When you own a website, you can have a platform where you can freely talk to your online audience through emails or live chat. When you start a fitness business with us, you can quickly post updates about your business and even get suggestions from your online audience. Creating an online community is easier through our add membership pages feature. Providing them with an online store is also not a problem because of our Simple Store.

If you need help deciding how to design your fitness website, you can quickly dive into our comprehensive collection of designer-made free website templates. Add photos and videos on your page to make it more captivating to every audience who visits your website. Our website-building platform is also packed with e-commerce and SEO tools you can use to make a powerful fitness website.


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Fitness professionals are among the essential individuals in fitness and health. With them, it would be easier to find the most effective way to manage their diet and lifestyle to avoid getting sick. Now that everyone is starting to get more conscious of the way they are living their lives, seeking help from fitness professionals is still a better option than only relying on posts we see online.

If you want to start a fitness business website, chat with us today, and we’ll help get you started.