exquisite strategies to create an faq page

exquisite strategies to create an faq page

When you create a fully-functional website for your business, there are plenty of things to consider. There are numerous website navigation elements that you don’t just need to assemble on your landing page. In fact, you have to add relevant content related to those navigation elements. One of the most common website navigation elements is the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. In today’s day and age, if you don’t know how to create an effective FAQ page, you are losing a massive opportunity to bring satisfaction to your customers.

Nowadays, FAQ is one of the big reasons why websites have a high customer satisfaction score. It helps you anticipate any queries or questions your customers or clients may ask. If you have a quality FAQ section, it is likely to contain all the specifications and requirements of your products and services. If you already have the answers before your customers put in the queries, there is nothing wrong with that. If your website doesn’t have an FAQ section, make sure you have one after you go through this article.

Importance of FAQ Page

1) Improve User Experience

Regardless of how attractive your website looks to the eye, your customers will put forward their questions regarding your products and services. If you look at some of the questions asked, you will realize that there are some common ones to which you already know the answer. When creating an FAQ page, you must assemble the common and frequently asked questions and create a section for its answers on your website. If you are creating an FAQ website, your entire platform should only be dedicated to those answers.

FAQ page content

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If your website has a specific FAQ section, it will improve the user experience as the customers don’t need to contact you to get their required answers. By not paying attention to the FAQ, your customers may ask you questions, but they will continue waiting for your response until you have seen it. Customers tend to ask a lot of questions before making their buying decisions. If they already have the answers before they submit their questions, it will make their buying decision easy.

2) Navigation of Website

Once you understand how to create an FAQ page, your site visitors will not just be able to get their desired answers but will also be able to navigate your website completely. Many times, users tend to ask questions about the website itself. They could be looking for a product in your online store but may not seem to find it. The reason could either be that the product is out of stock or you haven’t created any categories regarding that product.

faq website section

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Apart from locating the effect on your web page, they could also demand certain information about it. The best way to fulfill your customer's demands is by making your website layout user-friendly. Still, an even better thing is to make your customers understand where every section of your website is located. Usually, the website owners tend to include the navigation elements on the left side of the landing page as the readers go through the content from left to right.

3) Organic Search

If you look at some of the best FAQ pages on Strikingly, you will realize that those web pages have a high search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. The reason is that the Google robot fully recognizes the value of having a quality FAQ section as part of your website. An effective FAQ section will help index your web page with Google and other search engines. Google takes note of this section because FAQ streamlines everything that is part of your website.

A quality FAQ webpage will help customers get answers regarding your organization and the industry. Moreover, it also helps them understand how you manage social responsibility and how you provide customer care. Once your website gets recognized by Google, it will have a higher chance of appearing on top of the search engine rankings. You must target relevant keywords to maintain your SEO ranking. It boosts your position in the organic ranking.

4) Featured Snippets

Even though this point overlaps with the previous one considering both are associated with Google, in this case, Google selects your questions as featured snippets. If you are unaware, featured snippets are those search results that get highlighted by Google. It directly answers the viewer’s demand by showing a list of answers. In a featured snippet, a text box appears in the first position of a user’s search results, boosting your website traffic.

Most importantly, you will likely receive a high click-through rate for your web pages, which will build your website’s credibility. When your website has an effective FAQ page, your published questions will appear as featured snippets on Google via your targeted keywords. Featured snippets automatically boost your SEO ranking if your website has a user-friendly interface.

5) Save Costs on Customer Support

If you look at the FAQ page examples on Strikingly, you will find one common denominator, i.e., all of them prioritize customer demands. As the FAQ section is mostly about answering your customers' questions, you can save on customer service through this approach. When your customers check out your FAQ section, most of the questions they want to submit might already be answered by you. Even if there are a few pending questions, you would have to invest less time and effort in resolving their queries.

A quality FAQ section will have all the answers to all the potential questions your customers can ask. For example, the customers may ask about the refund policy of the flight tickets in case their visa gets rejected. Similarly, they can also ask about the rates of these tickets after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you own an airline, you must answer all such questions to satisfy your customers.

Important Things to Include in FAQ Page

1) Commonly Asked Questions

As we have said before, the best FAQ pages have answers to all the questions regarding that particular website. If you create a website and don’t have an FAQ section associated with it, you will risk having too many queries coming at your end. Even if some queries are basic, it isn’t the fault of the customer asking it because you don’t have an FAQ section to answer these common questions.

![strikingly faq section](https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/34L3G37KPO9OblVuQZsNKGun23Fh5CcT7erKDS-TzMSo3OPqGw3FOF1vQsDq0dK7GcOWyR2VSzskhlu5o_dyqDfAgUL8vXuuFOdENi6VXVyeGcg7Q_vyhPT6jTMFYFkm45JgR9quzMy3A7DjUij8Wrk "strikingly faq section" =602x401)

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As a website owner, make sure that you include the answers to your common questions that can be easily understood by your website visitors. Your answers must be straightforward and shouldn’t have any unnecessary storylines. Some of the common questions you can add as part of your FAQ section are:

• What is the return policy of your online store?

• Is there any tax policy connected with your eCommerce website?

• How long will it take to receive my order once I have placed it?

• What are the product prices after the COVID-19 pandemic?

• What are the raw materials required to build a particular product?

• Is there any discount related to a specific product?

2) Categories

Categories bring smoothness and easiness to your FAQ page. When customizing your FAQ template, make sure to create categories of your frequently asked questions. This is part of the policy of your website content management system. The categories you can include in your FAQ section can be as follows:

• Shipping and returns

• Product details

• Transactions

• Product pricing strategy

• Security

Create FAQ Page on Strikingly

If you want to develop a fully-functional website for your business, you should take notice of Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you develop many different web pages. Most importantly, our provided feature enables you to create an effective FAQ page. The feature is called sliding accordion, and it is available to the Pro plan users. When visitors click on a particular item, it will expand to show the entire text.

This is an excellent feature of Strikingly because it eliminates all the suspected boredom your FAQ section can bring. To create a quality FAQ section on Strikingly, you must go through the following steps:

add new section

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Select “Add New Section” from the Strikingly website editor and click on “Accordion/FAQ”
  2. When you click on the option, a template will appear

strikingly accordion feature

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  1. Customize all the questions and answers found in the template based on your business. You could be clicking on the “Edit” option before editing the text in a particular field
  2. Once you have customized your questions and answers, click on the “publish” button so that your website content can go live


Just like this accordion feature on Strikingly, we also try to keep our viewers informed about any potential upgrades happening on our platform. It is a necessity for everyone in the online world to create the best FAQ page for their website. However, it is important to understand how you can make it. If you have described your products and services effectively in your FAQ section, you will find it easy to attract customers to your landing page.

The best way to start your working plans is by creating a basic website on Strikingly. Once you have developed your website, you can add an effective FAQ section containing all the questions and answers regarding your brand or business plan. If you are struggling to develop a fully-fledged website or necessary website sections, you can contact our Happiness Officers and inform them about your problems. So, create a quality FAQ section and make sure that your customers leave your website feeling satisfied.