If you don’t have the technical capability or website design background, creating a cute website may seem challenging. Aesthetic is an indicator of website credibility and trustworthiness so you cannot just have a one and done online space for your brand. What makes an appealing and functional website?


Site design matters

When users were asked to discuss their first impressions of websites and factors for trusting them, 94% of the responses were connected to design and only 6% were turned off by the content. This just goes to show how important an attractive and cute website design is in framing public perception. Some of the most popular and successful websites did not draw user attention with their content first.

This is not to say that you can get away with bad content if you have a cute website design. An attractive and carefully thought-out web design, however, has the potential to make a good first impression and get a visitor to stick around.

Simple layout and navigation

It turns out, you don’t need a lot of fancy effects and flash to make the cutest website designs. Sometimes, the simpler your web layout, the better. The beauty of Strikingly’s cute website templates is in their simplicity. You get a lot of room to create a website that can potentially make a good first impression with your visitors through a number of customization options. The clean and functional layout on each template ensures that your website is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Beautiful websites prioritize the user experience. Users should find it easy to get around your website and access information that they are looking for. Make your menus standard and include all the most important parts of a website - an interesting heading and call to action, a description of your brand and a contact section to give users options for reaching out to you.

Smart use of whitespace

It’s easy to fill up your website with different visuals and content to improve your chances of impressing your users. But more text and visual elements means too many options to focus on. Keep your content and visual cues to the most important ones that you want your users to act on. It’s okay to have empty spaces on your website. When done well, whitespace or negative space can emphasize your message much more effectively and draw attention to your visual design elements.

Selecting color schemes and fonts


A cute website uses eye-catching colors to attract visitors. Your choice of color palettes can help build brand recall. Choose contrasting accent colors for your call to action buttons and other design elements. Strikingly’s website editor lets you customize your color scheme to enable you to create a distinct website design. You can either choose from the default palettes that come with your template or add a color by hex code into the style editor.

Typography also contributes to the overall look and feel of your website. Make your text clear by selecting fonts that make it easy to read. Sans serif type fonts are popularly used on websites because they are easier on the eyes but if you want to emphasize certain areas of your content, we found serif fonts and even script fonts on headers to be quite effective.

Rich images and high quality videos

Finally, the choice of images and other visual elements can influence how your site looks like. If you want to create an attractive and cute website, go for high quality and rich images. Studies also show that video backgrounds and landing pages that contain videos experienced a higher engagement. Make your video one of the first things that users see when they land on your site to get their attention.