Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who intends to start your own business? Do you feel it is the right time to start your venture and journey? Are you willing to start an online retail business and make it part of your CV in your professional career? When people think about going into the world of eCommerce, these are some of the questions that they have to answer ultimately. If they think about creating a business of their own, they may find it time-consuming, to begin with.

They feel that many youngsters are trying to open up their businesses and fail to understand how they can do so quickly. The truth is that in 2022, it is as easy as creating a social media account. Gone are the days when you had to rely on physical stores and have a fixed schedule for your tasks. Now, you can control everything related to your business from the comfort of your house. If you open a retail store and implement relevant marketing strategies, you can get many happy customers in the long run.

What is Retail Business?

When you think about how to start an online retail business, many things would go through your mind. There could be things on the table that look complicated to you, and also, there would be some elements that fill your heart with delight. If you think about opening a retail store, it could start an incredible journey for you. Rather than going straight into the definition, let’s change up and see what an online retail business is not.

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Retail online business is not a manufacturing business, meaning you don’t necessarily have to produce your goods. Moreover, you are not accustomed to selling products to a specific section of customers, and you certainly don’t need to sell your products to other businesses or companies. Through the concept of retail, your objective is to purchase products from wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers and deliver them to the targeted customers. A retail online business is all about providing small buying opportunities for customers.

Steps to Start a Retail Business

1) Brainstorming

Regardless of what online business you think about, it all starts with brainstorming. You have to sit down with a laptop, a computer screen, or even a mobile phone to conduct effective market research. If you start an online retail business with your homework, you will likely be prepared for any road bumps. By doing this research, you will learn about retail online business and how it can impact your professional career. It would also help you understand the market demands concerning your business niche.

The best form of brainstorming is identifying the loopholes within many online businesses and seeing what they lack. You can specify the elements or the expectations that people have from them. Once you have placed your target mark, you will be able to understand your customer’s demands and find out the best ways of reaching them. It is important to note that this research will help you create a foundation for your retail online business going forward.

2) Market Gap

Once you have decided about opening an online retail business, there will be a handful of choices for you to select. Before considering your choices, you must determine what kind of products you want to supply. It may look like a waste of time, but it can be beneficial in the long run when you invest time and money to create a strong foundation for your online store. This step cannot be negotiated with anyone, so you have to do the analysis yourself.

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For your assistance, you can go through the market trends of your specific business niche. There is no point in creating a wonderful online store when nobody is coming to buy your products. For example, if the world is talking about the latest versions of the iPhone and you deliver the iPhone models of 2011, you won’t see many people coming to your online store. When doing this research, it is very easy to deflect away from your niche. Therefore, you must go with the niche that seems profitable to you.

3) Target Audience

If you cannot have decent website traffic on your online retail business platform, you will not see a rise in your revenue. You must understand how your target customers approach and behave with your products. If they don’t give an indication about your products, you must know they respond to your website in general. After all, only positive feedback regarding a website will convince them to buy products from your online store.

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Once you understand their problems, you can prioritize them and focus on relieving their pains. Strikingly provides its users with the idea forum, allowing them to interact directly with the customers. They can talk about all the technicalities surrounding their website and the scope of their business in the long run. We fully believe in online collaboration, and the idea forum feature is an example of that.

4) Business Plan

It is one thing to do research and collect all the raw materials related to your online retail business, but writing them organized is totally different. Once you are done with the market trends and target audience research, it is time to create a business plan. This will help you underline all the technical points related to your business and how they can be integrated into your plan.

By writing a business plan, you will create a platform of benchmarks and accountability for your business. If you write down everything related to your business, you will get an idea of whether you are on the right path or not. If you follow the right direction, you will achieve your desired business goals.

5) Find a Manufacturer

If you want to run a successful online retail business, you must select one of the following pathways

  • Open your manufacturing business and produce the products you want to sell
  • Have an agreement with another manufacturer
  • Identify a supplier related to manufactured goods

As a business owner, you must decide whether a domestic supplier seems perfect for your online business or an overseas supplier. Many business owners consider overseas suppliers to save their costs. However, you must remember that this will result in shipping costs, and you must wait for every consignment individually.

6) Create a Brand

As part of your marketing plan, you must create an effective brand to support your online retail business. It means you have to consider a few elements in promoting your business. Branding strategies keep your business relevant within the market industry. If you can promote your brand effectively, your customers will not be looking for alternatives other than your online store to buy their desired products.

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Strikingly believes in establishing brand websites to promote your business effectively. We provide relevant features to ensure your brand is on the lips of every customer associated with your niche. By creating a high-quality brand website on Strikingly, you can implement all the marketing strategies to ensure that you remain within the Google eye and see a surge in your Google ranking.

Start Retail Business on Strikingly

As you have the ambitions of making your online retail business prominent within the market, you must have an online store for that reason. As you have the suppliers and the brand strategy at your disposal, you need an effective online store to sell your products to your customers. If you want to look for a free website builder that helps you create and promote your website, you don’t need to look any further than Strikingly. We provide a collection of exquisite and mobile-friendly website templates, allowing you to customize them per your prescribed business niche.

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As the world has become digitized and mobile users have increased in the last decade, it is vital to have a website that mobile users can view.

Moreover, we allow you to create compelling product pages in which you can display product photos and meta-descriptions and price your products per market trends. If your customers are struggling with the payments, you can provide them with multiple payment gateways allowing them to submit the payment as per their currency.


Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, you are ready to monitor your online retail business through your website. The only thing left regarding promoting your retail store is to make sales. If you can connect your social media pages with your website, it will help you to derive more traffic on your platform. You must implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies so your target audience can easily recognize you.

Strikingly always tries to upgrade your web development features and provides a smooth experience in making and running your retail store. If your website has no deficiencies, you can focus on promotional strategies. If you have any problems regarding the development of your online store, you can collaborate with our Happiness Officers right now. So, create a fantastic retail website and find ways to make more online sales.