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Marketing your business online can expose it to a broader range of audiences. The more people know your brand, the more chances of increased sales. Social media marketing is one of the categories of digital marketing, which is proven to work exceptionally well for businesses.

Pinterest is among the most popular social media platforms, which makes it an excellent choice for business marketing.

Over 76.7% of pinners are women. And eight out of ten Pinterest users have purchased a product because of the brand’s content on Pinterest. Why are we telling these stats to you? Because they will be your guide to using Pinterest for business. You can use these and other readily available Pinterest statistics to research your target audience and create content to attract them.

Bear with us to know the most effective Pinterest for business tips and how they can increase your company’s sales and bring recognition to your brand.

Important Pinterest Terminologies

Learning some popular Pinterest terminologies will make it convenient for you to use Pinterest for business promotion.

1. Pincodes

Pincodes are QR codes you can create to share your profile or boards with other users. When someone scans your Pincode through the Pinterest lens, they will be directed to whatever you created that QR code for (profile, boards, etc.)

2. Archived Boards

Pinterest boards are your saved posts, which other people can see on your profile. You can archive them when you no longer want other people to see them and want to stop getting suggestions related to those posts.

Archiving is a great option when you think you might wish to those boards in the future but not currently.

3. Group Boards

Group boards are like regular boards, except more than one people contribute to them. You can create a group board with other brands you collaborate with to grow your business.

Why Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

strikingly Pinterest profile

Image taken from Strikingly’s Pinterest profile

To all business owners and managers, using Pinterest for business promotion is essential if you target women as your audience. One hundred seventy-five (175) million women actively use Pinterest alone in the US. Imagine how many of them would be saving posts of products to shop for.

If you don’t target women as your primary audience, there are many reasons you should consider using Pinterest for business promotion.

1. You Can Represent Your Brand Visually

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Image taken from Strikignly’s user’s site

Pinterest is one of the most prominent visual social media platforms, where you can remarkably represent your brand’s optical components. And we human beings are visual creatures. Meaning, we are attracted more to pictures than text. You can showcase your products’ best photos and videos to convince potential buyers to purchase from you.

Moreover, Pinterest allows its users to search visually. When a person searches through a product photo that matches your product image, your post might show up in the results, exposing you to new users.

2. Massive User Base

Pinterest has 445 million active monthly users in 2022. If your business is exposed to even a small percentage of that number, you will see a rise in your sales. Further, Pinterest is one of the top platforms where consumers search for the product they need. Eighty-three percent (83%) of users said they had purchased a product they saw on Pinterest.

3. One of the Biggest Sources of Website Traffic

Websites are one of the most popular sources for generating leads. Many people use Pinterest for business to bring traffic to their websites. It is more effective at getting the audience to your site than any other social media platform.

The volume of traffic your pins drive to your site depends upon the quality of your content. If you want to improve the quality of your posts, start with the images. Because visuals are what Pinterest is about.

Strategies to Market Your Business Through Pinterest

Before we get into the strategies, you need a business account on Pinterest. You can convert your existing personal profile to a business, add a business profile to your existing account, or create one from scratch.

Now that you’ve completed the sign-up process, here’s how to use Pinterest for business.

1. Ensure Your Pins are Attention-grabbing

How to create great pins?

  • Go for portrait mode.
  • Show how to use your service or products.
  • Create quality content. Each of your pins shouldn’t involve a link that benefits you. We know you’re using Pinterest for business and your site’s promotion, but you must also help the user. Including links in each of your pins gives platforms the impression that you’re only here for your advantage and are not providing anything to the community. Therefore, for a few pins, you can make a carousel and convey the complete information. Or post informational videos.
  • Use relevant and spectacular images.

2. Optimize Your Pins

Strikingly's pin

Image taken from Strikingly’s Pinterest profile

When a reader enters a keyword that is included in your pins, it shows up in the search results, bringing you exposure.

Firstly, do your keyword research. Type your product or niche (for ex: pet food or home decor) in the Pinterest search bar, and see the suggestions. Those are your keywords. Here’s how you can optimize your pins.

  • Your image must contain the keyword you’re targeting.
  • Involve your keyword in the title of your pin. We recommend using your brand name in your title as well. It will help build brand authority. For example, “A Comprehensive Guide to Using Pinterest for Business | Strikingly.” It will indicate the platform that your brand is about.
  • Write an exceptional description. Ensure your keyword appears in it as well. Two to three times is enough.
  • Include your keyword in your pin’s alt text. It is essential because screen readers read it.
  • Attach the relevant destination link. For instance, if your keyword is cat food, the link should take the user to a web page about cat food. The URL also includes the keywords, which is why attaching a related link is essential.
  • Ensure your pin’s board doesn’t contain any other pins of different categories, and the board’s name must contain the keyword too.

3. Run Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads cost $2 to $5 per thousand impressions. Considering the profit they can get you, the cost isn’t bad. However, it might increase due to a rise in digital marketing. Therefore the sooner you run Pinterest ads, the better.

You can use geographic targeting to target people in a specific area. Remember to make your promoted pins helpful for the users.

Promoted pins don’t appear any different than regular pins. The only thing that differs is that they get more people’s attention. And you mustn’t do anything that makes them look like ads.

4. Include a Pin-it Button in Your Website’s Images

Think back if you’ve ever been to a website, hovered your mouse over the image, and a pin button appeared. When you click that pin button, that post is saved to one of your Pinterest boards. Including a pin-it button in your website’s images can simplify sharing and keeping your content, encouraging people to share and save your articles.

5. Enhance Your Website’s Appearance and User Experience


Image taken from Strikingly’s user’s website

A user lands on your website through that link in your pins. If the layout is clumsy and the web page takes forever to load, they will leave in a split second and probably never return. Before implementing marketing strategies and running promotional ads, prepare your website for incoming traffic. Check everything from page loading time and responsiveness to content quality and overall design.

If you haven’t created a website yet, and plan to get one soon, let us make everything easy for you. Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring a developer, build your site using Strikingly. It is a ridiculously easy-to-use website builder that automatically makes your website design responsive.

heaven shakes home page

Image taken from Strikingly’s user’s website

Strikingly offers tons of features to create a good user experience for your site and simplify the website-building process. It puts forward more than 200 free website templates you can edit in the intuitive site editor.

Using different sections, you can build an online store, blog, portfolio, etc. Moreover, Strikingly lets you personalize almost everything from background images, videos, and colors to creating your sections. Play around with different elements in the site editor to create an eye-catching design for your business website.

strikingly website editor

Image taken from Strikingly

6. Create Group Boards

Group boards are a great way to work on collaborative projects and showcase your pins to more people. Say you need some ideas for your project. You can create a group board where your target audience will join and pin their ideas. This way, you can get to know more about your target audience.

You can pin your pins on that group board where your audience and people who follow that board will see your posts.

To thrive with Pinterest for business promotion, master the art of using group boards, social media integration, rich and promoted pins, relevant keywords, and other Pinterest features. Lastly, ensure you offer excellent quality products because if the consumer doesn’t like your product, they won’t return, no matter how many marketing strategies you implement.