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Whether you have just started with mobile photography or own a luxurious camera, you need photography applications. Photography is not only about the camera. There's so much more to it than clicking pictures. Editing photos and finding an excellent location for the shoot, sometimes the person's creative mind makes images meaningful.

There are tons of desktop and mobile apps for photographers that make photography easy and fun. For example, Adobe Lightroom has sliders to help you fine-tune photo and video backgrounds, retouch pictures, correct blemishes, etc.

We've compiled a list of the top apps for photographers to help with editing pictures, finding locations, problems you might encounter while shooting out, and clicking photos.

1. Camera+ 2

Camera+ 2 is best for iPhone users looking for an alternative to the built-in iPhone camera app. Even though both apps allow you to shoot in RAW mode, it is easier with Camera+ 2. With the iPhone's built-in camera app, you must go to the settings every time you need to turn the RAW mode on and off. It makes switching modes between capturing pictures harder. With Camera+ 2, you can switch modes easily between clicking photos.

Camera+ 2 is also handy when it comes to notifying about blown-out areas. You can switch on the clipping warning to know if there are any parts clipped parts (either wholly white or completely black) in your photo.

Camera+ 2 offers editing options as well. There is a vast variety of presets, and you can also edit your images manually. For RAW images, Camera+ 2 provides a convenient RAW processor, along with an uncomplicated interface and essential tools.

Camer+ 2 is only available for IOS users for $7.99. Android users and people who don't want to spend money can use the Adobe Lightroom camera. It has got fantastic features in the professional mode.

2. PhotoPills

PhotoPills is one of the best apps for photographers who are into astrophotography. This app predicts the position of the sun and the moon, times for golden and blue hours, lets you superimpose the positions of the sun and the moon, etc.

PhotoPills has calculators for almost everything, such as time-lapse sequences, exposure, depth of field, and other values.

The only con of this shoot planning application is that there's so much to this app that you will need to watch tutorials to be able to use it.

PhotoPills is available for both IOS and Android users at $9.99.

3. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the best weather-predicting mobile apps for photographers. Even though there are numerous weather applications, the detailed graphs and almost accurate predictions about the increase and decrease of rain give Dark Sky an extra point.

You can utilize its detailed prediction feature to capture post and pre-storm or rain shots. The Dark Sky app is only available for IOS users for $3.99. Android users can go for the web version

of Dark Sky.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps is a great free option for Android and IOS users. Apart from taking directions, you can use Google Maps' satellite, terrain, or street views to explore your new location before reaching there.

Google Maps can help you check if there will be any photoshoot opportunities at the location or near the area you're headed to. You can also figure out what kind of situation you're going into and plan your gear accordingly.

5. Pocket Light Meter

The pocket light meter is one of the most convenient exposure value calculating apps for photographers. Its simple interface doesn't require much effort to understand the working of Pocket Light Meter. It allows users to take light readings from any part of the scene.

Pocket Light Meter's user-friendly settings dial enables you to submit any two exposure values and calculate the third one accordingly.

Another great feature of this light meter app is its ability to measure color temperature. This can help you maintain a white balance.

This application is available for IOS users only at $10.99. The Light Meter app by David Quiles is an excellent alternative for Android users. It costs $1.99. iPhone users can try David Quiles's My Light Meter app as a cheap alternative to Pocket Light Meter.

6. Microsoft Translator

Suppose you're someone who loves to travel and take pictures of various locations around the world. In that case, you need the Microsoft Translator app. This is how smartphone applications make traveling easy.

Microsoft Translator allows you to translate language from text and speech. You can participate in conversation with people who don't speak your language.

You can translate restaurant menus, signs, etc, using its translation through the camera feature. Tap the camera in the app, select language, then place your camera over the text you want to translate.

Microsoft Translator App is available to Android and IOS users for free.

7. Your Camera Manufacturer's Application

Their camera manufacturer’s application is one of the most valuable apps for photographers. The functions and features of the applications may vary as per manufacturers. For Fuji users, Fuji has created a remote application. It lets you control your camera through your smartphone, upgrade camera firmware, and download photos directly into your mobile.

Canon's Canon Camera Connect app offers similar features. Nikon users can try SnapBridge for similar functions. Availability for different operating systems and price varies according to the manufacturers. Most camera company applications are available for Android and IOS users for free.

8. SnapSeed

Mobile photo editing apps make a photographer's life much easier. They save you from draining all the energy sitting in front of the computer for hours. With SnapSeed photo editor, you can edit and share your pictures on the go.

SnapSeed's balance of robust manual controls and automatic tools makes it one of the best apps for photographers to edit images. Photographers want to change little brightness and contrast when editing pictures on their phones or make the colors pop. SnapSeed does these small jobs very well. However, you can go for detailed and custom edits as it offers complex editing tools too.

SnapSeed allows you to toggle between your original and edited picture to see the difference. It’s available for free on IOS and Android devices.

9. Instagram

Instagram is in the sharing category of mobile applications for photographers list. It's always friendly and encouraging to showcase your work and have people appreciate you for it.

You can create your Photography page on Instagram and share your photos to get people's feedback. It can also help you connect with people with similar interests as you.

Posting your pictures on social media platforms such as Instagram can get you started with making money through your photography. You may get brand deals from companies that work in similar niches. Or your page might function as a portfolio and get you photography jobs.

If you decide to become a creator of Instagram, ensure to implement strategies that will help your page grow and reach a broader range of audiences faster.

10. Strikingly app


Image taken from Strikingly app

Strikingly is one of the most useful apps for photographers who want to make money from their pictures. Photography websites are a great way to display your images and build a portfolio. It's not only about showcasing your work to people or getting clients. A photography website works as your space to express yourself through your photographs.

For all that, you don't need to hire a professional developer to build a website. You can do it yourself. Strikingly is a website builder that allows you to create beautiful websites and makes them mobile responsive automatically.

strikingly's user's website mobile view

Image taken from Strikingly’s user’s website

Strikingly app brings the power of a website builder to your phone. You can now create, manage or edit your site on the go.

strikingly mobile app dashboard

Image taken from Strikingly Mobile App

Additionally, you can view your site's real-time analytics on your phone, which will tell you about the location (country) of your visitors, the number of audience, and the most viewed web pages of your site.

strikingly built-in ananlystics

Image taken from Strikingly Mobile App

Strikingly app is free for Android and IOS users. However, you can opt for paid plans to access additional features.

Can You Sell Your Pictures on Mobile Applications?

Yes, you can. Some mobile apps for photographers to sell pictures are Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock. All of these apps let you submit your photographs and then review them to know whether you can sell your images on their platform or not. Once your photos are approved, you get royalty payments each time someone buys your pictures.


Photography is not an easy thing to do. There are many things to it, such as finding the right camera, locations, photo editors, etc. Application creators have contributed to convenience by introducing mobile apps for photographers to perform these tasks.

You can use photo editors with a simple interface, such as SnapSeed, Pocket Light Meter, to calculate the correct exposure values and Google Maps or Dark Sky, to find shoot locations. Apps like Strikingly can help your build photography websites to showcase your work.