Shopping Cart Integration: Boost Your Online Business

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Shopping Cart Integration: Boost Your Online Business

Shopping cart integration is a crucial aspect of online business that enables customers to purchase products from an online store. E-commerce has become increasingly popular in recent years, and having a seamless shopping experience is essential to the success of any online store. The role of SEO in online business cannot be overstated, as it helps improve visibility and attract potential customers. In this article, we will introduce Strikingly and discuss the benefits of shopping carts, factors to consider when choosing a shopping cart, how to integrate it with Strikingly, best practices, and common mistakes to avoid.

Benefits Of Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping cart integration combines an online shopping cart with an online store. The integration can bring numerous benefits to e-commerce businesses, including increased sales conversion, enhanced customer experience, improved inventory management, and cost and time efficiency.

Increased Sales Conversion

One of the primary benefits of shopping cart integration is increased sales conversion. Businesses can reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and increase their overall sales by making it easier for customers to navigate the checkout process.

For instance, integrating a shopping cart with an online store enables customers to add items to their carts and purchase them without leaving the website. It eliminates the need for customers to navigate through multiple pages, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Another benefit of shopping cart integration is enhanced customer experience. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a seamless checkout process.


For example, integrating a shopping cart with an online store lets customers view their order summary before checking out. It helps them confirm they have selected the correct items and quantities before finalizing their purchase.

Improved Inventory Management

Shopping cart integration enables businesses to manage inventory more efficiently by automating certain processes. For instance, when a customer orders through the shopping cart, the system automatically deducts the item(s) from the inventory database.

It helps businesses avoid overselling products or running out of stock unexpectedly. Additionally, some shopping carts offer features such as low-stock alerts and automatic restocking to streamline inventory management further.

Cost And Time Efficiency

Finally, shopping cart integration can save businesses time and money by reducing manual labor and streamlining processes. For example, these tasks are automated through a single integrated system rather than manually processing orders or updating inventory levels in multiple systems.

It saves businesses valuable time for other important tasks such as marketing or customer service. Additionally, businesses can save money on staffing costs by reducing manual labor.

Shopping cart integration offers numerous benefits to e-commerce businesses. Businesses can increase sales conversion rates, enhance customer experience, improve inventory management, and save time and money by choosing the right shopping cart and following best practices for integration.

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Choosing The Right Shopping Cart Integration

When choosing the right shopping cart integration; several factors must be considered. Choosing a shopping cart that aligns with your online store's goals and objectives is important. Here are some factors to consider:

Factors To Consider

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a shopping cart for your ecommerce store:

  • Cost and fees- Shopping carts come with a range of costs, from free open source options to enterprise solutions. Consider the setup, monthly, transaction, and payment processing fees. Find one that fits your budget.
  • Ease of use- Look for a simple shopping cart that is easy to use and manage. It should have an intuitive interface for both store admin and customers. Easy order management, product setup, and reporting features are important.
  • Payment processing- Your shopping cart should integrate with your preferred payment processors and gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc. It allows you to accept payments from customers easily.
  • Templates and design options- Unless you want to do custom web design, choose a shopping cart with professional templates that match your brand. Easy customization options are also useful.
  • Features- Consider what features you need, like coupons, discounts, product reviews, wishlists, customer accounts, shipping options, tax calculator, and more. Choose a robust cart that can support all your key ecommerce functionalities.
  • Scalability- If you have a small store now but want to grow quickly, choose a shopping cart solution that can scale with your needs. It should be able to support a growing product catalog, increased web traffic, and a higher volume of orders as you get bigger.
  • Inventory and order management- A good shopping cart will have strong inventory management features, including product catalogs, inventory tracking, and the ability to link multiple warehouses or fulfillment centers. It should also simplify order processing, shipping, returns, refunds, and reporting.
  • Integrations- Consider what 3rd party tools you want to integrate with your store, like email marketing services, CRMs, accounting software, shipping carriers, and dropshipping partners. Choose a cart that offers prebuilt integrations or an API to develop custom integrations.
  • Reliability and security- It's critical that the shopping cart you choose is reliable, fast, and secure. It should have proven uptime, load balancing, and SSL security features to keep your store and customer data safe.
  • Support- Look for a shopping cart provider that offers quality customer support to assist you with setup, troubleshooting issues, and answering any questions you have. Support options include phone, email, knowledge bases, and chat.

Understanding Different Shopping Carts

Several types of shopping carts are available, including hosted and self-hosted options.

Third-party companies provide hosted shopping carts and require no installation or maintenance on your part. Examples include Shopify and BigCommerce.

Self-hosted shopping carts require installation on your server and more technical knowledge to maintain. Examples include WooCommerce and Magento.

Integration Process

The integration process will vary depending on the shopping cart you choose and the platform you're integrating it with (in this case, Strikingly). Most shopping carts provide detailed documentation on integrating with third-party platforms like Strikingly.

Compatibility With Strikingly

When choosing a shopping cart, ensuring it's compatible with Strikingly's website builder platform is important.

Shopping Cart Integration- Choose a website template

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Best Practices For Shopping Cart Integration

As an expert SEO content writer, I highly recommend following these best practices for shopping cart integration to ensure that your online store runs smoothly and efficiently.

Optimize Product Pages For Seo

One of the most important aspects of shopping cart integration is ensuring that your product pages are optimized for SEO. It means using relevant keywords in your product descriptions, titles, and meta tags to help improve your search engine rankings.


In addition to using keywords, it's also important to include high-quality images and detailed product descriptions on each page. It helps with SEO and enhances the overall customer experience by giving them all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Simplify Checkout Process

Another crucial aspect of shopping cart integration is simplifying the checkout process. Customers should easily navigate the checkout process without any confusion or frustration.

To achieve this, consider implementing a one-page checkout process that includes all necessary fields, such as shipping and payment information. Additionally, ensure your site is mobile-friendly so customers can easily purchase on their smartphones or tablets.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options are a great way to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales conversion rates. Some popular options include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.


Make sure you choose a shopping cart that supports multiple payment gateways to offer customers various options at checkout.

Monitor And Analyze Sales Performance

Finally; it's important to regularly monitor and analyze your sales performance data to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.

Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Strikingly's built-in analytics features to track conversion rates, average order value, bounce rates, and more. Use this data to make informed decisions about optimizing your online store for maximum success.

Shopping Cart Integration- Setup your product pages

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Common Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to shopping cart integration, there are a few common mistakes that online store owners should avoid. Here are some of them:

Poor Integration Planning

One of the biggest mistakes is not planning the integration process properly. It can lead to delays, errors, and even loss of data. It's important to have a clear plan before starting the integration process.

Ignoring SEO Factors

Another mistake is ignoring SEO factors when choosing or integrating a shopping cart with your website. SEO plays a crucial role in driving traffic and sales to your online store, so choosing an SEO-friendly shopping cart and optimizing your product pages is important.

Overcomplicating Checkout

Compliance with the checkout process can also lead to lower sales conversion rates. Customers want a simple and hassle-free checkout experience, so ensure your shopping cart integration doesn't add unnecessary steps or confusion.

Not Tracking Sales Analytics

Finally, not tracking sales analytics can be a huge mistake for online store owners. You need to monitor and analyze your sales performance regularly to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.


To avoid these mistakes, choosing the right shopping cart and planning the integration process carefully is important.

Shopping Cart Integration- Add other pages

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How To Integrate Shopping Carts With Strikingly

Here are the steps to create a website with an ecommerce store and shopping cart on Strikingly:

1. Sign up for a Strikingly account at Strikingly offers free websites with integrated ecommerce functionality.

2. Choose a website template. Pick a template that suits your brand and product offerings. Strikingly has templates for stores selling clothing, jewelry, gadgets, gifts, and more. Customize the template to match your brand.

3. Set up your product pages. When adding new pages, choose the Product Page option. You can then create individual product pages including:

  • Images - Photos of your items from various angles. Strikingly has free stock photos, or you can upload your own.
  • Price - Input the current price or sale price of each product.
  • Options - If you sell variations like size and color, set up product options for customers to choose from.
  • Description - Share details, specifications, sizes, materials, and other info about your products.
  • Buy now button - Add a "Add to cart" or "Buy now" button for customers to purchase the product.

4. Add other pages. Include an About Us page, Contact page, Terms of Service, Shipping & Returns, etc. You can also add a blog to your site to boost SEO and engagement.

5. Set up a payment method. Go to Settings > Payment methods to integrate a payment gateway. Popular options for Strikingly stores include:

  • PayPal Payments Standard - Free, easy to set up, and no monthly fees. Transaction fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
  • Stripe - Also free to set up with simple pricing of 2.9% + $0.30 per successful charge. Used by over 100,000 businesses.
  • Other options - Authorize.Net, PayU, and Alipay are also available.

6. Generate money! Promote your new Strikingly store on social media, email marketing, advertising, and Google to drive sales. Make money with each successful transaction and order in your store.

7. Continue optimizing. Keep adding new product pages, run promotions and sales, start a newsletter, improve SEO, monitor reviews, and make updates to keep improving your store and increasing revenue over time.


Strikingly makes it easy to create a fully functional ecommerce store with an integrated shopping cart.

Shopping Cart Integration- Set up a payment method

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To Boost Online Business

Strikingly has played a vital role in boosting online businesses through shopping cart integration. Here are key points highlighting the significance of Strikingly's shopping cart feature:


  • Seamless Integration. Strikingly seamlessly integrates shopping carts into online stores, allowing businesses to offer their customers a smooth and convenient shopping experience.
  • Simplified Checkout Process. With Strikingly's shopping cart functionality, businesses can streamline the checkout process, making it easy for customers to add products to their cart, review their selections, and complete their purchases.
  • Customization Options. Strikingly provides businesses with customization options for the shopping cart feature. From choosing payment gateways to setting shipping options, businesses can tailor the checkout process according to their brand's requirements.
  • Inventory Management. Strikingly's shopping cart integration includes inventory management capabilities. Businesses can efficiently track and manage product stock levels, ensuring accurate information is provided to customers regarding product availability.
  • Mobile Responsiveness. Strikingly's shopping cart feature is designed to be mobile responsive. It allows businesses to cater to the growing number of mobile shoppers, providing an optimized shopping experience across various devices.
  • Enhanced User Experience. The shopping cart integration offered by Strikingly enhances the overall user experience by enabling customers to easily navigate through products, view pricing information, and make secure online payments.
  • Boost In Sales. Businesses can boost their online sales by implementing Strikingly's shopping cart feature. The streamlined checkout process increases conversion rates and encourages customers to complete their purchases.
  • Customer Convenience. Strikingly's shopping cart integration allows customers to add multiple items to their cart, saving them time and effort during the shopping process.
  • Secure Transactions. Strikingly ensures secure online transactions by integrating trusted payment gateways, providing customers with peace of mind when making purchases.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction. With a user-friendly shopping cart feature, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction by offering a hassle-free online shopping experience, resulting in positive reviews and repeat business.

Strikingly's shopping cart integration has significantly boosted online businesses. With a seamless checkout process, customization options, inventory management capabilities, and mobile responsiveness, Strikingly empowers businesses to offer a convenient and user-friendly online shopping experience. It leads to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the online marketplace.


Shopping cart integration is a crucial aspect of e-commerce and can greatly benefit online businesses. Businesses can improve their sales conversion rates, enhance customer experience, manage inventory more efficiently, and save time and costs by integrating a shopping cart. Strikingly offers a seamless integration process for various shopping carts, making it easier for businesses to set up online stores.

As e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, the future scope of shopping cart integration is vast. With advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can expect even more sophisticated integration processes to enhance customer experience and increase sales conversion rates.

Integrating a shopping cart should be at the top of your list if you want to set up your online store or improve your existing one. You can start today with Strikingly's easy integration process and customizable templates optimized for SEO and mobile devices. Stop thinking and sign up today!