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We made some updates to our Simple Store so you can easily manage your e-commerce. Check it out!

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Searching orders is now possible. No more sifting through pages and pages to find that one order. You can now search your customer’s name, email address, or order number quickly and easily. (Thanks to Juan and Camilo for requesting this!)

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Set sales tax per state. If you’re selling products to the United States, you can now collect a different sales tax for each state to comply with new e-commerce tax laws. (Thanks to Tim, Ken, and many others for requesting this!)

More accurate revenue total. The total revenue count in your analytics now excludes canceled and refunded orders. This gives you a clearer picture of how your store is doing.

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We’ll have webinars soon! Yes, we’re excited to share with you bits and pieces of knowledge that we have learned through the years. We have 3 topics in mind but would like to hear your thoughts. What do you want to learn on our first webinar?

A. How to tweak your newsletters to get better responses B. Setup your online ecommerce store C. How to get your first 100 visitors