“To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. It was also a weapon.” – Ken Segall, co-writer of Apple’s Think Different Campaign (Steve Job’s Narrated Version)

This quote of Leonardo da Vinci was never as precise as describing the ongoing design revolution in the Mobile Age. Although mobile brings more people online, you have much less time to do your sales. All data shows that the number of website is exploding and the average time spent on every site is decreasing. Everyone is fighting for eyeballs now.

How can you win? Don’t waste your user’s time. No bullshit! Get your point across in the most concise manner and guide your viewers to the action (like, share, email, call, etc). Check out these good examples:

Startup                                     Personal Branding

Event                                        Restaurant

The simplicity of a single page is powerful: 20-25% visitors convert to signups on our landing page.

Why? Here is a great read about Who, Why, How to use a Single Page design. Quick Summary:

Who: Small business, freelancer, startup, artist, etc.
Why: Higher Conversion and usability
How: Define 1-2 actions and design a simple sales roadmap to them

We want to hear your thoughts on this as well!