Minimalist website design has been around for years and the trend is still going strong to this day. Website managers and digital marketers find value in the principle ‘less is more’ because cleaner website templates can be effective in keeping the focus on your site’s content. Play around with simple website builder templates and check out these minimalist design elements that you can implement on your next website project.


Apple simple website builder design inspiration

Apple has always been known for its minimalistic website design, using a lot of whitespace and drawing attention to the product features. Huge images and concise and straight to the point content make up most of its pages. The iPad product page is a good example of how you can create a simple website that puts the focus back on the subject.

Pro tip: When building a free simple website, you want to maintain the quality of the images on the site to create a positive user experience. Pixelated and low-resolution images can affect how your visitors perceive your products and your brand as a whole.


antidote simple website design

Antidote is an ad agency based in the UK that specializes in brand building and mainstream advertising. Their site is a good example of how to make a simple website without taking away from the quality of the content. The grid style layout makes the site content look more organized with the homepage mostly composed of huge blocks of images over a white background. The clean background creates a perfect contrast with the agency’s portfolio images. The simple typography is unobtrusive yet still very much noticeable.

Pro tip: The right choice of font styles is also important when you create a simple website. Vibrant images work well on a white background but make sure that the text overlay is still easy to read. On Strikingly’s website editor, you can adjust the contrast and brightness of your image backgrounds to make the text content legible. Play around with different font styles that will suit your brand as well.


Evoulve specializes in AI technologies and processes so it’s only appropriate that its website has a futuristic feel. It features a few page elements and minimal navigation options - you just need to scroll to get to the different content blocks. Even the typography is minimalist and very simple. The only thing that might be considered ‘fancy’ about this page is its use of a rotating galaxy background.

Pro tip: Minimalist doesn’t have to mean using just a white background. Play around with other color backgrounds but a good tip on how to create a simple website is to make sure that the background does not overpower your content. Evoulve’s background is a purple galaxy and it goes well with the simple design of the page as a whole. Use your brand’s color as a background if you will. Or choose a different neutral color palette.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya Kobayashi simple website example

Nobody knows living the minimalist life better than the Japanese. Mikiya Kobayashi is a Tokyo-based product designer known for his intricate yet very functional masterpieces. Minimalism is well-reflected in his clean homepage which features a few elements including his brand name and an instruction to scroll. It’s very simple yet very impactful.

Pro tip: Navigation should be top of mind when creating a simple website. Keep it simple and make the different website components accessible in just a few clicks. Function is always more important over for when it comes to website design. Don’t make your user guess how to get one from one part of our site to the other. Keeping it simple and intuitive extends to the way users view different areas of your website.