7 Proven Ecommerce Shipping Strategies

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7 Proven Ecommerce Shipping Strategies

The success of an ecommerce store counts heavily on its shipping strategy. From offering free shipping to providing expedited options, ecommerce shipping strategies can make or break a business. Successful ecommerce stores have mastered the art of shipping and fulfillment, making it a top priority in their business plan.

Implementing effective ecommerce shipping solutions can increase customer satisfaction and repeat business. One website builder that has made it easy for online businesses to adopt ecommerce shipping strategies is Strikingly. Let's take a closer look at some successful ecommerce shipping strategies and how Strikingly can assist in the process.

Importance Of Ecommerce Shipping Strategies

Ecommerce shipping is more than just mailing a product to a customer. It involves careful planning and execution to ensure that products are delivered on time and in prime condition. An effective shipping strategy can help increase customer satisfaction, boost sales, and improve brand reputation.

Overview Of Successful Ecommerce Stores

Successful ecommerce stores have one thing in common - they set up their customers' needs above all else. They offer various shipping options for different preferences, such as free or flat-rate options, expedited delivery, and international shipping.

Benefits Of Implementing Shipping Strategies

Implementing effective ecommerce shipping strategies can increase customer satisfaction and repeat business. Businesses can cater to different needs by offering multiple customer options while increasing revenue through upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

Strikingly was founded in 2012 to make website building accessible for everyone - even those without coding experience. The platform has since evolved into an all-in-one solution for online businesses, offering features such as ecommerce integration and easy-to-use templates.

Strategy 1: Free Shipping

One effective approach is to offer free shipping on specific products that are popular or have high-profit margins. Free shipping can incentivize customers to purchase these items and increase your overall revenue.

Another way to utilize free shipping is by setting a minimum order value for customers to qualify. It encourages shoppers to add more items to their carts. Setting a reasonable minimum order value that won't deter potential buyers is important. It can also be utilized as a promotional tool, such as offering it for a limited time or during the holiday season.

Testing different free shipping strategies and monitoring their impact on your bottom line is crucial. For example, you could extend free shipping on all orders for a week and compare the results with offering it only on specific products or with a minimum order value.

Strategy 2: Flat-Rate Shipping

When it comes to ecommerce shipping strategies, flat-rate shipping is a popular option for many successful online stores. With flat-rate shipping, customers pay a set fee irrespective of the weight or size of their order. Here are some ways you can implement flat-rate shipping for your ecommerce business:

  • Offer flat-rate shipping for all products. One way to simplify your ecommerce shipping solutions is to give a flat rate for all products. Flat-rate shipping can make it easier for customers to understand and plan their purchases without worrying about unexpected shipping costs at checkout.
  • Use tiered flat-rate shipping based on weight. Another option is to use tiered flat-rate shipping based on weight. Flat-rate shipping means that heavier items will cost more to ship than lighter items, but customers will still know what to expect when they check out.
  • Consider different shipping zones. If you ship products internationally or have multiple warehouses, consider setting different flat rates for different zones.
  • Set reasonable and competitive rates. No matter your approach, it's important to set reasonable and competitive rates to ensure customers make a purchase. Research what other enterprises in your industry are charging and adjust accordingly.

In addition, an ecommerce website builder like Strikingly can make implementing these strategies even easier with built-in features like automatic tax calculation and real-time carrier rate quotes.

Ecommerce Shipping Strategies- automatic tax calculation

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Strategy 3: Expedited Shipping

When it comes to ecommerce shipping strategies, providing expedited shipping options is a must-have for any successful online store. Customers want their purchases as soon as possible, and offering same-day or next-day delivery can give your business a competitive edge.

  • Provide expedited shipping options. Allowing customers to choose from different shipping options is key to satisfying their needs. Expedited shipping should be an option for those inclined to pay more for faster delivery times. You can cater to those who need their products urgently by providing this option.
  • Offer same-day or next-day delivery. Offering same-day or next-day delivery can set your ecommerce store apart from the competition. Next-day delivery is especially important for businesses that sell perishable goods or time-sensitive items such as event tickets.
  • Use third-party shipping providers. Partnering with third-party shipping providers can help streamline the process of fulfilling expedited orders. These providers have the expertise and resources to ensure timely deliveries, saving your business time and money in the long run.
  • Communicate expected delivery times. It's important to communicate expected delivery times clearly and consistently throughout the buying process of a shipping product. That includes confirming order details, providing tracking information, and sending updates if there are any delays or issues with the shipment.

Expedited Shipping With Strikingly

Implementing expedited shipping into your ecommerce shipping solutions can improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Strikingly makes it easy to offer expedited shipping options on your ecommerce website. Some key steps include:

  • Set up carrier integrations. Connect Strikingly with the carriers you want to use for expedited shipping services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Strikingly automatically syncs shipping rates and transit times with the carriers for an efficient set-up process.
  • Enable expedited shipping rates. Go to the Shipping page under Settings. Toggle on the option to "Show expedited shipping rates" for each carrier you integrated. This will allow expedited rates to display on your product pages and at checkout.
  • Customize delivery estimates. You'll want to give customers accurate delivery estimates for expedited shipping rates. On the Shipping page, enter the expedited rates' typical delivery timeframes for your location and the locations you ship to.
  • Choose how rates display. Decide if you want to show expedited rates with other shipping rates on product pages so customers can compare or show expedited shipping as an upgrade option at checkout. Set this in the "Expedited shipping rates display" option on the Shipping page.
  • Offer a rate markup (optional). You can apply a markup fee to expedited shipping rates when displayed on your site. Enter a flat or percentage markup amount in the " Expedited shipping rate markup" field. Any markup will be added to the carrier's actual expedited rates.
  • Prominently feature options. Make expedited shipping options easy for customers to find by prominently highlighting them on product pages and at checkout. Consider emphasizing speed and convenience to urge customers to upgrade to expedited shipping.
  • Fulfill orders quickly. Ensure you have processes to fulfill expedited shipping orders as quickly as possible. double-check the shipping details and get the orders out to the carrier on the same or the next business day to meet the promised delivery timeline.
  • Optimize based on feedback. Keep checking reviews and customer feedback to see if there's room to improve your expedited shipping options and experience. Look for ways to streamline fulfillment, tighten delivery estimates or upgrade to faster service levels when possible.

Using Strikingly, you can access major carriers' expedited shipping capabilities and pass on affordable rates directly to your customers. Be transparent about delivery timeframes, make options clearly visible, optimize when needed, and follow through on fast fulfillment to provide a premium experience worth paying more for! Offering expedited shipping is a proven way for ecommerce businesses to increase conversions, encourage repeat purchases and boost satisfaction.

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Strategy 4: International Shipping

Expanding your ecommerce business to international markets can be a game-changer, but it comes with challenges. Shipping products across borders requires careful planning and execution to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid legal issues.

  • Follow international shipping regulations. When shipping internationally, it's important to follow the rules and regulations set by each country's customs department. Please comply with these regulations to avoid packages being held or destroyed, causing delays and financial losses for your business.
  • Include all necessary customs forms. Customs forms are required when shipping internationally, and they provide information about the contents of your package, their value, and where they're coming from. Ensure you include all necessary forms to avoid delays or extra fees.
  • Consider currency conversion rates. When selling products internationally, you'll need to consider currency conversion rates. Make sure you offer prices in local currencies for a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • Use reliable international carriers. Choosing the right carrier is crucial when shipping internationally. Look for carriers with experience with international shipments and a good track record of delivering packages on time and in good condition.


Strategy 5: Free Returns

Offering free returns is one of the best ways to boost customer satisfaction and improve your ecommerce shipping strategies. It shows that you value their experience and are inclined to go the extra mile to ensure their happiness.

  • Offer free returns for customer satisfaction. You remove the risk factor for customers who may be hesitant to purchase from your store by offering free returns. Free returns can increase sales and customer loyalty, as they know they can trust your brand.
  • Set reasonable return deadlines. It's important to set reasonable deadlines for returns so that customers have enough time to decide if they want to keep the product. Return deadlines can vary depending on the product type, but typically 30 days is a good timeframe.

Provide Clear And Easy Return Instructions

Make sure customers' return process is straightforward. Include clear instructions on initiating a return, eligible items, and other important details.

  • Include a pre-paid shipping label in the package
  • Provide an online portal for initiating returns
  • Have a dedicated customer support team available
  • Use returns as an opportunity to improve your service.
  • Returns can provide valuable feedback on why customers return products, allowing you to improve your ecommerce shipping solutions or product offerings.
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Strategy 6: Package Tracking

Ecommerce shipping strategies are complete with proper package tracking.

  • It is crucial to use package tracking for all orders, regardless of size or value. Doing so lets you track your shipments and ensure they reach their destination on time.
  • Using package tracking also allows you to communicate tracking information to your customers. Package tracking helps build trust and confidence in your ecommerce store, as customers can track their orders from start to finish.
  • To keep your customers informed about the progress of their shipments, think about employing SMS or email notifications.
  • Moreover, package tracking data is a great way to improve your shipping process. You can identify areas to improve and make necessary changes by analyzing the data. For example, if you notice that a particular carrier consistently delivers late or damaged shipments, you can switch to a more reliable carrier.

How To Use Strikingly To Achieve Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

Incorporating these ecommerce shipping solutions will help streamline your shipping and fulfillment processes. It will also help enhance the customer experience by providing timely updates on their orders.

  • Use package tracking for all orders.
  • Communicate tracking information to customers.
  • Consider using SMS or email notifications.
  • Use tracking data to improve the shipping process.

Strategy 7: Packaging And Branding

Regarding ecommerce, shipping strategies, packaging, and branding should be considered. However, they can play a pivotal role in the success of your shipping and fulfillment process. Here are some tips for effective packaging and branding:

  • Use high-quality and durable packaging. Your ecommerce packaging should withstand the rigors of shipping without getting damaged. Durable packaging will protect your products and ensure they arrive in good condition, essential for customer satisfaction. Use sturdy boxes or padded envelopes depending on the size and fragility of your products.
  • Consider incorporating branding elements. Your packaging is also an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. You can include your logo, tagline, or other design elements that reflect your brand's personality. Branding elements will increase brand recognition and make your customers feel special.
  • Use eco-friendly packaging when possible. In today's environmentally conscious world, using eco-friendly packaging is not only good for the planet but also good for business. Customers appreciate companies that care about sustainability and are more likely to choose them over those that don't. You can use biodegradable materials, recycled paper or cardboard, or even reusable containers.
  • Test different packaging and branding strategies. Like with other ecommerce shipping solutions, testing different strategies is key to finding what works best for you and your customers. Try different types of packaging, colors, designs, or even personalized notes or gifts inside the package to see what resonates with your audience.

How Can Strikingly Help With Packaging And Branding?

Strikingly can help with packaging and branding in a few key ways:

  • Showcase your product packaging. The Strikingly platform allows you to prominently feature images of your product packaging on your website. You can highlight what makes your packaging unique, eye-catching, or premium as a way to strengthen your brand identity.
  • Reinforce your brand story. Use your Strikingly site to reinforce the story and values behind your brand. Explain what inspired your brand and product vision. Discuss why certain colors, fonts, or designs were chosen for your product packaging to bring customers into your brand journey.
  • Convey brand prestige. Strikingly gives you tools to build a sleek, polished website that aligns with a prestigious brand identity. The styling of your site—from color scheme to typography to layout—should convey the same premium experience as your product packaging. Consistent brand expression builds trust and loyalty.
  • Educate customers on sustainability. If your product packaging incorporates sustainable or eco-friendly materials and design, use your Strikingly site to educate customers about these environmental benefits. Explain your choice of materials, renewable resources used, or reusability and recyclability of packaging. Promoting sustainable practices and transparency boosts brand goodwill.
  • Enable hassle-free unboxing experiences. Product "unboxing" has become an influential digital trend, especially for premium gift items or subscriptions. Feature high-quality lifestyle photos and possibly videos on your Strikingly site to allow customers to visualize an appealing unboxing experience with your brand. This kind of brand-building content marketing on your website and social channels sparks a desire for the customer experience with your product.
  • Build a social following. The social media channels in your Strikingly dashboard allow you to curate an active social presence that aligns closely with your brand and product packaging designs. Engaging social content that features your packaging helps raise brand visibility, reach new potential customers, and stays top-of-mind for repeat customers. A strong social following also signals a brand's prestige to new visitors to your website.

Your Strikingly website is a key tool for showcasing and building upon your product packaging and overall brand identity. Leveraging your site's visuals, messaging, social media, and more, you can strengthen brand recall, convey prestige, share your brand story, highlight sustainability, enable digital unboxing experiences, and build a social following. With a strategic brand-building website, you gain significant advantages over competitors in your market.

Ecommerce Shipping Strategies- Follow consistent brand image with color scheme

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How Can Strikingly Improve Ecommerce Shipping Strategies?

When it comes to ecommerce shipping strategies, it's important not to overthink things. Shipping can be easy, especially with the right tools and solutions. That's where Strikingly comes in - this website builder provides a range of features to aid you in shipping products quickly and efficiently.

  • Shipping's easy. Take your time with it. With Strikingly, you can easily set up shipping options for your ecommerce store. Whether you want to offer free or flat-rate shipping, the platform makes it simple to customize your settings and get your products out the door.
  • Shipment success equals delighted customers. One of the biggest benefits of implementing effective ecommerce shipping strategies is that it leads to happy customers. When orders arrive on time and in good condition, shoppers are likelier to leave positive reviews and become repeat customers. With Strikingly's help, you can ensure that your shipments are always top-notch.
  • Shake things up, and try new tactics. While having a solid foundation for your ecommerce shipping options is essential, feel free to experiment with new tactics as well. For example, you might offer expedited or international shipping if this is the first time you have done so. With Strikingly's assistance, you can easily test different strategies and see what applies best to your business.
  • Stay chill and keep the shipping on. Finally, remember that even with the best ecommerce shipping solutions in place, there may still be hiccups along the way. Packages might get delayed or lost in transit - but by staying calm and communicating clearly with customers about any issues, you can maintain their trust and loyalty over time.


In the highly competitive ecommerce industry, implementing effective shipping strategies is crucial for business success. Businesses can give customers a satisfying purchasing experience and increase customer loyalty by providing a variety of shipping alternatives, such as free delivery, flat-rate shipping, expedited and international shipping, free returns, and package tracking. Strikingly offers ecommerce shipping solutions, making it easy to set up different shipping options and integrate with reliable third-party carriers. Constantly evaluating and improving the shipping process is essential for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, allowing businesses to stay ahead in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

In conclusion, by implementing effective ecommerce shipping strategies using Strikingly’s features, you can offer convenient and affordable solutions that will keep your customers happy while boosting sales for your business. Don't hesitate - start shipping and fulfilling your orders today!