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    Ary Yogeswary 

    (Ida Ayu Peseraman) 

    Writer. Dreamer. Lover of Life


    On one of her first job interviews, the interviewer scorned Ary for choosing to try Marketing instead of getting a job that correlates with her Bachelor degree in Medicine, exclaiming: "Business is cruel and never help anyone." 


    5 years and hundreds of clients later, her decision to be in customer-related field proved to be most rewarding: she made dreams come true and make sure her clients had the same fun experience she had with them.


    Work can be fun. So can life.

    Ida Ayu Peseraman

    (Ary Yogeswary)

     Customer Service Specialist. Sales/Marketer. Translator. Administrator. 



    A wordsmith that uses words to entice (Salesperson/Marketer), to calm and assist (Customer Service Specialist), to ensure everything works accordingly (Administrator).


    A bilingual writer that love words and have been translating (Translator) and working extensively with both English and Bahasa Indonesia for more than a decade, both in formal and informal capacity.


    A firm believer that there is more to jobs than just to pay next month's bill.



    Making Dreams come true and Invoke new Dreams

    FKC International, Inc.

    Product Administrator and Liaison Officer: July 2015 - Present

    Los Angeles, USA


    FKC International, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based global direct selling company with comprehensive skin care and health supplement products. The company caters globally, with established offices around the globe, with the emphasize of China and Southeast Asia market.


    The product administrator has the responsibility to collect and compile the necessary product technical documents (certificates, testing results, production records, etc) required by the other departments for various purposes, such as shipping, registration, and marketing. The position requires an in-depth understanding of the products, as well as knowledge about the ingredients and the process involved in making the products. The position also requires strong communication skills to decipher what each party need and what they can provide in terms of documentation. The liaison officer for Indonesia is a position that works intensively to assist the Indonesia office, including but not limited to shipping and registration process, provide support in various other aspects, and handling any issue that might arise. The support and assistance are provided through e-mails, phone calls, and text messaging.

    White Rose Production

    Studio Account Manager: February 2015 - June 2015

    Los Angeles, USA


    White Rose Production is one of the best cinematography companies Los Angeles has to offer, boasting perfect Yelp reviews and breathtaking video highlights. It works with a very diversified clientele market, which includes Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian weddings.



    This position dictates a cheerful and open-minded attitude to help clients from many different race/country for their upcoming wedding, often includes specific cultural wedding events. The correspondences with clients are mostly done in e-mails and phone calls, and the details are then gathered to be submitted to the corresponding team that will assist the clients on the day of. This position also assists with general day-to-day administration such as accepting and directing phone calls, scanning and cataloging receipts, and arranging/confirming meetings.

    OPENEYE Media

    Personal Assistant/Administration: November 2012 - June 2013

    Bali, Indonesia


    Considered as one of the best and most professional video production team in Bali, OPENEYE Media provides video production for television, film and individual company promotion and live events. The clienteles include Bali's best clubs and companies, and renowned international brands.




    This position is more skewed towards administrative duties such as conducting basic accounting, filing, preparing quotes, and e-mail follow-ups. This position also requires to conduct a lot of searches and negotiate prices with local vendors before and on the day of the event, while translating back and fro between Bahasa Indonesia and English to ensure everyone (the expatriate crew and the local vendors/crew) understand each other.


    PhotoFactory Bali

    Sales/Marketing: July 2008 - October 2012

    Bali, Indonesia


    PhotoFactory is one of the leading wedding video and photography company in Bali. It specifically caters to clients from around the world, and work closely with some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts in Bali, such as Bulgari and Amanresorts.



    Albeit the title Sales, this position's duty lies heavily in the customer service field. Since all sales are conducted by e-mail and requested by clients who live in different countries, it is vital to understand and 'read between the line' for clients' preferences and needs. This sensitivity is also required after the sales/service to ensure the clients' satisfaction and to further cemented the feeling of luxurious brand the company aims for. Detailed attention and harmonious cooperation with different departments is needed, and the precise translation of clients wedding inquiries/details from English (clients' main language) to Indonesia (company's main language) and vice versa is conducted in at least 80% of each working day.


      Kucing Hitam Jalan-Jalan (blog)

      Blog writer: 2009 - Present

      Indonesia, USA


      Kucing Hitam Jalan-Jalan literally translate into Black Cat Wanders, and all the articles are written based on what "the cat" observes on daily life. It focuses on self-improvement and happiness, as well as seeing the world in broader, better way.




      • Dear, Mantan Tersayang [Dear, Beloved Ex] (Paperback) : a self-help book made in response to the viral "Hello, My (Now) Ex-husband Little Missus" blog article. The illustrated book provides insight how to love, how to prevent affairs, what to do when it happened, and how to move on. It was published by Grasindo, Indonesia's leading book publisher, Grasindo Pustaka Utama, and available nationwide.

      • The Day I Died (Short Story) : a story of choices made and love lost, this story received a Commendation from Society of Southwestern Authors Writing Competition. Read it here.

      • The Lessons, The Love, The Promises (E-book): a self-published e-book made from compilation of blog articles from the year 2012-2014. Download the e-book for free at Blurb Store (compatible with iPad) or download here (compatible with Google Play Books).

      • Journey to Bali - The Best Festivals and Events in 2014 (PDF E-book): a commission piece made for and in collaboration with Bali Tourism Board to promote cultural events in Bali throughout 2014. It comes complete with the "Dos and Don'ts" to ensure better and more respectable tourism experience both for the tourist and the locals. Download the PDF for free.


      The building blocks necessary to completed the work


      Title: Bachelor of Medicine from Trisakti University in Indonesia

      Graduation year: 2007


      Bachelor of Medicine (Bachelor of Medical Science) in Indonesia is a 4 year undergraduate study. The study plan breaks down into 4 year (160 unit) study to earn the Bachelor of Medicine, and a 2 year (40 unit) study working as residents in various hospitals in Indonesia to earn the title of General Practitioner. The graduates (Bachelor of Medicines) are allowed to work as scientist and/or other non-clinical professions should they wish to not pursue the GP career path.


      Language Skills

      Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English

      Native Language: Bahasa Indonesia

      Additional Language: English (since 1994)


      • Proficiency in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, having used both simultaneously from the year 2000 - present


      • Translating: Translating papers and articles from English to Bahasa Indonesia for undergraduates majoring in Economy, Dentistry and Medicine from the year 2000 - 2007; Translating work-related e-mails from English to Bahasa Indonesia from the year 2008 - 2012.


      • Interpreting: Interpreting between foreign clients and the company's Indonesian staff from English to Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa from the year 2008 - 2012.

      Windows OS

      A user since 1998

      Status: Fully proficient


      Have worked intensively with the programs below for study, leisure, and work related projects:


      • Microsoft Word

      • Microsoft Excel

      • Microsoft Powerpoint

      • Microsoft Outlook

      Mac OS

      A user since 2010

      Status: Proficient


      Have worked intensively with the programs below for work related projects:


      • Office for Mac
      • Pages
      • Numbers
      • Safari

      • Mail

      Other computer programs and skills

      Programs used and skills developed since 2009

      Status: Proficient


      Have worked intensively with the programs below since 2009, both in Windows OS and in Mac OS:


      • Adobe Acrobat Reader

      • Filemaker Pro (for data entry)

      • Blogger

      • Wordpress


      Other miscellaneous skills include (but not limited to):

      • File compression (photo and PDF document)

      • File conversion to from Windows OS to Mac OS and vice versa

      • Typing skills 50 WPM


      There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you did your job well... and help perfected someone's day 


      (Click on the names to read more!)

      Louise, USA


      You have been so great throughout this whole process. Very responsive and timely. You don’t find that often with companies nowadays. We can’t thank you enough for you guidance and service.


      Jess, Singapore


      From the beginning to the end, it’s been flawless. You, Ary, have been super helpful and always quick and effective with your answers and assistances.


      Peta, Australia


      Particular mention though must go to Ary. She has made this experience so easy while remaining professional at all times. Ary is a fantastic young lady and I cannot speak highly enough of her service during and after the wedding day.


      Minh, Vietnam


      You did not only sat together with us for hour showing the pictures, the beautiful places for shooting, consulting us on how we should arrange the day but also help us with tiny problems of two travelers coming to Bali for the first time.


      Shonna, UK


      You put up with all my questions and emails in a such clear and professional manner and made me feel completely relaxed and assured that everything was going to be taken care of. You really did remove any stress and concerns.


      Nicole, Australia


      Prompt and professional in getting back to us with our endless list of queries and we never felt that we were ‘putting them out’.


      Betsy, USA


      I wanted to write and THANK YOU so much for all of your kind help and guidance in getting us connected with the company.


      Nicola, Australia


      It was not just the photographers that made the company great – you are a wonderful ambassador, so friendly and easy to deal with. 5 star service!! :)


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