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    Walden Partners provides top consumer-product company clients with excellent merchandising expertise and on-target designs.
    In today’s competitive retail world, high-performance merchandising is the price of entry. Whether you are a billion dollar pain reliever, a global coffee merchant or an air conditioning giant, your brand must work hard to get attention and drive sales at retail. We can help!



    Want an outsider’s perspective on your retail merchandising program?
    Considering entry into a new trade channel?
    Need a secure design source for a new category you’re exploring?
    Want to covertly develop integrated packaging/displays for a confidential new product?

    Bring us your challenge. We provide clients with smart insights and actionable merchandising recommendations that drive their business forward.

    Display Development & Production

    From sharp-looking countertop displays to dramatic in-store boutiques, we design, prototype, engineer and produce merchandising vehicles that attract consumer attention and generate sales. From a blank sheet of paper to a fully-installed national display program, we successfully guide you through the entire process with the highest level of service and expertise...
    - on strategy
    - on time
    - on budget!


    For further information or to discuss your project, contact:

    Cal Mann, Managing Partner
    (858) 336-2557

  • Johnson & Johnson's Acuvue

    Let me look into your deep blue Acuvue® eyes.
    Growth is often colorful. Acuvue is experiencing that very thing and we were there to see it all. Their colored lenses from their Colours line appeal to those wanting to make a correct fashion statement without needing correction to their vision!

    Not surprisingly, Americans are the fastest growing segment of these color contact lens wearers. Acuvue came to us to help capture their fair share of this stylish boom.

    As quickly as a person can change the color of their eyes with these lenses, that’s how fast the graphics can be replaced on the countertop display we created for Acuvue in Wal-Mart stores. Flexibility at its finest.

    The unique solution keeps product safe and secure while grabbing the attention of those who view these lenses as a must-have to complete their wardrobe. The eyes have it with this display as Acuvue continues seeing their market share grow.

  • Trane @Home Depot

    Need Presence?
    An exclusive relationship with Home Depot gave Trane a tremendous opportunity to showcase their heating and air conditioning equipment in prime homeowner territory.

    Leveraging Trane’s sales team presence in-store, we developed this impressive endcap display, a rolling kiosk and awareness signage. With interactive video to pick up prospects when sales personnel were unavailable, Trane realized big gains in prospect interest and sales.

    Air conditioning has never been cooler!

  • Stirrings® Endcap

    Got Party?

    Got Party? With Stirrings colorful martini mixers and glass rimmer mixes, you can have an instant party in minutes.

    To aid Stirrings in merchandising their growing portfolio of cocktail products, we developed this impressive endcap display. With room for all their product forms and the flexibility to hold any planogram, you’re likely to see this popular display in all your favorite stores soon.


  • Starbucks Bakery Kiosk

    Want a croissant with that Frappuccino at your grocer’s Starbucks®?

    Do you think of Starbucks when you’re in your local grocery store’s bakery department? The people at Starbucks do!

    They’ve successfully placed their coffee products into grocery store bakeries and turned to us for a display that carries their innovative and attractive message to anyone wandering around looking for the perfect bagel, birthday cake, or bread.

    Everything the consumer could want for that quick, refreshing moment is all in one handy spot -- fresh coffee, cups and condiments, plus ground coffee and ice cold Frappuccino. Variety, taste, convenience, and quality all wrapped up in one yummy place.

    It’s just like a mini-trip to Starbucks with one less stop to make on your way home. Frappuccino and a croissant make grocery shopping so much more fun! And don’t forget that birthday cake!

  • About Us

    We provide top consumer-product companies with Point-of-Purchase displays that effectively and profitably sell. We have done this consistently and happily since 1984.

    Our initial process in working with companies is simple and elegant.
    • Concise overview of what we offer
    •A well-placed jump into your company’s unique circumstances
    •Discussion about how we can create a big idea together

    The next step is to closely tailor solutions to each client's particular situation. This is enhanced by our ability to quickly "come up to speed" on client products, consumers, trade, and the overall industry.

    The clients who most love working with us are often bright, fast-study, top MBA school types who excel at making sound and swift decisions. They know whether we are a good fit or not right away, without a lot of time, process, or mulling it over. These decision-makers want to know that we do understand consumer marketing, and that we can take an embryonic opportunity and profitably bring it to market. We do and we can.

    Reputation: Our Success is based on delivering products that are:
    •On Strategy
    •On Budget
    •On Time

    Our design and manufacturing partners allow us to be among the best at what we do. We pass that excellence directly along to you.

    Experience: You name it, we've done it! From Kool-Aid to Jell-O, from feminine hygiene to contact lenses, we've worked in almost any category that's out there, each project unique unto itself.

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    For additional information or to discuss your project, contact:

    Cal Mann, Managing Partner
    (858) 336-2557