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    Steve Gluckman

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    Best-selling author and Harvard Senior Fellow, Steve Gluckman, is a highly-regarded speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur who has consistently been on the forefront of organizational online learning and disruptive technologies.


    Named a “Trusted Advisor” by the Professional Development Consortium in 2015, Steve is a Catalyst DisruptTheDefault award winner and has addressed audiences across North America and Europe regarding emerging online learning and knowledge-sharing trends and best practices. Steve is also the creator of the SkillBurst® and founder of LawFirmElearning, the leading developer of custom on-demand learning resources for the global legal industry.

  • Awards & Honors


    "Steve is a strong speaker with well-disciplined energy and infectious, confident optimism."

    - NFL Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer and White House Advisor, Nick Lowery


    "Steve Gluckman is an amazing speaker who talks about learning tech in a way that all can understand."

    - Former Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Wendy Anderson


    “You are wonderful speaker Steve. I was very impressed with your presentation here last week.”

    - Director, Harvard University, M.Mancusi,


    “Best presentation I have attended in years! Very informative and extremely entertaining.”

    - PDI 2015 Review


    “What a great session. Everyone was energized by the discussion and learned a great deal!”

    - Professional Development Consortium


    “Excellent Keynote. Fantastic Speaker. Energetic and Knowledgeable.”

    - New York CLE Accredited Provider Conference


  • Talks & Topics

    Some of Steve's Most-Requested Talks and Topics


    "The Future of Learning in Business"


    "Bite-Size is the Right Size. The Move to Brief, Targeted Learning"


    "Corporate On-Demand Learning for the YouTube Generation"


    "A Powerful Combination: Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management"


    "Getting Quality E-Learning Up-and-Running Quickly - Without Breaking the Bank"


    "Adaptive Learning and Where We Are Headed"


    "The Intersection of Augmented Reality and Corporate Learning"


    "Getting Started with Gamified Learning"


    "Just-in-Time Learning and Knowledge Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin"


    and many more...

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