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    A Rave Culture Mythos + Art Experiment

    Raver J is a character. The first EDM superheroine. Her journey through art and story are visual and Literary Artivism.


    Artivism is art activism.


    Remember, our stories change the world.


    #PLURRPropaganda #LivingMyth


  • JIVANA: E-Novella

    A story for ravers everywhere

    JIVANA: Track 1

    The awakening

    Jivana Thoreau thought her life's vision was set; make it to the top of the Koch* E. corporate ladder. That is what she had thought until the morning after her first rave. This first novella is about the journey of an electronic awakening - a driven, successful, and materially minded corporate executive transforming into the spiritual-superheroine, Raver J.


    *(Koch pronounced "cock")


    Out now on Amazon.com. Read the stellar reviews for the first novella.

  • Stellar Novella Reviews

    Shar4, DJ/Producer

    BRAVO!! Finally finished reading this- can't wait to start on the next one! You are such an amazing writer- the words you put together and the journey you take readers on is truly incredible...I am so impressed! 😱

    Wolfie, DJ/ Producer

    It feels like the first time one discovers the music scene. Like stepping out of muggles into the magic.

    I love this music scene. So maligned in the mainstream media, its nice to have a book that takes you on a journey capturing that magic- and that genuine awakening to love, the environment and self growth.

    Tess Whitehurst, Author

    Imagine if William Burroughs were reincarnated as a corporate-slave-turned-rave-chick in an alternate, dystopian (but familiar) graphic novel-type reality. (!!!) Quantum physics, metaphysics, and environmentalism all play a role in this truly mesmerizing and unique little book...And this is just the first installment! Can't wait for the next one. I read it in one sitting, without stopping. If you have an interest in rave culture, science, and the sinister effects of corporate greed - and you like your literature intricate - this one is for you. Highly recommended.

  • This isn't just a story 


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    Author - Creatrix - Artivist

    Rave Culture Literature Pioneer

    Since 2003, Raver J has been my exploratory,

    multi-media pop-art experiment and a living cosplay.

    Raver J is my artivism - part of my spiritual path.


    This work is dedicated to

    awakened and awakening ravers.

    It is meant to inspire, encourage, and support them on their journey to becoming superhero/ine

    change-agents for the world.


    Read more about her life on her Amazon Author Bio page.




    Raver J








    theraverj at gmail dot com







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