• Thank You

    Welcome to Strikingly's premium plans! Here are some new things you can do now.

    Feel free to email our happiness team if you have any questions at support@strikingly.com as you go.

  • Claim your free domain

    Both Limited and Pro (Yearly and 2-Year) include a free domain, which connects automatically to your site! Get started by clicking Settings > Domains
    Have your pick from .com, .net, .org, and .co. Domain privacy included. Learn more here. (All users can buy extra domains for $24.95 USD.)

  • Connect your own URL!

    With Limited and Pro, you can connect the domains you already own. Get started here!

    If you're having trouble, try this checklist and then connect with us.
    (You can also connect subdomains, such as subdomain.domain.com, but not directories, such as domain.com/directory. All domains have an unlimited number of subdomains.)

  • Add apps! 

    Want to add your custom form, music, slideshow, and store to your site? No problem! Click "add a section" "App Store & HTML" to get these. If what you want is not listed, scroll down.

  • Images and Backgrounds

    You asked for it, and here they are! A library of all the images you've ever uploaded, as well a packs of beautiful high resolution images for your backgrounds. Try them by clicking "background" and then "upload!" Learn more.

  • Intermission

    The next thing you'll want to do is to add your site to your email signature.

    Go to "settings" in your email client to show what you do and what you believe in. As an added bonus, this improves SEO.



    We're glad to make your web presence more awesome! Enjoy these features, higher bandwidth, and search engine-friendliness. Click below to get some inspiration from other users.

    That's all for now for Limited features. Pro users – read on!

  • Remove Strikingly branding.

    Have the bottom of your website be completely your own content. Strikingly's banner is easy to hide. (We already know you love us.)

    Just click on “settings” “header & footer!”

  • Icons of all kinds!

    You like our social media icons, but you want a few for your business, a few for your event, a few for your birthday party. We've got a little gallery just for you! Access it by click "upload" and "strikingly library" over any smaller image area. 

  • Style your site.

    Add some flair to your site with our hand-picked styles – try out color and typography combinations by clicking “style” while in the editor. You can also use custom colors using HEX code! Let us know what you think.

  • Embed more!

    Want to do something not in our app store yet? Sure! You can use our HTML option from the "App Store & HTML" section. There are tons of great embeds to copy and paste, such as mailing list sign-ups, and event ticketers. There are PRO embeds like Celery, ECWID, and Mailchimp.


    (To set up Twitter cards, click here.)

  • Be found. (SEO & Webmaster's Tools)

    The custom code section is magical! One thing you can do is paste some code from Google to help Google index your site: learn more about Webmaster's tools. Learn more about SEO!


    (Another thing you can do is pictured: CSS code for modifying square image to round.)

  • Use custom code.

    For advanced users: Modify your site more by adding your own html, css, and javascript to sections, header, and footer.


  • Add mobile actions!

    Your visitors can call or email you while they browse on their phone. Add your information to “settings” "mobile actions" to get going! These appear as buttons at the bottom of your mobile site.

  • Activate Multiple Pages!

    Have lots of content but want to keep the site short? No Problem! Activate Multiple Pages via Settings > Advanced > Multiple Pages. You can add in all your content in separate pages within the site. Learn more about it here!

  • Be our friend. (Feedback)

    Phew! Those are our Pro features, though much more can be done with some creativity. As usual, don't hesitate to email our Happiness Team at support@strikingly.com or visit support.strikingly.com for more ideas.