• Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your

    Landing Page Using Strikingly

    No Prior Design

    Experience Required

    You don't need to have a degree in graphic design to create your landing page. We have all the elements you need in our Strikingly editor. In the end, you'll have a beautiful landing page that looks and feels like your brand.

    Know What Kind of
    Copy to Write

    Copywriting can be VERY intimidating to tackle. We'll help you break down copy that will explain the benefits to using your product or service to your visitors that will make it more likely for them to convert.

    Have Confidence in Your Landing Page

    Because we're going over ALL THE ELEMENTS you need to keep in mind when designing your landing page, you'll be more confident about your design, and copy choices, before you hit the "Publish" button.

  • "Landing pages serve a unique and specific purpose. Simply put, landing pages are best used to take an individual from a specific advertisement to an equally specific landing page built to answer any roadblocks that individual might have so that they convert". -Garrett Mehrguth

  • How to Build Your Landing Page from Scratch

    This five part video series will walk you through the layout, copywriting, design elements, and more - so you can build your landing page for your business, brand, or service - that converts.

    The Key Differences Between A Landing Page and a Website

    This is the introduction to you building your landing page for your business, product, or service. In this section we're going to explain some of the key differences, between a landing page and a website, that you need to keep in mind when creating your landing page.

  • How to Create A High-Converting Landing Page in Strikingly

    Let's start piecing it together, one-by-one

    If you've never built a landing page from scratch, this section will change all of that. We're going to go over all of the necessary elements it takes to create a high converting landing page.

    Tips on How to Write Great Landing Page Copy that Converts

    The Beginners Guide to Copywriting

    People usually get stuck for hours, if not weeks, when it comes to writing copy for their landing page. We're going to go over some copywriting techniques that will be both informative, and persuasive, to your audience.

    Design Tips for Creating a Landing Page

    in Strikingly

    The beautification of your landing page

    Choosing your font styles, your colors, and background images does not have to be a time suck. We're going to give you some tips to narrow your choices down that will make your landing page look, and feel, like your brand.

    The Checklist Before Publishing Your Strikingly Landing Page

    Making sure you "kick the tires" before hitting publish

    Welcome to the last section of "creating your landing page" journey. Now it's time to take care of a bit of maintenance before hitting the publish button.


    You are now equipped with the knowledge (and confidence) on how to build your own landing page for your business, brand, or service.
    Get started now while the information and ideas are still fresh in your mind!