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    I've been at the top and know just how lonely it is up there.


    I've had a fight with my mom that I thought I'd never live down.


    I've gone through more than my share of "bad guys" during my extensive stay in singles-ville.

    It's a journey that not many people understand.

    But you do.  

    It's tough to be a powerful woman in todays world.  

    Half the people look at us in intimidation, the other half in admiration.  

    That pesky third half seems to just look at us quizzically like they just don't get it.

    And then there's how we look at ourselves. 

    That's where I come in.

    I help women identify the blocks in their life that are keeping them from their dream life and bust through them to the action plan on the other side.

    Whether it's love, money, physical or mental health, I guide women through the mazes with calm reassurance and a no-holds barred motivation to see them succeed in love, business, and personally.

    I help women get crystal clear about what they really want and how they will get it.

    And Then, They Do.

    My Resume

    It's Extensive


    I have the last 20 years or so of my corporate, clock-punching career listed on my LinkedIn Profile.  Check it out.. I've done a few things.


    But don't dwell on it, because new things are coming every day!


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    Hart Connections



    Finally, I'm pursuing my heart's passion... to see amazing women be even more amazing every day - whether it's figuring out next life steps, finding the love of their life, or deciding how to move forward in their business, I thrive on empowering women.  My proven system helps women across the nation clarify and acheive their goals faster.



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    In-House HR

    CEO & Co-founder


    Hiring a key person for your small business? Let my team make it easy.



    We find the best candidates through our proven system of recruitment and then we help you become a well-oiled machine through ongoing training and consulting services.


    We'll save you time, money, and headaches!


    Email me for details.


    The 5 Keys to Relationships that Work!


    My clients are already superstars in their own right.


    They are the powerhouse women that others look at and think "Wow, she's got everything together".


    They are leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs and they have big vision and amazing ideas.


    They come to me when they are ready for the next level in love or business.


    I only work with a few at a time, and I give my all to our coaching journey.


    If you aren't sure you qualify or whether you're really ready for a coach, we probably aren't a fit.


    But if you know you are a WOMAN among women, I'm the boost you've been looking for.


    When you apply for my program, I'll set up a free strategy session to see if we're a match and how I can support you best.


    If we aren't a match, I have a huge network of coaches I use for referrals. I just might know the perfect person for you.


    Some women find that my free consult is really all they need to get jumpstarted on their next step.



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    I limit my one-on-one coaching clients, but I have options!


    One-on-One for an intense hour of revitalization -  of your dreams, your spirit, or your business

    Cost: $250


    Troubles with staff in your business? Not sure about your current dating situation? Feeling stuck or in-a-rut? During this hour, I'll help you quickly identify exactly what the issue is and what your next steps will be.



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    Power POV Group

    Group Coaching - join a powerful group of women on a journey to actualize their dreams.

    Cost: $999 for 5 live sessions + materials


    This 10 week program will help you identify exactly what's blocking your progress and develop a plan to overcome it. Each session will focus on a different area of the relationships in your life - with people, dreams, health, and money and as a group, you'll create a viable action plan for your life. If you have a dream, but you don't know how to get it, this group is for you.



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    Individual Coaching

    One-on-One ongoing coaching.   One-hour sessions twice a month and all the support you can imagine.

    Cost:  $500/mo for weekly calls or 

                $1200 for full 3 month program


    Most of my clients want to work with me on an ongoing basis.



    When they do, they have my full attention and all access.


    In addition to the two 1-hour sessions per month, my coaching clients can reach me by phone and email any time.


    In fact, I even offer a free accountability program. I'll email you as often as you like to check in, keep you on track, and make sure you make it to your dream destination.


    I only take a few clients at this level, so Apply Today to see if we would be a match.


    Are you ready for it?

  • "I was in a 18 year marriage that wasn't just miserable but detrimental to my internal happiness and the happiness of my children. If I had any thoughts of getting out of the situation, I would talk myself out of it because I could only see road blocks. That was until I started to work with Bridgett Hart. She helped me realize that I could either dwell on the obstacles that I saw before me or I could do something about them. She worked hand in hand with me to put a game plan together. Day by day things came together. I can't express what it meant to have someone in my corner when I felt like I wasn't strong enough to do what I needed to do. Not only did I overcome those hurdles but I grew as a person to know that I do have the strength in me to do anything. I need to follow my heart and listen to my gut. Thank you Bridgett for your advice, direction, confirmation and support."

    -Melissa Perez, HR Director, Zaycon



    "Bridgett Hart has been a great blessing to me for gaining a better understanding of relationships. Her teaching on inner motivations, outward responses, communication, and the role of understanding my own uniqueness and the unique perspective of others, were all things that I needed to hear for helping me to improve in my relationships with others. I am thankful for the knowledge and encouragement Bridgett has provided to better prepare me for the joys and challenges of relationships."


    - Mark Sherwood



    "I highly recommend Bridgett Hart to women of any age or niche for your life or business coaching needs. She not only has incredibly well-rounded business and life experience, but produces effective results for her clients. She is a "Go-To" Resource for getting you mobilized quickly to fulfilling your dreams. Working alongside Bridgett has been a pleasure and I look forward to working with her more in the future."


    -Dayna Belcher
    Dayna Belcher Ministries, Founder/CEO



    "With the ability to see success before it's actual presence, Bridgett Hart has always pushed herself and everyone around her to accomplish greater goals. Her admirable ambition and effectiveness as a leader have been the key elements to her current accomplishments. I've had the pleasure of working with Bridgett, and hope to collaborate in the near future."


    - Jonathan Jones

    Film / Web Design / Creative Branding



    "Your webinar was fantastic. Your information was eye-opening and applies directly to every facet of life. I have already started putting into practice what you shared to strengthen my relationships with people I come in contact with every day. Thank you for reminding us that finding the best in others reveals the best in us. What an information rich presentation!"


    - Michael Hartsfield


    "Bridgett Hart is the PERFECT accountability coach for you (all of you) because she will not only help you be accountable to yourself and stay on track with your own goals, she can do it with a specific knowledge of this course and help you STAY ON TRACK with your course objectives. If I hadn't worked with her, I would still be stuck on finding an idea, I'm sure of it. She's my superhero accountability coach and **should be yours, too**."

     - Nate J., CEO


    "Bridgett is wonderful. I am really so glad I have been able to work with her. I may not be on the same track as I had intended when I started this journey, but I have been able to improve my happiness and my life since working with Bridgett. Sometimes life opens more doors than you look for, and she helped me to see that."

    -Melissa M., Operations Director


    "Bridgett is a very detailed, personable, and results oriented professional. She sees the big picture and desired result as well as knowing the details on how to get there. I highly recommend Bridgett as a Strategic Marketing Consultant as well as a professional trainer."

    - Cletus Thiebeau, President of VALLEYLIFE


    "As Executive Director at Alpha Group Administrators, Inc. Bridgett showed an exceptional ability to shape the culture, to set and achieve long term and short term strategic goals, and to lead a diverse team of managers and staff while navigating a complex regulatory environment. Under her leadership we grew in revenue and profitability and improved dramatically in our non-financial metrics including employee retention and regulatory compliance. I would certainly recommend her for any role in which leadership, strategic thinking, and results oriented management are needed."

    -Aaron Linnebach, CPA at Deloitte



    Drop me a line with any questions, comments, or concerns.  I'd love to hear from you today!


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