• A page about Guy Krenn.

    He's been known to turn actual pies into charts.

    He's an innovator, self-starter, internet marketing nerd, SEMRush evangelist and avid road-tripper. He's the founder and former manager of AustraliaVisas.com, the world's first entirely web-based travel visa fulfillment mechanism for international travelers that prevented documentation nightmares for international tourists from the United States and elsewhere.


    Previously, he was recruited by the Australian Government after graduation from The George Washington University to manage implementation of their audacious and groundbreaking Electronic Travel Authority System (ETAS). Analyzing and interpreting data generated by millions of annual international travelers and thousands of system users including major players such as United Airlines and Sabre Holdings, Guy was tasked with developing strategies that successfully achieved penetration rates exceeding ninety percent in the North American travel industry.


    Following the highly successful implementation of the ETAS on behalf of the Australian Government, he filled the niche for a private sector travel solution by designing and rolling out the first web-based front-end system for electronic fulfillment of international visa applications with the launch of AustraliaVisas.Com.


    His professional expertise: internet marketing and analytics (projects), content and creative writing (samples), order fulfillment, service management, geek wrangling, spotting the niche and filling the gaps.

  • There had to be a better way.

    How Guy helped bring efficiency to one of the world's most inefficient practices.


    If you want it done right, do it yourself...with the help of others.

    Find embassy. Commute. Remember to bring pen. Fill out generic form. Stand in line. Stand in line again over there. Forget minor detail considered important only by bureaucrats. Repeat. This was the way until...


    AustraliaVisas.Com provided a web-based interface for the quick, secure and efficient means of submitting substantial customer data including passport biodata, itinerary and payment information for the purpose of meeting the universal visa requirement of one of the world's top tourist and business destinations. Over 70,000 international travelers took advantage of the website, introducing a level of efficiency not before seen in a field traditionally characterized by onerous paperwork and other bureaucratic obstruction.


    Drawing upon his understanding and appreciation of cultural and other factors and their role in the market from a life lived on two continents, his travel to Europe and Asia and an education in the field of international affairs, Guy successfully used traditional 'tried and true' government and business models and adapted them to meet both public and private sector challenges in the field of e-commerce.

  • Other efforts from Guy.


    Ditch the antiquated booklets. Skip the ink stamps. Say farewell to sticky labels.


    Both innovation and necessity are driving radical advancements in the management of international movement of human beings across borders.


    “Papers, please” is quickly being replaced by “Swipe Here” while a blue pen and application form is being traded in for a reliable internet connection, live customer support and robust apps with helpful notifications.


    The upcoming eVisas initiative will serve as a "first stop" directory of various resources for international travelers seeking both information on visa requirements and a choice of providers to assist with efficient and successful lodging of applications with government agencies tasked with protecting and regulating international borders.


    Storyteller University

    Not every experience can be charted or graphed nor can every event be predicted. Some call this concept the "intangibles," the impossible to gauge metric.


    One by-product, fortunately, is often a compelling story and it has been mostly removed from American cinema over the past two decades. Storyteller University reintroduces the concept of storytelling back into screenwriting and filmmaking.


    CGI and 3D enthusiasts need not apply. After all, which is the more compelling moment; Jar Jar Binks slips and giggles or you just found out that Darth Vader is your dad?


    Whether you're an enthusiastic screenwriter or a producer looking for the next great tale, Storyteller University will serve as a valued resource for those committed to reintroducing story into American cinema.

  • America's fly-over states.

    Drive them instead.

    "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."


    William Shakespeare

    Troilus and Cressida

    "Are we there yet?"



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    TEL (USA): +1 (813) 816 1079

    e-mail: contact@guykrenn.com