• Breakdown Sheet

    Barn Scene Shading and Lighting

    Responsible for shading and lighting.
    Using Renderman's RIS renderer, I chose two assets with complex shading challenges in order to enhance a simple interior scene. The lantern and boot shaders include hand painted masks, color and specular maps created in Mari. The boot shader also uses Vector Displacement maps created in ZBrush. Compositing for color correction and Depth of Field was done in Nuke.

    Renderman RIS Flame Plugin

    Programmed a custom shading node for Maya for the Renderman RIS renderer in order to shade OpenVDB flames imported from Houdini. The plugin interprets density and temperature attributes of the simulation to create an emissive shader. For a full breakdown, click here.

    Character Sculpt and Texturing

    Responsible for all aspects. 
    Created this character from concept to final render using ZBrush for sculpting and texturing. The inspiration was the term 'police dog'.

    Light Match with Animated Character

    Responsible for lighting, texturing, and integrating the character into the scene.
    This piece involved rendering passes in Maya to composite with Nuke. I also used Mari to create the texture on the character. Rendered in Mental Ray

    Carousel Texturing and Lighting

    Responsible for lighting, modeling, texturing and surfacing, and procedural animation.
    This was created using Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, and Mari. While I did not create the original base mesh of the horse model, I altered it significantly and then posed it in Zbrush. Between the poses created in Zbrush, the hand-painted texture maps created in Mari, and the different options for mane and tail shapes and textures, I created 36 unique carousel horses to populate the scene. Rendered in Mental Ray.

    Lighting: Fantastical Plant

    Responsible for lighting, shading, modeling, and animation.
    For this project I decided to go with a more painterly approach for my look development, which is why the frame is in portrait format. I created the light effects in Maya with adjustments made through several passes in Nuke. Subsurface shading played a big part in the delicate feel of the objects. Rendered in Mental Ray.
  • Hello, I'm Emily Overfelt

    My name is Emily Overfelt. I received a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Visual Effects with a minor in Technical Direction in 2015.  I am a 3D Shading and Lighting artist with experience in both games and a film production pipeline. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions about my work. Thanks!