Work magic with Strikingly embeds:

    Here are a few of the apps we've selected or html codes you can copy-and-paste. Your brand is more than just text and images. Use "Add new section" and then "App Store & HTML" to make it happen!



  • Pal, be paid. 

    Paypal donations and payments are now a Strikingly app! Get started here. 

  • Ask and answer.

    This TypeForm form is a Strikingly app. Add a new section, and login to your TypeForm account!

  • Comment.

    Facebook Comment is a Strikingly App! Add a new HTML/Apps section. (Also try Disqus for advanced site commenting!)

  • Inspired? Let's see what you can do!

  • Share your music!

    SoundCloud is a Strikingly App! Add a new "App Store & HTML" section, enter your link, and you'll be ready to play.

  • Show/tell stories!

    SlideShare is a Strikingly App! Add a new section, enter the link to your presentation or photos on Slid.es and tell your story.

  • Share and spread interest!

    Pinterest is a Strikingly app! Add a new section and link to your pins.

  • Take people places.

    Add ticket forms, countdowns, and other widgets from EventBrite. Check out http://developer.eventbrite.com/doc/widgets/

  • Feeling inspired? Googled for your code? Log in.