• Alex Ruiz Personal Website

    "Strikingly gives me a clean, professional website to show off to the world."

    - Alex Ruiz
    Concept Artist


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    "As an artist, my paintings and drawings are the most important elements on my website. Without proper showcasing and navigation, visitors might split sooner than you'd like.
    With Strikingly, I get amazing showcasing and navigation right off the bat with their pre-designed templates, so I don't have to worry about setting it up. All I do is upload my jpegs, position them in the order I want, and that's it! Pair that up with Strikingly's SEO features, apps, analytics, and insane ease of use, and you have a clean, stable, professional looking website you can show off to the world." - Alex

    Showcase your work in your style, with our easy and customizable templates.

    Fashion and graphic designers

    Fashion and graphic designers

    Curate your art in Lightbox media galleries
    Web developers and UX designers

    Concept Artists and Illustrators

    Overlay HQ photos and background video
    Photographers and cinematographers

    Web developers and UX designers

    Embed apps, buttons, and custom code

    As a designer and freelancer in the digital age, you need an attractive digital presence to match. Because when potential clients Google you, what they find represents who you are.
    Control your personal brand by having your own website. No more fighting for attention amongst the endless crowds.

  • FAQ

    Why do I need a personal website?

    Your personal website is your one central location to establish your personal brand. You control the website fully, rather than relying on scattered information that friends or recruiters will find on Google search results and social media
    A Strikingly website allows you to own the design, the content, and most importantly, your own voice on the internet.
    Show your unique value.

    What can I include on my personal site?

    Strikingly allows you to customize your site with a variety of features. For instance:

    • Create a blog to share your expertise and thought leadership
    • Add dynamic background video to instantly capture attention
    • Display your Instagram feed to promote your adventures and hobbies
    • Upload a PDF version of your resume for recruiters to review

    Are Strikingly sites mobile-friendly?

    Yes! We take a “responsive design” approach, Google's recommended best practice for mobile SEO results.
    • Preview your sites across desktop, tablet and mobile devices
    • Manage your sites on-the-go with our mobile app

    How much does Strikingly cost?

    It's free! Building, publishing and sharing your own website is totally free, forever.
    You can upgrade to a premium plan to use your own domain name, remove Strikingly branding, and lots more. View pricing plans and start the 14-day free trial.

    Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes! You can connect a domain you already own, or purchase a brand new domain from Strikingly.
    You have a variety of domains to choose from (upon availability), and we recommend either a .COM or .ME for your personal website.
    Feature available with any paid plan. 

    I need some help with my website!

    Anytime - we're here to help, 24/7.
    Check out our support center, or send us a message and our Happiness Officers will reach out to you shortly.