• David Samuel

    Information Technology Leader


    Thinking Different.

    here's to the crazy ones
    the misfits
    the rebels
    the troublemakers
    the round pegs in the square holes
    the ones who see things differently
    they're not fond of rules
    and they have no respect for the status quo
    you can quote them
    disagree with them
    glorify or vilify them
    about the only thing you can’t do
    is ignore them
    because they've changed things
    they pushed the human race forward
    while some may see them as the crazy ones
    we see genius
    because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world
    are the ones who do

    - S. Jobs (1997)

  • “Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Vision

    The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
    ― Helen Keller


    Core Systems Replacement Projects:

    CRM, ERP, Membership Management, Customer Management, Accounting


    Contracts Negotiated




    Recognized for Community Contributions by the California State Assembly

    More than 40

    Workshops, Certifications and Unique Trainings Completed


    Enterprise Information Technology Awards


    Foundations Certified


    Project Management Professional (2003 - 2014)


    Agile - Waterfall

    Kaizen - Lean

    Cornell University, Johnson School of Business

    Executive Leadership Program Graduate

    Regis University

    Masters of Science - Information Technology Management (4.0); Executive - Information Technology Certification


    Cloud Computing

    Vendor Standardization and Selection Best Practices

    IT Policies and Procedures

    Comparison and Assessment of Systems

    IT Leadership & Vision

    Saint Mary's College of California

    Bachelors of Science - Business Administration and Economics

  • Leadership

    The ability to paint a picture of a better tomorrow.


    "Working with David is always enlightening and entertaining - but most importantly, always successful."


    "Dave is a visionary leader and a teacher at heart; you can always count on Dave to ask the $50K question at the meeting. He is a black belt in getting the best out of people."


    "David is a thorough, detailed and highly professional IT manager with an acute business sense. His collaboration on dramatic and sensitive organizational change has been and continues to be invaluable."


    "David brings critical thinking, excellent interpersonal skills, and dedication to the table in all he does."


    "I have found him to be professional and knowledgeable in his field. He's known to be a great manager and mentor to the individuals reporting to him. On top of all this, he has great patience...."


    "He has intellectual curiosity, fine tuned critical thinking, and a dedication to successful implementation, as well as a wonderful sense of humor."


    "He is what he said he would be: transparent, honest and demanding."


    "...exceptionally competent, very bright, a very capable manager, and a technical visionary."

  • "Build great teams and don't look back."

    - D. Samuel

    A posse ad esse

    David Samuel

    Mentor - Leader - Visionary

    Getting results through people.

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