Say hello to an even more generous Affiliate Program for all Strikingly users! Share Strikingly and earn up to US$1000 per referral, and 20% for life. We’ve paid out millions of dollars to 6000 affil…
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Templates Update

New templates are up! We're highlighting our amazing new features to inspire your creativity.

Strikingly is Now Available in Bahasa Indonesia!

We're releasing Bahasa Indonesia for Strikingly. You can set this new language as your editor language (for you as a Strikingly user) or site language (for system text on your live site).

Display Terms & Conditions on the Membership Registration

When you activate membership for your site, you can now show your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on the Membership Registration Page.

Hide Strikingly Logo in Live Chat

We’ve added an option to hide the Strikingly logo for visitors who use your site’s Live Chat widget. Find this setting in Audience - Live Chat!

Show Pop-Ups on Specific Pages

When setting up pop-ups, you can now choose to only show pop-ups on specific pages.

Blank Template is Now Available

If you want to create a website from scratch rather than using a designed template, you can now find the blank template option to get started!

Send Cart Abandonment Emails!

You can now send automated emails to customers who have added a cart but have not yet purchased. A great way to recover your revenue!

Show Pop-ups with Time Delay

When setting up Pop-ups for your site, you can now choose a time delay, scroll delay, or exit delay setting, to create a better browsing experience for your visitors.

Let customers pay in installments over time, while you get paid in full immediately! You can now enable Afterpay or Klarna in your Stripe payment settings. More payment options for customers means mo…
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A huge update that so many of you have asked for: Strikingly Bookings are here! Add a new event in your Bookings section. Set your event information, availability, and start taking appointments. Revi…
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View Product Images in Store Orders

When viewing your store orders, you can now see product images in the order detail page. Identify products more quickly!

Auto-translate Your Site Content

Now you can use the new auto-translation tool in the Multi-language settings to quickly create a multi-lingual experience for your site visitors. Go and try it if you need!

Sell Unlimited Products (VIP)

We've removed the store product limit for the VIP plan! VIP users can now add unlimited products in the Store section or the Product Showcase section.

We’ve added the option to schedule email newsletter in the newsletter editor. You can now schedule newsletter to automatically send at a specific day and time. Much easier to stay engaged with your a…
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Change Product Type

In product editor, we’ve made it possible for you to switch the product type for published products. Don’t worry if you made a mistake – you won’t have to start over.

When viewing your site’s Orders page, we’ve added a filter so you can view orders of different statuses. You can now view or export only pending orders, or only completed orders to smooth out your wo…
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Increased Site Storage

We’ve expanded the site storage space for Pro and VIP users (20 GB for Pro, 100 GB for VIP). Now you can upload more files to your site!

More Email Automation Triggers!

You can now set automated email triggers for newly registered members, new customers, or new blog subscribers! Automate your processes to level up your business.

Strikingly is Now Available in Arabic!

We now support Arabic for site & editor language! When you switch to Arabic, all text fields and site components will be shown as RTL (Right-to-Left).

More Images & Better Searching

We’ve added more categories to the Strikingly image library and improved the browsing experience. Find stock images more easily!

You can now add Ads.txt and App-ads.txt files to the root of your domain. If you are displaying ads on your site (e.g. with AdSense), this is a helpful tool to prevent unauthorized inventory sales. Y…
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Customize Font Size to Specific Pixel Size

In text editing toolbar, we’ve added a feature for you to precisely adjust your font size. Now you can not only select pre-made font size options but also customize the font size the way you prefer!

We've added invisible reCAPTCHA to all forms to protect your web forms from spammers. The reCAPTCHA won't affect your form style and only triggers the test when a suspicious visitor (e.g. robot) subm…
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Password Protect for Individual Blog Posts!

You can now protect individual blog posts with a password. Find this setting in blog post options before you publish a post.

Accordion-style FAQ section is now available!

We’re releasing an accordion FAQ section. If you have a section with a lot of text, you can now show that content in a sliding format, and hide text behind a click!

Export Orders within Specific Date Range

In your site’s Orders page, when exporting orders, we’ve added the option to set a specific date range for your data export.

Enable reCAPTCHA on Custom Forms

In your custom form settings, you can now enable the “I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA checkbox to prevent bots from submitting spam responses & increase site security.

Expanded Product Description

In the store products manager, we’ve increased the character limit for product description to 1200, so you can add more details about your products on the front page.

Duplicate Blog Post

You can now duplicate blog posts! If your blog posts have a unique style, you can now create a post as your template and copy it to reuse the same style for a new post.

Automated Emails Now Available!

Send an automatic email to new form responders! Pick a trigger, pick a time, and activate your automated email. Perfect for sales promotions, collecting feedback, and more.

We’ve made it easier to adjust the product display order in your Store section. In addition to manually reordering the products, you can now quickly set a display order in product list page– this is …
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Enable Site Language with Arabic & RTL

We now support Arabic for live site language! When you switch to Arabic, all text fields and site components will be shown as RTL (Right-to-Left).

We now support rich snippets when your site appears in Google search results. See how your pages will appear in Google by using the new tool in your site's SEO settings. Making the right information …
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Apply Coupons to Multiple Products or Categories!

We’ve added more fine-tuned control for coupon settings in your Strikingly Store. You can now set a coupon to apply for multiple products or multiple product categories.

Reorder Your Product Options

In the product editor, when creating or editing the product options, you can now drag and drop the options to reorder them!

You can now set a custom Sender Profile for all emails sent by the Strikingly platform to your site audience (including newsletters and notifications to your customers and members). Find this setting…
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More List Section Layouts

Strikingly now offers more beautiful list layouts for showing image and text together. Great for showcasing any part of your business, from team to services to testimonials.

We now support simultaneous editing for multiple editors! If you and a teammate are both editing the same site, you’ll now both see each other’s edits in real-time. Edit sites together seamlessly! No…
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More Product Layouts!

We’ve released more beautiful store layouts. With more fine-tuned control over image size, grid size, and aspect ratio, you can pick the best layout to showcase your products.

Style Options for Button

We’ve released more style and alignment options for individual buttons! Make a button bigger or change its color to emphasize it more. You can also change the button font in your site’s theme.

Introducing site version history! Want to undo many changes at once? You can now restore a previous version of your entire site from the last 20 published versions. Find this feature in the site prev…
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More Font Options!

We’ve updated our font library with new, modern fonts, including the newest Google Fonts. You can also pick a specific font-weight for selected fonts!

We’ve made it easier to adjust the publish date of your blog posts from the post listing page. You can also now set them to display in either chronological or reverse chronological order. Make better…
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Strikingly is now available in Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, and Czech!

We're releasing more languages for Strikingly. You can set these new languages as your editor language (for you as a Strikingly user) or site language (for system text on your live site).

More Gallery Layouts!

Strikingly now offers more stunning gallery layouts, including new fullscreen layouts. Perfect for photographers, artists, and designers.

Reorder Blog Categories

You can now easily reorder blog categories by dragging and dropping.

More Header Styles

Your site navigation defines the look and feel of your site. We’ve added more options to customize the design and layout of your navigation bar! Try them out in the editor.

Accept payments with Square in your online store, and get paid in your local currency! Perfect if you’re already using Square to manage all channels' payments. Just connect to your Square account in …
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Show Social Media on Site Header

You can now show social media icons on your site navigation! Lead visitors to your social media profiles quickly and directly.