Scheduled Posts

You can now schedule blog posts to automatically publish at a specific day and time.

Show Site Menu on Blog Post Page

Now you can add the site top navigation on your blog header. This will be helpful to show your logo and other pages for your blog reader who’s browsing.

Edit Section Background Color!

For each section’s background, you can now easily choose theme colors or choose any custom color for the background. Make your sections stand out with background colors!

We're making a significant change to our site editor: You can now freely add, remove, and move elements in a section! Just enter "Drag & Drop Mode" from a section's Layout Settings and see what you c…
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You can now connect Strikingly forms with MailChimp to build automation workflows! After activating, form responses from your Strikingly site will be automatically added to your MailChimp list. Find …
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Even More Form Fields!

For custom forms, we’ve added new field types: Address, Date, and Time. Perfect for taking appointment requests!

Export Form Data

You can now export your all form data to a CSV file, even for custom forms. Each field will be a column in the exported CSV file.

Improved Publish Speed

We’ve upgraded our publishing backend so you can now see site changes immediately after publishing when viewing your own site.

Add File Upload to your Custom Form!

For custom forms, we’ve added a new field type: File Upload. Perfect for collecting application requests, documents, photos, or anything you'd like!

You can now toggle mobile view in the site editor! See how your site looks on phones as you’re editing content. No need to keep flipping back between editor and preview. (Note: Editing in mobile view…
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Use our new Custom Form section to build your own forms with any fields you'd like, including dropdown selects, checkboxes, and radio buttons. View and filter form responses in your Audience list. We…
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Add custom fields to your store’s checkout flow. In addition to the normal customer shipping info, you can now collect additional customer info like custom dimensions for materials, or a unique messa…
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Increased Font Upload Limit

For custom font uploads, we've increased the file size limit to 5MB, to support more of your custom fonts.

New Section Selector

We've redesigned the Section Selector in the editor! Click the categories to choose sections more easily.

In your store's checkout flow, you can now set phone or notes as required or optional, and customize the field instruction. For example, you can instruct your customers to write a custom message to p…
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Pricing Section Now Available for All!

The Pricing Section is now available for all users, including free users. Showcase your services in a stylish vertical table format!

Show Product Filter Sidebar

If your store has many products, you can now add a filter sidebar to your store! Visitors can find products by price or options. To set up filters, head to the Categories page in your store editor.

You can now set In-Store Pickup as a delivery option for your customers! Your customer will be able to choose between shipping or pickup. This is perfect for brick & mortar shops, to give your custom…
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We've updated our whole checkout flow for your Simple Store. Now your customer can complete the checkout process with a cleaner and easier-to-use layout. And of course, it works perfectly on mobile d…
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HTTPS For Free Sites!

We’ve offered automatic HTTPS for custom domains for a long time now, and now we’re supporting HTTPS/SSL for all free sites ( as well!

Templates Update

New templates are up! We're highlighting our amazing new features to inspire your creativity.

For your site’s paid memberships, you can now set different billing period options for each tier! Add monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly prices. Boost your membership revenue by offering discounts for…
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Search Google Font Library For Free!

The entire Google Fonts library is now available on all sites for free! Try out some modern fonts for a fresh look

Membership Tiers are now available!

Set different tiers (including recurring paid membership) for your site, each accessing different pages, and each paid membership at different monthly prices. Grow your site membership revenue!

Set Pre-Order for Specific Products

You can now set individual products as pre-order products, and set an estimated delivery date for different products.

If your site has a store, you can now hide the cart icon from your site's header. This is useful if you don't want to advertise your store. The cart icon will appear if a visitor adds an item to thei…
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Customize "Buy Now" Button

You can now change the default “Buy Now” text that appears in your store. Find this in your Store Settings.

Manage Multiple Products

You can now batch reorder and delete products. A handy tool if you’re selling a large number of products in your store.

Multiple Shipping Options

Add multiple shipping options, with different shipping fees for each option! For instance, you can now set up Standard and Expedited shipping and let your customers choose one.

Bulk Delete Uploaded Images

You can now delete multiple images at once in your image library. A small convenience if you've uploaded many images.

If you’re using Strikingly to manage sites for your clients, you may want to join our Reseller Program! We’ve updated the program to include all the recent updates we’ve made to Memberships, Live Cha…
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New Templates!

Four new templates highlighting our amazing new features (such as memberships, digital products, new fonts)

More Shipping Regions in US, Canada & China!

If you're selling to the US, Canada, or China, you can now enable/disable shipping and set different rates for specific states/provinces.

Free Shipping Over Certain Order Price!

Offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount! This is a great way to boost your store’s revenue. After activating, make sure you advertise this in your site.

Set Limit For Coupon Usage

You can now set a quantity limit for each coupon, so it’s only valid for a certain number of uses globally. More control means more enticing offers for your customers.

Introducing Pop-Ups!

Grab visitors’ attention with a beautiful Pop-Up. Use Pop-Ups to collect emails, promote campaigns, or verify age. Find Pop-ups in your site's Promotion settings.

Japanese and Chinese Fonts available!

We've also added a selection of language-specific fonts if your site is in Japanese or Chinese.

More Fonts Available!

We've updated our font selection, and added a whole lot of new, modern fonts. You can also search the full updated library of Google Fonts. Spice up your website!

Pricing Table + Paid Membership

You can use our new Pricing Table section to register visitors to become paid subscribers! Just enter your membership registration URL into the button of the pricing section.

Team Update: Store Manager Role, Teammate Search

We've added a new Teammate role: Store Managers can edit products and process orders. We’ve also added a teammate search bar, in case you have many teammates.

Export Products to Bulk Edit

We’ve added the ability to export your store’s products. With this, you can edit them in bulk and re-upload the changes. A time-saver if you’ve got a lot of products!

New Team Feature now available!

Invite friends and colleagues to edit and manage any site. Site Team is now available to all users, including free users!

Import products to your Strikingly Store in bulk! Just follow a simple tutorial and upload a CSV file. This is a big time-saver if you’re selling a lot of products, or if you’re moving from a differe…
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More Footer Icons

In your site footer, you can now link to more social profiles.

More Social Icons in Library

We’ve updated our social icon library with more icons like TikTok, Messenger, and Tripadvisor. Get your site connected!

Sell Digital Products!

The Simple Store now supports digital products! Just upload a file and set a price. Customers will receive a download link upon purchase. It's that easy!

Duplicate Products

You can now duplicate products in your store. Adding products is easier than ever!

More Layouts for Pricing Table Section

We’ve added 3 more layouts for the Pricing Table section! Choose the perfect style for your business.

We’ve updated and clarified the Audience Plan upgrade process. The Audience Plan add-on raises the limit of membership registrations on your site, as well as enabling Live Chat and newsletters! You c…
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Custom URL in Language Switcher

You can now add any custom URL as an external link in the Language Switcher dropdown.