Paid Subscription Memberships are now available! Run a subscription business through your Strikingly site. Set a monthly price, and grow your recurring revenue. If you're a Pro user, you can now act…
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We've added a paid subscription option to Site Memberships! Allow site visitors to become paid members, and give them access to paid-only content. Perfect for running a subscription business! Paid Me…
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Customize Text in Product Page Description

Now you can edit the text style & links for Product Description for Store & Portfolio sections!

Accept payments with WeChat Pay in your online store, and get paid in your local currency! This payment method is particularly useful for international sellers who want to sell to China. You'll need …
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More countries are now supported for setting a VAT tax rate! Just select "European VAT" in your store's tax settings to charge different rates for different European countries. (We've added many non-…
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Accept payments with Alipay in your online store, and get paid in your local currency! This payment method is particularly useful for international sellers who want to sell to China. You’ll need to c…
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Show Sale Price

You can now set a Sale Price in your Simple Store! Show the Sale Price next to a crossed-out price to entice customers to buy.

You can now reduce the top and/or bottom spacing in a section! This means you can now turn any section into a "skinny" section. You can even reduce bottom & top spacing in consecutive sections to "co…
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No more flipping back and forth between browser tabs! View your site audience and analytics from right within the editor. This is part of our new editor menu, which is rolling out to all users very s…
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Light & Dark Mode

Brighten up your editor! Light mode is now available in our new editor menu, which has already been released to some users, and is rolling out to all users very soon!

Our new editor menu has reorganized the shortcut buttons to get you to the action of managing your site's store and audience more quickly. We're still in the process of rolling out these menu changes…
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Product List View in Editor

Got a lot of products? You can now switch to List View in the editor. No more tedious scrolling when editing products.

Modify Product History for a Single Member

In the membership system, you can now modify a single member's purchase history to grant or deny access to certain pages.

Page Access For All Pages

You can now modify membership page access regardless of your membership registration mode. Customize different pages for different products!

We’ve reorganized the editor toolbar! Now, your site’s Store, Superfans, and Settings are easily accessible from one place. Now the full power of Strikingly is within closer reach, while still keepin…
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Hide Products on Your Simple Store

Now, in your Simple Store’s product list, you can hide specific products from view. This means you can de-list and then “publish” your products once you’re ready to go live!

Sell in More Currencies

We now support taking payments in over 135 currencies when you connect your Simple Store to your Stripe account! Your store is going global. Check out the list of currencies here!

More Currencies for Offline Payments

Our Simple Store now supports all currencies for offline payments! Check out our full list of supported countries and currencies here.

You can now allow anyone to freely register on your website, but still restrict certain pages who have purchased specific products. It’s a good way to open up your site membership to more site visito…
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Change Page Access for Members

As site owner, you can grant membership and assign which members-only page they can have access!

Strikingly’s Membership feature is now available for Pro users & up! Register members on your site and create a members-only area. Use the Membership system to increase your site’s retention, monetiz…
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You can now manually grant memberships to existing contacts in your Audience list, which send that contact a login URL and password to access members-only pages that are "Available to all members." Y…
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Your site’s logged-in members can now access their account menu where they can edit their profile and view past orders. Plus, their shipping info will be stored for future orders! Faster checkout equ…
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The Audience page now has tabs for easy access! View different parts of your audience easily. As always, you can filter for specific sites, or use a custom filter. By the way, our Membership feature…
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We're super excited for our initial release of Site Memberships! Allow registrations on your site, and create members-only pages. This is a huge update and lets you do so much more with your Striking…
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Our tech team has been hard at work optimizing site loading speed. Most Strikingly sites now score 90 and above on Google PageSpeed Insights! This boosts your SEO and makes sure your visitors are get…
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Audience Plan Free Trial - Try Live Chat!

The Audience Plan (which unlocks Live Chat) now comes with a risk-free 7-day free trial. Try before you buy!

Add Section Links on Multipage

If you've activated Multiple Pages, you can now show individual sections as links in your main navigation menu. This lets you emphasize a specific section in the main menu.

If you've activated Live Chat, you can now give your collaborators quick access to your chat messages so they can respond to your customers fast. They can respond via desktop or mobile phones. No com…
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Sort Uploaded Images by Date

You can now organize uploaded images by date uploaded. Find past images faster.

Add to Gallery from Top or Bottom

You can now add images or videos in the Gallery Section directly from the top or the bottom. No more dragging images all the way back up!

Live Chat in Japanese and French

Live chat support is now available in Japanese and French! Click the "?" widget while logged in to your Strikingly account and talk to our Japanese and/or French Happiness Officers.

New Desktop Notifications for Live Chat

Desktop notifications can now be received even if you're working on a different tab or have your page closed! Make sure you've enabled desktop notifications in your Live Chat settings.

Two-Level Options for Simple Store

You can now set two levels of options for items in your store. If you're selling shirts, for instance, you can set both size and color as options, and set prices and weights for each combination.

Add Video For Store Products

In your Simple Store product settings, you can now add a video to your product gallery! Just enter a YouTube or Vimeo link to showcase your product.

Starting today, all Strikingly stores connected with Stripe will automatically accept Apple Pay or Google Pay for customers with mobile wallets. No more fussy card forms and shipping forms. Faster pa…
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We've optimized our notification system so you get your desktop & mobile notifications faster. This means less waiting time for your potential customers and more engagement. Make sure to get the late…
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Live Chat: Multiline Chat

Text too long for one line? In Live Chat, just hit Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter to type multiple lines. This works for both you and your site's visitors.

You can now make the email field optional for visitors initiating a live chat. In Live Chat settings, select Smart Email Prompt to allow the visitor to opt-out, or select Email Not Required to skip t…
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The Grid Section is now available to all users! It's super flexible, with unlimited possible layouts. Use it to show off portfolio images, or categories, or even as a visual menu. As a bonus, we're a…
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Selling in Europe? You may need to charge a value-added tax for certain countries. You can now set this tax rate easily on your Simple Store. We've made the process seamless and easy just for you. We…
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Search Audience by Name or Email

Lost track of a conversation? Search your audience for a name or email! No more sifting through pages of contacts (we know that's difficult).

You can now use your own custom domain to send newsletters! Keep your brand consistent, and put your Strikingly domain to good use. Check out how you can send your first newsletter using your own dom…
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We’re thrilled to announce that in your Simple Store, you can now specify shipping fee based on product weights! A heavy product and a light product might not have the same shipping fee. Now in your …
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Improved Spam Detection

We've upgraded our spam filtering system -- you should now see much less spam coming in from forms in your site.

Live Chat is a fantastic way to get leads on your site and to make sure your audience stays engaged. Add live chat on your site and increase your conversions by 200%. It’s also built into our iPhone …
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Password Protect Your Page

You can now add a password to individual pages of a multipage site. Create a members-only page, or maybe a private store -- you choose which content to keep secure. See how it works here!

More Accurate Revenue Total

The total revenue count in your analytics now excludes canceled and refunded orders. This gives you a clearer picture of how your store is doing.

If you have a multiple page site, you can now copy pages, not just sections. You can set create a hidden page as your template and duplicate it when you need additional pages. Two clicks and you're d…
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New Templates for You!

Kickstart your site with new templates. Create your own site now and test them out. New templates are added weekly so stay tuned! Want to join our templates lab?