It’s all about making a good first impression when it comes to designing landing pages. You only have a few seconds to engage your reader and make him stick around your website so you better make those few seconds count. Find out about the best web design trends 2019 to get you inspired about revamping or improving your site’s landing pages.

1. The return of the Serifs

serif: web design trends 2019


Serifs are little tags on some letters and fonts that you mostly see on print media such as books and magazines. We don’t see a lot of those on websites until recently when vintage and old-fashioned design elements became trendy again. You find them used as part of minimalist web design trends. The typewriter kind of font is also very popular for bringing back a touch of class and elegance on websites. This is a trend that is likely going to continue until the next year.

This trend is great for websites looking to appear more elegant and traditional. It’s also suited for professional sites and portfolios. One pro tip is to use serif fonts to emphasize text on your copy - such as headlines and call to action. Check out the font library on Strikingly to mix and match font styles suited to your website.

2. Shapes and geometric patterns

geometry: website design trends

It’s a Shape Christmas

This year, we’re also seeing a lot of abstract geometric patterns used on landing pages. This is one of the most popular website design trends that make sites more modern looking. The visuals go well with futuristic looking sites. It’s also best for technology websites and brands defined by order and structure. But to make it a bit less severe, designers recommend incorporating curves and using warm colors. Curved patterns make a site more inviting and easier on the eyes. If you want to use abstract shapes on your design or your website background, you want to use rounded corners to make the look a bit softer.

3. Grayscale color schemes

grayscale: web design trends 2019


Minimalism is another one of the more popular web site design trends that have stuck around for years. In 2019, we see a lot of grayscale palettes being used on sites that want to appear serious. Black and white have the potential to draw attention to your site’s content and call to action especially if you add a pop of color through the site buttons or other high-priority elements.. Fashion websites and sites for creatives tend to utilize this design trend. To make it effective, combine it with rich photography and engaging visuals.

4. Glitch art

glitch art: web site design trends


Glitch art is another fascinating trend that has taken modern website design by storm this year. It leverages on futuristic fascination just like geometric and abstract patterns, except that it features a more dystopian take to technology. Interesting visuals reel users in and make the site more memorable. This is great for edgier brands as well as websites that want to be known for being unconventional. If you’re a digital designer, glitch art shows off your capability impressively. You can use this design element as a hero image on your website’s landing page. A pro tip is to keep all other surrounding elements neutral just so it doesn’t clash with your glitch art.

These are just some of the most popular web design trends that we will most likely see until 2020. The list is by no means exhaustive so we do recommend that you check out Strikingly’s Discover page for more inspiration on how to create engaging websites for free. You don’t need to have superb programming skills to create visually engaging websites. With just a little bit of creativity, even a site made out of a free platform can help build your online presence substantially.