Building an online portfolio that stands out is a constant challenge given that the internet is already filled with millions of these sites. What constitutes a great portfolio website is subject to interpretation which can be a good thing for creatives. You get a lot of room to play around with different designs to highlight your work. To get you started, here are some of the best ones we found on the web to give you website design inspiration.

Alex Coven

alex coven website design inspiration

As his website cleverly puts it, Alex Coven wears three hats: graphic designer, front end developer and letterer. It’s an interesting way to present the depth of his experience from the get-go. When you scroll down his website, you will find simple visuals of block color backgrounds with text overlay outlining what he does and even more details when you scroll sideways on the screen.

Pro tip: A clean and streamlined online portfolio wins over too much fluff. Quality of content is definitely better than quantity so communicate your message in a brief yet engaging way. Taking website inspiration from this particular design, you want to keep the information on each section concise and straight to the point so your visitor is not inundated with so much content.

Sarah Muller

Sarah Muller website design inspiration

Sarah Caroline Muller is a Swiss-Guatemalan photographer whose work reflects her vast exposure to different cultures, having grown up in six different countries. She specializes in different types of photography and this is shown on her online portfolio. She’s done food, commercial photography, travel and even fashion shoots. A quick scroll on her page gives you an idea of what she can do with a camera on hand. She has a lot of really good shots so she made sure to keep her site organized by grouping similar images together in their own gallery sections.

Pro tip: You don’t need to spend too much to get a beautifully-design online portfolio. Take a leaf out of Sarah’s book and build your site through a website builder like Strikingly. Draw website design inspiration from the many web templates in our collection and create a portfolio that will showcase your best work effectively.

Stefanie Bruckler

stefanie bruckler website design inspiration

Stefanie Bruckler is a graphic designer who specializes in editorial design and branding. She is passionate about using typography and packaging to create cohesive and strong brands. Her website layout reflects a love for old-world elegance through a muted color scheme and a clean grid-style layout that limits the use of type to keep the visuals easier on the eyes.

Pro tip: Let your unique personality shine through in your website. Whether it’s in the color scheme, the visuals or in the choice of font styles, your online portfolio should reflect all the things you are passionate about. Users connect to a more personalized site where they see the professional as a human.

Pawel Nolbert

Pawel Nolbert website inspiration

If you’re all about bold and colorful presentation in your online portfolio, here is another page from which to draw website design inspiration. Pawel Nolbert is a visual artist who specializes in creating strong visuals through color and images. There’s nothing small or muted about his presentation style. The website’s carousel header shows a preview of his creative inclinations with his recent works displayed in a masonry style layout when you scroll down the page. A click through any one of his works

Pro tip: If your visual calls for it, don’t be afraid to go bold but do be careful about being too overwhelming in how you present your portfolio. Pawel Nolbert’s site used a white background so as to bring the focus on his project images. Keep the template as clean and neutral as possible so that any colorful visual will stand out without the entire site looking too heavy for the eyes.