With thousands of contractors doing business on the internet, it’s more important than ever to build a construction website that stands out. Build your company’s web presence and create an online space that effectively represents your brand to potential client with a website that is designed to please clients and help them engage your business easily. Here are a few tips to get you started.

2019 11 12 construction website

Go for simple construction website templates

When it comes to service-related sites such as construction websites, user experience matters. It’s better to keep your website template simple and easy to understand to keep visitors from feeling intimidated by your brand. You want to come across as a business that is easy to approach and this should be reflected in your website design.

Keep navigation easy

When people visit your construction company website, don’t make them guess how to get the information they came for. Make sure that the information is easy to find and within as few clicks as possible. Your contact details, for instance, should be displayed on all the pages so users will always know how to reach out. Any non-critical information can be shoved to one of the less prominent pages of your website.

Optimize for local SEO

As a contractor website, your market is most likely located in the same area as your physical office. You should be optimizing your website with this in mind. Make sure to include geographically relevant keywords in your website copy and keep your contact information updated for local searches. Most local searches are also done on mobile so you want to make sure that your website loads well on mobile devices. Strikingly gets this sorted out for you by getting you started with mobile-responsive construction website templates. You never have to worry about writing additional code so your website remains consistent when the screen size gets smaller.

Proofread several times over

2019 11 12 construction websites

Nothing is worse than a construction website that has a lot of typos and grammar mistakes. Proofread your website copy and double-check all links to make sure that they are all working as expected. Spend some time testing and re-testing your website on as many devices and web browsers as you can get so you know how it looks on different environments. Do not leave anything to chance.

Add client testimonials

It’s easy to say you’re the greatest in the industry but people usually take these claims with a grain of salt. What better way to cement your positive and reliable image than glowing testimonials from your clients? Include a section for client reviews on your Strikingly website so potential clients will have an idea just how good you can be in your profession.

Include insurance and licensing information

When people look for a construction company, one of the many things they check is licensing. Don’t make them try to pull that information out from you. Posting about your insurance and licensing credentials will be the boost of confidence your construction website deserves to attract new clients.

Consider starting a blog

Another way to build your image as an authority in your industry is to offer helpful advice and information. Add the Simple Blog to your construction company website and start writing content that will be relevant to people actively looking for advice on handling construction projects or the intricacies of choosing construction materials and wood finishes. When you provide relevant information out on the internet and share content actively, you are building up your online reputation as a reliable source of information. Fresh content is also good for SEO so you’re helping people out and you get to improve your web presence in the process.